Palace of Science.. (1954)

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Part 1 0:09:29

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Grigorev R.


The story of the Lomonosov Moscow State University on Lenin Hills. 1st part of the film in French.

Institutions of science | Architecture

Reel №1

Dawn over Moscow.

View MSU Krymsky Bridge.

The main building of the university.

Panorama of Moscow, a rainbow in the sky.

View of the university complex from the opposite bank of the river.

View of the river, the river is a passenger ship.

Plantations around the Moscow State University.

Views of the University from different points.

Granite boulders.

Mountain herbs and flowers.

Shrub in the flowerbed.

Flower beds in front of the university.

University buildings.

Lantern in the arch.

Sculptures Mukhina.

Alley near the main building.

Sculpture Science.

Types of the main building, the clock tower.

The sculptures on the main building of Moscow State University.

The views from the roof of the Moscow State University.

Monument Mendeleev.

Monument AMButlerov.

The area in front of the main building.

Monument Lebedev.

Monument A.G.Stoletovu.

Sculptural group.

Memorial University.

View of the monument and the main building of Moscow State University. L.V.Rudnev.

A group of people in front of Moscow State University, among the architects gathered L.V.Rudnev, P.V.Abrosimov, S.E.ChernyshС‘v.

The corridors of the lobby of the main building of Moscow State University.

The main staircase.

Assembly Hall.

The interiors of the building, detail design.

Reading room.


View from the balcony down.

Columns in the corridors.

View of the balcony below.

Body Dome.

The top of the building.

The star on the spire.

General view of the building, the camera descends from the top down.

Household communications.

Lamps on the ceiling.


The main building of Moscow State University.

Animation: illuminated on the building shows the location of the faculties, departments, system of elevators.


View from the window into the room.

Women prepare food in the kitchen.

Men poured tea, people in the next room ironing clothes.

Students are going to school.

The movement of public transport.

Students go to the main building.

Students in the corridors.

Students go to the elevator.

Lift rises.

Students coming out of elevators.

The bell rings, teachers go to class.

Students and teachers disagree on audiences.


LV Rudnev - Architect, muralist, teacher and author of significant works in the Soviet Union and Warsaw, one of the authors of projects for the construction of MSU. PV Abrosimov - Architect, public figure, member of the State Committee of the USSR Council of Ministers building, executive secretary of the Union of Architects of the USSR, member of the Academy of Construction and Architecture of the USSR. SE Chernyshev (SG) - architect, urban planner, teacher, chief architect of Moscow, the author of the plan for the reconstruction of Moscow, 1st secretary of the Union of Soviet Architects.


Moscow [820]

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