Not far from Krasnodar. (1953)

Documentary №4368, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:19
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Ryazanov E.


About Kuban oilmen.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of fields, orchards, tea plantations Kuban (removed from the aircraft).

Working party of the seismic survey.

Installing the tower.

Well is being drilled, lay in her charge of TNT.


Geologists consider the seismogram, adopted by the seismic station and displays a picture of the ground.

Neftevyshki of fields, orchards, vineyards.

Panorama (the plane) on the working oil towns - Krasnodar, Black Sea, Akhtyrskaya.

Street campus Akhtyrsky.

The garden watering flowers man and a girl.

The house is suitable carrier and transmits it resides in the driller N.I.Tsyupe letter.

Children go to school.

Family supervisor oil A.P.Mischenko over breakfast in the apartment (muzh.zhena, daughter).

Mishchenko family out of the house.

Father and daughter Mishchenko suitable for school.

Parents bring their children to kindergarten.

Children take a shower, play on the court.

Along the street are his wife Olga and Gennady Maltsev master M.R.Kuts.

The house is the master of underground repair V.Velegura with his wife.

V.Velegura sits in the car, "Victory", passes through the village.

Oilfield Workers sit in a bus, passing buses on the roads.

A general view of the oil field.

Drilling master N.I.Tsyupy.

Drilling of an exploration well.

N.I.Tsyupa at work.

Drilling master M.R.Kutsa.

Lowered into the borehole electric gun (animation).

Oil comes out of the pipe.

Wish Wizard Kuts and his gang to the early delivery of the rig.


Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

General view of the oil fields.

Pumping unit pump oil.

Mechanic Master V.Velechura well and testing the work mechanism operating at a depth of 1,200 meters with the monitoring device - dynamometer.

Spouses Maltsevy for devices that determine the technological regime of the wells.

Chief operator bypasses A.Mischenko well, inspects equipment.

Z.Mischenko technician checks the quality of the oil in the plant for the dehydration of oil.

A general view of an oil refinery.


The stove nefteustanovki talk cracking Melikyan senior engineer and operator I.Kozlov.

Tanks with oil.

Street of the town.

Shop (inside and outside).

Trading in the store.

M.R.Kuts buys a hunting rifle.

A.Vydra engineer and his wife bought the receiver "The peace"

Driller L.Valisov buys a motorcycle.

The street to the sea going vehicles.

V.Velechura in the car, the mechanic M.Chebanov, driver V.Sletov.

Landscape sea.

The building houses the Kuban oil.

Holidaymakers on the beach, in the park.

V.Velechura with his wife's Airboat.

The town Akhtyrsky evening.

The House of Culture.

Dancing in the hall.

The tables on the veranda sitting workover M.A.Nikitin master, chief engineer V.I.Tolokov, master production A.Feyzulov.

Machinist O.A.Vaschenko and scorekeeper oil T.A.Sotnikov playing billiards.

Rehearsal of "May Night" in the drama club.

In the role of Hanna Z.Pavlova, as Kalenik grandfather - an engineer V.Kalita.

Housewarming A.Vydra in the house.

Guests at the table.

Among the guests: the section chief engineer and the engineer V. Shevchuk N.Avetisyan.

O.Maltseva puts his daughter to bed, G.Maltsev engaged at the table.

O.Maltseva reading a book.

Night plan.

Neftenasosy work.

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