Main Department Store. (1954)

Documentary №4392, 5 parts, duration: 0:47:40
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Kristi L., Tuzova Z.
Screenwriters:Kriger E., Kristi L.
Camera operators:Semenov S., Lozovskiy E.
Composers:Efimov U.
Anouncers:Khmara L.
Text authors:Kriger E., Karavkin Yu.


About opening and performance of the GUM (Main Department Store) - the largest department store in the USSR.

Reel №1

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Reel №2

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Reel №3

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Reel №4

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Reel №5

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Movie №1

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Panorama of Red Square, a view of the GUM. View of the main entrance to the store.

Galleries GUM.

Delivery of goods to warehouses, machinery underground street.

Workers carry carpets on the truck.

Unloading bread.

Samples of baked goods in the warehouse.



Alcoholic beverages.



Fish and caviar.

Hall deli.

Realize products in refrigerated display cases.

Sellers wipe windows.

Corridors deli.

Sellers of products spread on the windows.

Vendors section of clothes laid out the goods on the shelves.

Take out of the elevator with clothes hangers.

Hanger driven through the shopping center.

Sellers hung men's suits in the room.

Seller E.I.Murovtsev.

Seller N.F.Grafov.

Galleries GUM before opening, lit the light.

Woman combs mannequin.

Saleswoman lipstick.

The saleswoman puts it in his pocket handkerchief and straightens her hair.

The windows are raised curtains.

View gum from the street.

Logo shop on the roof over the entrance.

Gallery store filled with people (top view).

Buyers in the halls.

The employee gives people GUM Shopping Guide.

The girl opens a guidebook.

Tour of the Department of fabrics.

Samples of cotton materials commercially.

Buyers section of woolen fabrics.

Fabrics on the conveyor.

Sellers on the control of release of the goods.

Sets of lining fabrics.

Exhibition and sale of natural silk.

Alternation: buyers and sellers in the mall, on the shelves of fabric.

Consultants with customers in the salon of women's ready-made clothes.

Buyers T.V.Mihaylova and Popov on fitting.

Selection of jewelry.

Salon hats.

The seller and the buyer Pavlovo L.Shishkova on fitting fur hats.

The man is trying on a hat in front of a mirror.

Men's clothing department.

Man on fitting clothing.

People inspect and try on costumes.

Section semis willing to pay.

GUM Atelier, take measurements from the client running the cutter B.R.Begunkov.

The solution of the conflict with dissatisfied customers.

Seller Silkin cautioned.

Department of the top female ready-made clothes, women choose a coat.

Sold works with picky buyer.

Buyers and sellers in the Department of fur products, choice and fitting collars and coats.

Selection of winter clothes for children.

Department of children's shoes.

Shoe department for adults.

Working with customers in interior designer shoes.

Checking the shoe on the foot of the buyer with the help of X-rays.

Atelier tailoring footwear to order.

Atelier willing to pay.

People see the clothes, model magazines, drawings.

An employee demonstrates the company gown.

The Board reviews and approves the model of new clothes.

Floor products for children.

Sellers are helping customers in choosing toys.

Children playing with mechanical toys.

Gift Shop.

Sellers advise buyers.

Servicing of foreign guests.

Souvenirs on the counter.

People in the corridors of the store.

Section pre-sale.

Buyers take paid products.

Snack GUM.

Department orders deli.

Payment for purchases in cash desk customer service team.

Mashinoschetnoy station operators keep records of transactions.

Cash customer service.

Dealers collect orders paid.

Customers pick up the goods from the office.

Packaging of goods in department design home delivery.

Children's room at a service bureau.

Background GUM.

The roof of the store.

View from the upper gallery in the Hall of GUM.

The fountain in the center of the 2nd line.

Alternating corridors store, waiting and meeting people lost at the fountain.

Department of home ware.

Department of lingerie.

Men's ties on the counter.

Department of men's underwear.

The seller records the customer's order.

Administration examines the registration cards of unmet demand.

Secretary typing letters producers.

The administration is discussing new proposals suppliers.

Products made of horn and bone.

Shop handicraft art products, souvenirs sale.

Department carpets, hand samples and factory production.

The case for the sale of furniture, examples of situation rooms and offices. I.G.Nuzha buys dinette.

Woman examines radio.

Division of household items.

Seller to explain to people the principle of operation of the washing machine.

Hall of selling refrigerators.

Examples of some models of refrigerators.

People decorate purchase.

Department of radio and electronics.

Pandemonium at the entrance to the department.

The empty shelves.

Music Department, room and grand piano.

Buyers and sellers around the instrument.

Models of different factories. A.I.Radzievsky his wife choose the piano for her granddaughter.

Hall of stringed instruments.

The guitar duo of the seller and buyer.

People choose Tools.

Seller GUM plays the accordion.

Tools on the shelves.

The student with the accordion.

Unit sales of gramophone records.

Buyers listen to records through headphones.

Department of porcelain figurines and people choose the dishes.

China sets.

Products from crystal.

The halls and corridors of the deli.

Selecting the game.

Selection of live fish.

Alternation: customers at the counter delicacies on display.

Galleries GUM (top views).

Logo shop on the roof over the entrance.

General view of the GUM.

The movement of vehicles, in the background St.

Basil's Cathedral.

Locations: Moscow [820]

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