Festival of Our Youth.. (1954)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Boykov V., Kopalin I.

Operators: Oshurkov M.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Kassil L., Prok I.


All-Union parade of athletes at the stadium "Dynamo".

Historical background

July 18, 1954 at Moscow stadium "Dynamo" held a parade and performances of athletes the country, dedicated to the All-Union Day "team.

Reel №1

Sunrise over the sea.


Kids do morning exercises.

Gymnasts perform gymnastic exercises.

General view of Moscow.

"Dynamo" stadium.

Spectators in the stands, among them - foreign visitors.

On the podium of the International Olympic Committee president Avery Brendedzh, chairman of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of the People of China Ho Lung, sports figures of foreign countries.

On the field, in the ranks are members parade.

In the box: NN Shatalin, PN Pospelov, LM Kaganovich, the first secretary of the Central Committee of the SED, Walter Ulbricht, KE Voroshilov, GM Malenkov, NS Khrushchev, the president of the GDR Wilhelm Pieck, A. Mikoyan, NM Shvernik, MZ Saburov.

Novels Shelepin and accept the report Shevchenko parade commander Rogulsky (synchronously).

Romanov says the welcome speech (synchronously).

Reel №2

Athletes at the stadium.

The orchestra plays anthem of the Soviet Union.

On the podium of the party and the government, Pieck, Walter Ulbricht.

The spectators in the stands.

March-past parade participants.

Is a column of coaches and world champions, and the Soviet Union.

Delegation of athletes undergo various Union Republics, the young athletes, sports clubs, athletes of the Soviet Army.

On the field, the children run out of flowers.

Children are presented with flowers leaders of the party and the government.

On the field, are the pioneers (fizzaryadka, with rope, jumping into the water from the tower).

Reel №3

Sportwoman girls perform "Butterfly Dance".

Children perform exercises with balls.

Launch party marathon, athletes on the course.

Serve athletes of the Lithuanian SSR, athletes Estonia, Turkmenistan, Armenia.

On the bar - the world champion, Merited Master of Sports Grant Shahinian.

On the rings - the world champion, Merited Master of Sports, Albert Azarian.

Playing athletes Company "Labor Reserves" (3800 people).

Reel №4

Playing athletes Company "labor reserves".

Playing athletes Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia.

Serving students of state, twice ordenonosnogo Physical Education Institute Lesgaft.

On the upper projectile sport master Ludmila Egorova.

Perform exercises on a bar student 2nd year George Agdgomirashvili.

Lead group members marathon at a turning point (Forties Grishayev, Feline).

On the field, athletes Moldova.

Reel №5

Moldovan athletes perform gymnastic exercises with vines, sunflowers.

Performed "Moldavaneska."

Perform exercises with balls athletes Lithuania.

Serve athletes and young athletes of Azerbaijan.

On the field - teams of gymnasts of the Soviet Union - the world champions.

Playing World champion Valentin Muratov, Galina Rudko, Victor Chukarin.

2800 Moscow students perform gymnastic exercises.

Reel №6

Start of runners with 400 meters hurdles for men.

Runners on the course.

Finish the world record-holder, the national champion Yuri Lita.

On the course, participants in the women's 800-meter race.

Nina Otkolenko finish.

Gymnastic athletes perform on the field in Georgia.

On the rings champion of the Soviet Union Medea Dzhugeli.

Georgian athletes performing national dance.

Performers are athletes of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Pupils State Order of Lenin Institute of Physical Culture of the Stalin perform exercises on the equipment.

Acrobatic pyramid on motorcycles.

Belarusian athletes on the field.

Reel №7

Playing Belarusian athletes: nine-tiered pyramid form.

Runs through the stadium and crossed the finish line party marathon Boris Grishaev (won the title of champion of the Soviet Union).

Playing athletes sports associations of trade unions.

Gymnastics gymnasts perform 4000.

Passing motorcyclists.

Acrobatics on motorcycles.

Massive exercise on the equipment.

Playing weightlifters Evgeny Novikov, Vladimir Vilhovsky.

Serve athletes of Ukraine.

Gymnastics and exercises on the rings and shells.

Performs on the uneven bars Olympic champion Nina Bocharov.

Reel №8

The parallel bars - Master of Sports, winner of the world championship Boris Shakhlin.

Passing race cars.

Performance of athletes of the Russian Federation.

On the field, there is the word "world" in Russian, Chinese, English, French, and German, the red star and the letter "of the CPSU."

Delegation of athletes out on the field.

16 girls - representatives of all Soviet republics - with the flowers sent to the leaders of the party and the government.

Delegation of athletes on the field performing Hymn of the Soviet Union (synchronously).

Party and government leaders applaud.

Delegation of athletes leave the field.