376 Days on a Drifting Ice Floe.. (1954)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Slavinskaya M.

Operators: Yatsun E., Kotlyarenko L., Kochetkov A. S., Solovev N.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


On a drifting research station "North Pole-2" Northern Sea Route in the central Arctic basin in 1951-1952.

Arctic and Antarctic

Reel №1

Arctic landscape.

Arctic landscapes under the wing of the aircraft.

Panorama of the coast.

Icebreakers are going through the ice.

Route Map of the Northern Sea Route.

Newsreel 1950-1951 years: conduct ice reconnaissance aircraft in the landing area drifting research station "North Pole 2".

Pilots Kotov IS, MA Titov, Zalka VN in the cockpit.

The ice under the wing of the aircraft.

The navigator Morozov DN paving the course.

Pilots Kotov and Titov in the cockpit.

Aircraft on the ice airfield.

The pilots in the cockpit.

Type of ice airfield (above).

The plane came in to land.

View the bow plane landed.

Unloading equipment expedition.

Polar mount equipment, install protective tents and stalls.

Staff at the polar station geodetic measurements carried out on the ground.

Employees of the station to take notes.

Flying a plane.

Types of ice airfield (above).

Arctic landscape.

The ice under the wing of the aircraft.

Kotov pilot in the cockpit.

The ice under the wing of the aircraft.

Kotov and co-driver in the cockpit.

View the polar ice caps (above).

Kotov points navigator landing place.

The ice under the wing of the aircraft.

Kotov at the controls.

The plane landed.

People on the ice airfield.

Face Kotova.

Type of polar ice.

Members of the expedition are discussing improvement camp.

Route map of the polar expeditions of the late 19th to mid 20th century.

Newsreel 1950-1951 years: explorers set a dome tent.

Radio operators establish and equipment of the radio station.

A member of the expedition recorded weather data.

Conduct geodetic measurements on the ground.

The commander Somov MM It makes an entry in his diary.

The text of a diary entry.

The wireless operator establishes radio contact with the mainland.

Type of radio station.

Flying a plane.

The face of the pilot.

Flying a plane.

Face radioman.

The aircraft sits on an ice floe.

Unloading boxes with the equipment of the expedition.

Somov examines unloaded crates.

Installation of telephone lines based on the location of the drifting station.

Somov telephone checks.

Loading boxes of equipment on a dog sled.

Dog sled expedition transporting equipment.

Type of dog sledding.

Arrival dog sled with equipment in the camp.

Bales with property expedition.

Gas cylinders for the needs of the expedition, put up the ice.

Delivered to the camp of the expedition equipment and property.


Ilya Kotov Spiridonovich - polar pilot Dmitri Morozov - navigator polar aviation Mikhail Somov - a scientist-oceanographer, polar explorer






Spring [825]

Scientific expeditions

Reel №2

Newsreel 1950-1951 years: the expedition set gradient setting.

View installed on the ice tower with meteorological instruments.

One of the members of the expedition climbs the pole and secures its top wind turbine.

The expedition members are watching friend.

Polar explorer down from the post rotates the propeller engine.

Construction of shelters for magnetic devices of snow and ice blocks.

Hydrologists lay charges in ammonal punched holes.

Undermining charge.

Installation of the tent over the hole to measure the depths of the ocean.

The head of a dog sled.

Face polar explorer.

Dogs have downloaded in the property from the plane of the expedition.

View of the camp of the expedition.

Powered wind turbine.

Polar farewell to pilots.

The plane takes off from the ice airfield, the expedition members waving goodbye.

Person head of the expedition Somov.

Flying a plane.

General view of the camp of the expedition, working wind turbine.

Panorama camp.

Face MM Somov Face hydrologist Nikitin MM Hydrologist Gudkovich ZM installs equipment.

Face hydrologist Dmitriev AI Hydrophysics GN Yakovlev conducting measurement area.

Face hydrophysics Petrova IG Meteorologist Chukanin KI It captures data devices.

Aerology Zaichikov PF, Kanaks VG, thanks VE at work.

Geophysics Rubinchik ME, MM Pogrebnikov at work.

Senior radio operator Kurkov KM establishes a connection.

The radioman Schetinin GE at work.

Mechanic Komarov MS at work.

Cameraman Yatsun EP make journal entries of the shooting.

Waving national flag of the USSR.

Polar spend the May Day rally.

Speaker Petrov.

Expedition members applauded Petrov.

General view of the camp.

Meteorologists take readings of devices.

View of the meteorological site.

Meteorologists take readings of devices.

View of the area magnetism.

Magnetologist specifies the data using special instruments.

One of magnetism work with the device Bryunelli.

Scientist takes readings from instruments pendulum.

Type of tent hydrologists.

Hydrologist at work.

The device is lowered into the well.

Hydrologist oversees the work of the equipment and devices.

Members of the expedition carried out experiments in a chemistry lab.

Determination of the salinity of ocean waters.

Hydrologist measures the temperature of the ice.

View of the hydrological equipment.

Hydrologist takes readings of thermometers.

Type of the gradient of installation.

One of the members of the expedition takes readings recorders to determine the wind speed and direction.

View of a portion of the gradient system.

Text entries in the diary of the expedition on June 1, 1950.

Newsreel 1950: floe dog chasing a bird.

Arctic landscape.

Kind of cracks in the melting ice.

Polar repaired and put in order Clipper bot.

The construction of the raft of empty gasoline drums.

Kind of a raft of barrels of petrol.

Quilting iron sledge runners.

Prepare emergency kits and individual sledges hiking equipment.

View skomplektovat emergency sledge and hiking backpacks.

View warehouses scattered across the ice equipment and supplies.

Panorama district camp expedition.

Traces of polar bears in the snow.

White bear with cub.

Text entries in the diary of the expedition on June 3, 1950.

Map of the camp, explorers with guns are at the tents.

Type of ice floes, polar bears can be seen in the distance.

Armed explorers in the camp.

Polar lead rifle fire on polar bears, driving them away from the camp.

Fleeing the polar bear.

Polar bears chase.

Polar suited to the dead polar bear.


Mikhail Somov - a scientist-oceanographer, polar explorer Yatsun Eugene Pavlovich - cinematographer






Spring [825] Summer [824]

Scientific expeditions; Figures of science

Reel №3

Newsreel 1950-1951 years: the Soviet flag flying over the camp of the expedition.

View of the camp.

Radio operator on duty at the camp Schetinin bypasses the camp.

Dog at the tent.

Polynya ice.

Melting snow.

Polar dials into buckets melt water.

The radioman Kurkov suited to the post and turn the knob of the wind turbine.

Rotating propeller wind turbine.

Geophysicist Pogrebnikov bypasses devices mounted on tripods.

Pogrebnikov records instrument readings.

Hydrophysics Petrov holds regular monitoring and takes the readings.

Type of devices and equipment to measure solar radiation.

Scientist takes the readings.

Arctic landscapes.

Polar snow covers black bunting for the experience with the melting of snow.

Komarov mechanic at work at the point of emergency technical assistance.

Meteorologist Chukanin preparing dinner for the entire expedition.

Meteorologist Zaichikov takes the readings.

The expedition members sit at the dining table.

View of the camp.

Hydrophysics spend leveling ice terrain.

Aerology launch into the sky for the next radiosonde observations.

Members of the expedition are monitoring from several points, using telephone.

The probe rises into the sky.

Aerology receive and record radio probe.

The wireless operator receives the probe.

Members of the expedition Zaichikov Kanaks and prepare equipment for the new observations.

Petrov Gudkovich released wall newspaper of the expedition.

Books on the shelves in the library of the main cabin of the expedition.

Leafing through a book about polar expedition ID Papanin View of the Papanin expedition camp in 1937.

Polar explorer going on in the camp.

Polar set a tent.

ID Papanin out of the tent.

Fedorov EK weather instrument takes readings.

PP Shirshov person

The radioman Ernst ET the work at the radio station.

Polar explorers conduct research.

Polar produces measure the depth of the ocean manually.

Headquarters tent station "North Pole-1".

General view of the camp station.

General view of the camp station "North Pole-2" in 1950, operates a wind turbine.

Polar night in a tent at the end of the working day.

One of polar reading a book.

Meteorologist Blagodarov Service starts.

Rubinchik the table calculates the new coordinates of the drifting station.

Schetinin makes an entry in the logbook.

Summer Arctic landscape during the polar day.

Text entries in the diary of the expedition on 17 June 1950.

Newsreel, 1950: view of ice hummocks.

One of the polar ice-water washes.

Oceanographers take readings of devices during the study of hydrological regimes divorce.

Hydrophysics expedition at work.

Types of different parts of the melting of the ice field.

Seagull flying in the sky.

Seal in the water.

Summer Arctic landscape.

The cameraman takes Yatsun landscapes.

Summer Arctic landscape.


Ivan D. Papanin - polar explorer Fedorov Evgeny Konstantinovich - polar explorer Pyotr Shirshov - polar explorer Ernst Ernest Teodorovich - polar explorer, radio operator Yatsun Eugene Pavlovich - cinematographer


1937 06.1950




Summer [824]

Scientific expeditions; Figures of science

Reel №4

Panorama of the Arctic ice.

Polar explorer climbs into the tent.

Meltwater around the tent.

An empty pack of cigarettes on melting snow.

Polar explorer stands at the device with a strengthened ice tripod.

Polar melt water go through.

Polar explorers on Clipper-bot swim to one of the sections of the ice field.

Polar ice cut through the drainage ditches.

Drilling of wells for lowering the melt water under the ice.

Homemade drill in the hands of one of the explorers.

Polar drilled wells of large diameter.

Melt water goes through the ice hole.

Polar explorers in the mist floating on Clipper-bot.

Polar strengthens equipment and new sewage wells drilled.

Melt water goes through the hole.

Polar drilled new wells.

Polar remove flooded tents and carry them to another place.

Transfer of the tents and equipment to higher ground.

Polar explorers during the holidays.

Flies aircraft ice air reconnaissance.

Pilot II Cherevichny in the cockpit.

The plane flies over the ice floe and resets the load.

People running the place relief cargo.

People pick up cargo and mail, the aircraft flies over them.

Polar parse mail.

Newspapers and letters in the hands of explorers.

Polar explorer shows a cucumber from the premise.

Polar read letters and newspapers.

Panorama camp expedition.

The commander Somov and leaders of professional groups are meeting to prepare for the winter.

Scientists clarify plans for research, summarize the work done.

Dmitriev AI It makes an entry in the logbook.

Text entries in the logbook by 13 September 1950.

Newsreel 1950: explorers continue to conduct research in the arctic autumn.

Drifting sweeps.

One of their polar takes readings of instruments in a snowstorm.

Polar launch another weather balloon.

Meteorologist in a snow blizzard is to take readings of devices.

Snowstorm sweeps.

Type of radio station.

Employees of Arctic weather bureau to accept reports from the station "North Pole-2".

Application of air masses on the cards and sending weather reports on the "mainland".

The radio operator sends a summary of the weather.

View of a section of the Northern Sea Route (above).

The icebreakers are ships through the ice.

Captain on the bridge of one of the ships.

Icebreaker goes through the ice.

Panorama camp expedition in a snow blizzard.

Polar erecting fences around the tents of snow blocks.

Type of tents protected by snow walls.

Text entries in the logbook of the October 8, 1950.

Newsreel 1950: panorama of snow-covered camp expedition.

View Frozen scientific instruments and wind turbine.

Polar explorer comes to snow-covered instrument.

Polar disclaims instrument case.

Types of camps before the polar night.

Polar research is carried out in the dark.

The sun shines on the horizon through the clouds.

Polar remove the readings.

Signal lights lit on the ice for the aircraft landing.

Type of camp during the polar night.

The aircraft sits on an ice floe.

The pilots of the plane unloaded property.

Unloading property on the ice.

The second plane lands.

Burn flashing lights.

He sits third plane.

Pilot Vodop'yanov MV the aircraft.

Unloading equipment and cargo on the ice.


Mikhail Somov - a scientist-oceanographer, polar explorer Cherevichny Ivan - polar pilot Vodop'yanov Mikhail - polar pilot






Autumn [826]

Scientific expeditions; Figures of science; Heroes of Space

Reel №5

The head of the drifting station MM Somov talks to have arrived from Leningrad, deputy director of the Arctic Institute Treshnikov AF New employee Geophysics Station Milyaev NA make journal entries.

Arrived doctor Volovich VG providing assistance to one of the polar explorers.

Polar escort pilots.

Planes taking off from the ice in the polar night.

The duty of the camp stands at the signal lights.

Types of Camp drifting station.

Polar conduct work in the polar night.

A member of the station clear the snow from the instruments.

Meteorologist records instrument readings.

The moon shines through the clouds.

Cracks in the ice, formed as a result of movements of ice floes in February 1951.

The duty of the camp monitors the state of the ice.

Shifts in the location of the ice station, indicating destruction (animation).

The movement of ice hummocks near the station (animation).

Text entries in the logbook by 18 February 1951.

Driving shafts of ice advance to the station (animation).

Newsreel 1951: polar relocating equipment and gear to the new ice floe.

Hand radio operator.

The text of the Arctic Institute of radiograms for the transfer of equipment and supplies for a new expedition floe.

Newsreel 1951: a radio operator sends a telegram on the relocation of the station.

Polar explorer sets the parameters of the instrument in a new location-based station.

Hydrophysics takes the readings.

Hydrologists trawls lowered to the ocean floor.

Trawl goes under the water.

Type of trawl winch.

Hydrologist takes samples of plankton.

Raised container with the water sample.

Hydrologists at work.

Sunrise after the polar night.

The wireless operator receives a telegram with the "mainland."

The sun shines through the clouds above the horizon.

Those explorers.

Polar explorers in the camp.

Sled dogs and puppies in the camp.

Polar explorer walks into the tent.

Scientists checked records of observations made during the entire stay at the polar station, sort and organize research materials.

Packaging magazines scientific observations.

Polar explorers are preparing to leave on the "mainland".

Flies aircraft.

Ice fields under the wing of the aircraft.

Pilot Mazuruk IP in the cockpit.

Titley pilot in the cockpit.

Navigator Akkuratov B. paves course.

Ice fields under the wing of the aircraft.

Yarov pilot in the cockpit.

Navigator plots the Padalko.

Type of ice floes of the Arctic (top).

Yarov person.

View of the instrument panel of the aircraft.

The pilot looks down into the cockpit window.

Type station camps (above).

Mazuruk at the controls of the aircraft.

Type station camps (above).

The plane flies over the camp.

Polar watch the aircraft.

The plane landed.

Polar pilots and greet each other.

Polar explorers go to the plane.

Polar explorers and pilots discuss the loading and removal of equipment, property and members of the expedition.

Pilots make their way to the place of the old camp station.

Types territory of the old camp.

The pilots and explorers go to the old camp.

Types territory of the old camp.

View of the polar camps.

Polar tents carried out of the property and scientific equipment.

Polar dismantle the tent.

Freight car to the aircraft.

Mechanic Komarov driving.

The car rides on the landing pad.

The car, harnessed to the sled with cargo, drove up to the aircraft.

Handling equipment and scientific instruments on the plane.

The dogs sit at the boxes of equipment.

The aircraft with the equipment leaves the runway.

Polar explorer was the last time determines the coordinates of the drifting station.

Descent Expedition flag April 11, 1951.


Mikhail Somov - a scientist-oceanographer, polar explorer Mazuruk Ilya Pavlovich - polar pilot Treshnikov Alexei Fedorovich scientist - oceanographer, polar explorer Akkuratov Valentin - navigator polar aviation






Winter [823] Spring [825]

Scientific expeditions; Figures of science

Reel №6

Newsreel 1951: spinning propeller aircraft.

The ice field during takeoff.

A person pilot Mazuruk IP The ice under the wing of the aircraft.

Polar explorers in the cabin during the flight.

Polar talk to each other.

The ice under the wing of the aircraft.

Those explorers returning home.

Polar looks out the window of the plane.

View the coast under the wing of the aircraft.

Northern landscape.

Map drifting station "North Pole-2".

Newsreel, 1951: view of the camp and the types abandoned by explorers.

Map drifting ice floe with the remains of the camp, abandoned by people during the 1951-1954 period.

Newsreel, 1954: Helicopter over the ice floe.

Kind of out of the camp (above).

Type of ice hummocks.

A new group of explorers from the Old Camp after landing on an ice floe.

View of the old camp.

Hydrophysics Petrov after landing on an ice floe.

Face Petrova.

Polar explorers visiting the tents left behind by previous expeditions.

Aircraft high-latitude air expedition sit on an ice floe in the spring of 1954.

Unloading on the ice of food, equipment, scientific equipment.

General view of the landed property.

Freight using crawler tractors.

Members of the expedition EK Fedorov, Academician DI Shcherbakov, director of the Arctic Institute Vladimir Frolov talk after landing on an ice floe.

At the head of the expedition landed ice Burhanov VF

Panorama camp station "North Pole-4".

Tents and cabins to accommodate employees station.

From the house out the stationmaster TOLSTIKOV EI TOLSTIKOV goes on inside the camp.

TOLSTIKOV suitable for meteorologists, launching a probe.

Employees of the station carry out scientific research.

Oceanographers lowered the appliance in water.

The helicopter, belonging to the expedition.

A cook prepares lunch in the galley station.

Employees of the station during the holidays playing chess and reading books in the wardroom station.

View of the camp station.

Arctic landscapes.

Panorama camp station "North Pole-3".

The station Treshnikov AF at your desk.

Treshnikov person.

Polar explorer emerges from a residential trailer.

Hydrologist Dmitriev AI It clears space for appliances.

Mechanic Komarov MS at work.

Aerology Kanaks VG conducting scientific observations.

The radioman Kurkov KM during a session of radio communications.


Volovich VG in the medical tent, examining one of the polar explorers.

Cameraman Yatsun EP forging equipment.

Meteorologist suited to devices for readings.

General view of the camp one of the stations.


Mazuruk Ilya Pavlovich - polar pilot Fedorov Evgeny Konstantinovich - a scientist geophysicist Shcherbakov, Dmitry Ivanovich - geologist, geochemist, geographer Viacheslav Frolov - ucheny meteorologist, polar explorer Burhanov Vasily Fedotovich - Maritime Worker TOLSTIKOV Evgeny - polar explorer Treshnikov Alexei Fedorovich scientist - oceanographer, polar explorer Yatsun Eugene Pavlovich - cinematographer


1951 1954




Spring [825]

Scientific expeditions; Figures of science