Historic Monuments Of the Moscow Kremlin. (1955)

Documentary №4491, 6 parts, duration: 0:57:58
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Lavrova T.
Camera operators:Prudnikov M., Sokolnikov I.


The film tells about architecture, artistic and historical treasures of the Moscow Kremlin.

Temporary description:

Sunrise over the Moscow Kremlin. Paintings depicting the Kremlin in different historical periods. Animated diagrams that provide a visual representation of a gradual expansion of the area occupied by the Kremlin, in the appropriate periods. Modern walls and towers of the Kremlin. The building of the Council of Ministers. Office and Apartment of Lenin in the Kremlin. Architecture and interior design of ancient cathedrals of the Kremlin. Production of the great Russian artists painters XII-XIX centuries. Ivan the Great Bell. Artistic values ​​that are stored in the Armory. The building of the Grand Kremlin Palace. Furnishings owned by Russian tsars. Vladimir Hall, sacred canopy, Facets, Terem Palace, the Golden Chamber, St George's Hall. Conference Room of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Views of the Moscow Kremlin.

Reel №1

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Dawn over Moscow.

Types Kremlin.

Red Square (PNRM.).

Picture - laying the Kremlin.

The scheme of the Kremlin (multrabota).

Picture of the Kremlin - oak, white stone, brick.

Spasskaya tower parts, watches "The Tsar's Tower."


Basil's Cathedral (PNRM.).

Towers - Nabatnaya, Constantine and Helen, Kremlin, Moskvoretskaya (Beklemishevskaya), South facing the Moscow River, The Alarm.

Loopholes (with Motion.).

The Kremlin wall (PNRM.).

Concrete towers, Borovitskaya "Kutafya."


Alexander Garden.

Arsenal Tower.

Kremlin stars.

Nikolskaya tower.

The painting "The assault of the Kremlin."

Council of Ministers building in the Kremlin.

Lenin's office.

Room Krupskaya.

Room Lenin.

Reel №2

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Tourists in the Kremlin (different plans).

Inspection trippers Assumption Cathedral.

"Monomakhs throne" - the throne of Ivan the Terrible.

Openwork tent - the details of the tent.

Tombstones Moscow metropolitans and patriarchs.

Creation Russian icon painters, beginning with the 11th century ...

Icons artist Dionysius, etc.

Annunciation Cathedral.

The people included in the cathedral.

The image of Our Saviour - the work of 17th century artist Simon Ushakov.

Iconostasis Andrei Rublev and Theophanes the Greek (PNRM.).

Rublev's icon - "Archangel Michael", the icon of "George".

Art of the 16th century.

PNRM. by mural artist Theodosia.

Paul Cathedral of the Annunciation.

White portal, rebuilt in 1949

Stone carving on the portal.

Archangel Cathedral (nature) (inside).


Painting 15-17 centuries.

Restorers-painted walls are reconstructed.

Icon "Archangel Michael" by Andrei Rublev.

Wall-paintings of the 17th century.

Tombstones great princes and kings (Mughals) - Ivan Kalita, Dmitry Donskoy, Ivan 111, Ivan 1Y, Alexander Nevsky.

Cathedral of the Archangel (internal and external views).

Reel №3

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Cathedral Square.

Ivan the Great Bell (PNRM.).

Details of the bell tower.

Petrokovo belfry.

The largest bell belfry - Assumption.

The people at "Tsar Bell" and "Tsar Cannon".

Collection of guns.

The Arsenal.

Tourists enter the building of the State Armory (the inscription on the building).


Thrones of Ivan the Terrible, Boris Godunov.

The Diamond Throne (with collisions).

The throne of Ivan and Peter 1.

Showcase with jewelry.

Signs of royal power - "Monomakh", Kazan crown.

Crown, orb and scepter made for Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich.

Diamond crown Peter 1.

Imperial Crown HY111 century.

Harness dress collection for royal visits.

Hall ceremonial carriages.

The coach of Boris Godunov.

Baby carriage three Peter 1, 2 coach Catherine, Elizabeth, and others

Reel №4

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The showcase - examples of Russian dress.

Personal belongings of Peter 1.

Catherine's dress 1.

Coronation ermine mantle 1 century.

Dress Elizabeth.

Dress of Catherine 11.

Department parade and combat weapons H111-H1H centuries.

Chainmail Ermak, given to him by Ivan the Terrible.

"Baidaev" Boris Godunov.

Helmet and chainmail father of Alexander Nevsky, Prince Yaroslav.

Helmet of Alexander Nevsky.

"Saadak" Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich.

Arquebuses, swords, etc.

Hall crafts.

Silver engraved bowl - the gift of Yuri Dolgoruky church X11 century.

Unique example of a secular dishes.

Bopodo - a gift to the wife of Ivan the Terrible.

Other silver and gold items - buckets, bowls, "Bratina" ...

Linking relief embossing and Curtain enamel.

The text of the Gospel.

Products of Russian masters of the 15th and 18th centuries.

"Sakkos" Patriarch Nikon.

Department ambassadorial gifts.

Western Silver Collection from the 15th century.

Polish-Lithuanian gifts 17 th century.

The gift of the Polish King John Casimir, etc.

Reel №5

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The Grand Kremlin Palace.

Tourists enter the palace.

Suite of rooms - owned by Russian tsars.




Cabinet Empress.

"Sofa room."

Collection of old clocks.

Blue Room.

Office of the king.


The main staircase of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Vladimir Hall (PNRM.).

The windows of the Tsar's Gold Chamber.

Golden Chamber.

Vladimir Hall (sn. with collisions).

"Red Porch."

Painting by Zavyalova "Dmitri Donskoi before the Battle of Kulikovo."

Facets (removed from the collision).

Tourists in the audience chamber.

Architectural details.

Vladimir Hall.

Progress in the Upper Saviour Cathedral.

The iconostasis of the cathedral.

Reel №6

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Verhnospasskaya playground (Verhnospassky Cathedral).

"Golden Porch".

Arch porch.

Pioneers considered arch (PNRM.).

Entrance to the Palace.

The painting on the portal.

Globe porch or refectory.

Terem Palace.

"Living Room" or "The Cross" Chamber.


From the Cross Hall - the entrance to the throne.

Throne chair.

"The petition window."

Tsar's bedchamber, a chapel.

Vladimir Hall.

St George's Hall.

The bas-relief on the wall of "George".

Signs - Order on the arches and walls of the hall.

George Hall (PNRM.).

Bronze casket, etc.

The building of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Inscription "The Supreme Council of the USSR," "Supreme Soviet."

Kremlin (different plans).

Movie №1

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