Visiting Ryazan Animal-Breeders.. (1955)

Film-document №4500 3 parts, Duration: 0:23:41, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Belyaev V.

Script writers: Belyaev V.

Operators: Sologubov A., Khodyakov V.

Text writers: Maryamov A.


About the achievements in the sphere of animal-breeding of the collective farms of the Ryazan Region.

Temporary description

Union Agricultural Exhibition. Pavilion "Animal." On the output range cows spends a Hero of Socialist Labor milkmaid A. Nikolaev. Ryazan breeders at the exhibition. Priokskaya floodplain. Cows cross the river Oka, graze on the flood plains. Milkmaid milk transported by boat. The village of Izhevsk. Animal farm. Heroes of Socialist Labor milkmaids AF Ivkina, PN Kovrov, A. Astakhov calf KK Petukhov at work. Secretary of the Party Committee of Izhevsk in a cornfield. Collective farmers mow grass, dried hay, lay corn silage. Izhevsk dairy plant. Workshop, a laboratory plant. Finished products of the plant - dry cream.

Reel №1

Agricultural Exhibition - LS.

Pavilion "Animal."

Output range.

Spend cows.

Leads cow Hero of Socialist Labor Alexander Stepanovna Nikolaev.

Among the audience - her fellow villagers.

The exhibition are carpeted and milkmaids Nikolayev Ivkina and Astakhov.

Flowering gardens.

Landscape with Oka.

Flowering meadows.

Cows crossing the Oka.

Grazing cows.

Milkmaid milk transported by boat.

The village of Izhevsk - LS.

Animal farm.

The field is a Hero of Socialist Labor milkmaid farm "Case October" Anna Feodorovna Ivkina his student Masha Korobkova.

It takes a herd of cows.

AF Ivkina feeding cows, prepares them for milking, pours milk into the jar.

Vetfeldsher examining cows.

The shepherd brings a newborn calf, gave it to AF Ivkina.

Hero of Socialist Labor calf Xenia Kupriyanovna Petukhov takes from Ivkina calves.

In the meadow of Oka girls Petukhova mow the grass, dried, gather flowers.

KK Petukhov brews flower infusion for calves.

Reel №2

KK Petukhov feeding calves, watered their infusion of flowers.

In meadows farmers hay stack in the stacks.

Powered senokopnitel.

Milkmaids consider germs of maize.

Powered cultivator.

KK Petukhov arguing with the operator.

Corn field - PNRM.

KK Petukhov, AF Ivkina, secretary of the Party Committee of Izhevsk EV Glushkov in a corn field, consider cobs.

AF Ivkina feeding cows corn.


Silage corn.

Herd of cows.

Street of the village farm "The foundation of socialism" Shilovsky district.

Cars passing milkmaid farm Hero of Socialist Labor Praskovia Nikolaevna Carpet.

PN Kovrova talking to one of his students.

Pass the cow.

The neighboring farm milking cows and milk student pass Carpet milkmaids Tonya Orlov and Hero of Socialist Labor, Anna Astakhov.

Izhevsk dairy factory in the village of Izhevsk - LS.

Working in a laboratory plant.

Factory workshop.

Processing of milk into dry powder.

Reel №3

Packing plant dry milk and dry cream.

Jobs in accounting plant

Evening landscape.

Go cows.

Masha Korobkova milkmaid with a book at home.

In the office of the District Party Committee Secretary Izhevsk talk EV Glushkov and KK Petukhov.

Book KK Petukhova a bookstall on VSHV.

Collective farmers at the kiosk.

Talking with farmers on VSHV AF Ivkina, AS Nikolaev, Tonya and Anna Orlova Astakhov, PN Kovrov.

Ryazan breeders out of the pavilion of the Ryazan region, pass through the exhibition.