A Great Monument Of The Russian Architecture.. (1955)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kristi L.

Script writers: Surnin V., Shmakov N.

Operators: Surnin V., Shmakov N.


The film is about Saint Basil the Blessed Cathedral in the Red Square in Moscow.


Culture and Arts

Temporary description

Restoration of St. Basil's Cathedral. The composition of the church and its history.

Reel №1

Red Square, St.

Basil's Cathedral (Pokrovsky Cathedral) before restoration (shot from above).

Dome before restoration.

Miniatures of the Temple-average plans.

Chronicle Books - medium, large plans.

The overall plan of the Kremlin and St.

Basil's Cathedral.

Domes in the woods - the overall plan.

Restorers Group considers miniatures.

The head of the restoration work N.P.Sychev professor, chief architect N.N.Sobolev leading architect of the project is considered O.I.Prutsyn sketch finishes Temple.

John the Baptist church in the village of Djakova and Church of the Ascension (the architecture of the churches built in the mid-16th century architecture, a precursor St.

Basil's Cathedral) - common, medium, large plans.

Restorers N.P.Sychev, N.N.Sobolev O.I.Prutsyn and at work (remove layers of paint from the walls).

Original color.

Girl Restorer brings drawing on paper.

Cleared from the paint of the wall.

Chemical Engineer with Chivarzin assistant working on a paint for restoration work.

The plan of the Temple.

The temple in the woods.

Architect-restorer N.P.Sychev looking through binoculars.

Restoration work "bulbous head" of the Temple.

Dome of the cathedral in the woods - different plans.

Workers spread wall masonry.

The wall of the cathedral before restoration - (fade to black)

(Fade in) - The wall of the cathedral after the restoration.

Workers and restorers to paint the walls, paint pattern.

Total, average plans ornament.

Replacing shingles on the bell tent.

The overall plan - view from the bell tower of the square.

Under reconstruction: clean antique ceramics, replace old decorative jar with a new spiral of change wrought by modern stainless steel.

View of the spiral and gold rings.

Art restorers on the scaffolding.

View of the Kremlin (shot from above).

View of Moscow (shot from above).

Kremlin tower, shot through the dome of the Temple.

Dome of the cathedral after the restoration - common, medium, large plans.

Inside view of the central church of the cathedral.

Icons "Entry into Jerusalem", "Trinity."

Panorama of the cathedral and the dome.

Monument to Minin and Pozharsky on the background of the Temple.

Watching people, stands a group of Chinese tourists.

The priest in the group of architects.

Domes, Temple (shot from different angles, general, secondary plans).

Panorama from the Kremlin to the Temple.