At the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition.. (1955)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Belyaev V., Ovanesova A.

Operators: Epifanov G.


August 1, 1954 after a long break, opened the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition.

Temporary description

The film is about a permanent All-Union Agricultural Exhibition (Agricultural Exhibition) in Moscow. The grounds and main entrance VSHV. Mukhina sculpture "Worker and Collective Farm Girl" before entering. Fountain "Friendship of Nations" and "The Stone Flower" at the exhibition. Visitors walk through the main entrance, go to the pavilions, visiting the exhibits. The main pavilion, exhibition hall dedicated to the October Revolution of 1917. Industry pavilions and exhibition showing achievements of agriculture, industry, science, "Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture", "grain", "Agriculture", "Animal", "Flower". Agricultural machinery in the open air. Advanced machine-Angelina P. and D. Hall Gontar in mechanization. Director of the material and technical bases, the chairmen of advanced economies tell us what they (simultaneously). Pavilions and exhibition of the Union republics, autonomous republics and individual zones. Team leader EI Nil in the pavilion "of the Russian Federation," said the collective farmers, flax on the application of new machines in the cultivation of flax (synchronously). Field crop and a pioneer in the pavilion T. Maltsev "Ural" talks about his method of cultivation (synchronously). Professor AG Lorch with grower's stand in the hall with French pavilion "Moscow region". Professor V. Edelstein shows new tomato varieties on the experimental plot with vegetable crops. Michurinsky garden; breeder A. Petrov reveals new varieties of apples. Numerous foreign delegations visiting the exhibition. Brigadier-field crop, Hero of Socialist Labor PF Veduta talks about the success of the collective farm Budenny about farm stand in hall "Ukraine". Meeting of Belarusian and Ukrainian peasants, the chairman of one of the best Ukrainian farm named Khrushchev GE Burkatskaya talks about his farm (synchronously). Brigadier-innovator R. Musamuhamedov, awarded the Stalin Prize for a new type of grape, in the pavilion of "Uzbekistan" shows them grown grapes. Visitors at the tables in the tea-house. A meeting of the Uzbek and Ukrainian silkworm. British delegation inspects samples of tea in the Georgian pavilion. Meeting with the leaders of cotton cotton plants. Greenhouse with citrus plants. Aquarium with Sevan trout in the Armenian pavilion. Jerseys in the Estonian pavilion. Rest area in the Agricultural Exhibition. Restaurants "Horseshoe" and "Float". New collective village in the exhibition; Culture House and logistical station. Calf House farm named "12th October", B. and A. Malinin Protasov, awarded the Order of Lenin, fed calves.

Reel №1

Moscow Kremlin tower, quay of Moscow river, high-rise building - LS.

Mukhina sculpture "Worker and Collective Farm Girl" at the main entrance VSHV.

The main entrance to the exhibition.

Exhibition (helicopter).

Pavilions "Ukraine", "Animal", "mechanization."

Woman watering flowers.

Fountain "ear."

People go to the main pavilion.

The building and the entrance of the main pavilion.

Customers visiting the main pavilion.

Painting "Winter Storm", "The Second Congress of Soviets" and others.

Relief "Forward to Communism."

Hall of the main pavilion.

Area farms - LS. (Helicopter).

Pass foremost agriculture.

Fountain "Friendship of Nations", "Stone Flower."

Pavilion "Mechanization and electrification."

Hall Pavilion.

PNRM. on tractors.

Portraits inventors the world's first track-type tractors and J. F. Blinov Mamin.

Model of the first tractor.

Visitors at the tractors.

Hero of Socialist Labor Praskovya Nikitichna Angelina talking to farmers.

Indian guests visiting the tractors.

Reel №2

Visitors at the self-propelled combine.

Hero of Socialist Labor Dmitry Gontar talks about working.

Visitors at the corn harvester.

Pass of MTS Prokofy Gvozdkov, Gregory Efremov, Boris Lipunov.

Machine for sowing maize square-cluster method.

New agricultural machine for transplanting vegetables in soil grown in peat-compost pots.

Hall of electrification.

Turbine works.

The guide explains to visitors elektrotraktora device.

Pavilion mechanization - LS. (Top).

Customers visiting the farm machinery in the open area near the pavilion.

Machine to drain swamps, and grubber etc.

Pavilion "Grain".

Hall Pavilion.

Stands exhibits farms.

Chairman of the Kuban collective farm.

Kirov agronomist Tretyakov tells visitors about the farm (synchronously).

Reel №3

Chairman of the collective farm.

Lenin, Cherkasy region, Mikhail Yegorov talks about sowing (synchronously).

Visitors get the bags of grain out of the pavilion.

Pavilions - LS.

Visitors to the pavilion of the Russian Federation.

Halls of the pavilion.

Stands with woolen goods, with furs, with shoes, with products made of linen.

Team leader Elizabeth I. Nil of the Kalinin region speaks with flax (synchronously).

Pavilion "Siberia".

Visitors to the pavilion.

Stand with furs.

Stand grains and vegetables.

Komsomolets Vladimir Ziborov talking with visitors (synchronously).

Soldiers record their impressions in the guestbook.

Visitors at the model of the future state farm estate in Hall farms.

Director farm talk.

Stands farms "Giant," "Peter and Paul", "Siberian".

Reel №4

Pavilion "Kazakhstan".

Customers visiting the halls of the pavilion.

Stand "The development of new lands."

Stands of grain and livestock.

Pavilion "Ural".

Visitors at the stand dedicated to the works of the collective field crop innovator Terence Maltsev.

Lecturer gives explanations.

TS Maltsev talking to farmers.

Hall of the Moscow region.

The Polish delegation included the pavilion.

Polish farmers meet near Moscow Dedinovskoy kolkhoz farm.

Farm chairman Ivan A. Buyanov regales guests tomatoes.

Guests talk with the chairman of the collective farm and the foreman Generalov Tatiana Ilinichnoj Aksenov.

Professor Alexander G. Lorch talks with farmers on their experimental site.

Professor Vitaly Edelstein talks with farmers in the beds of tomatoes.

Vegetables on the field.

Uzbek farmers try near Moscow melon.

Cabbage field.

Chairman of the kolkhoz "Red October" Kirov region, Peter A. Prozorov talking to farmers.

Michurinsky garden.

Fruit trees.

Breeder Alexander Petrov acquaints visitors with new varieties of apples.

Yunnatsky site.

Chinese pioneers visiting naturalists.

Reel №6

One of the rooms of the pavilion Uzbekistan.

Brigadier collective farm.

Lenin, Stalin Prize Rizamat Musamuhamedov shows them grown grapes.

Visitors drink tea in an Uzbek teahouse.

Girls chuvashki pictures at the palm.

Pavilion "Georgia".

Stand with fruit.

Stand livestock.

Stand with wines.

The British delegation at the stand with the tea.

Greenhouse pavilion.

Chinese delegation on a tea plantation of the pavilion.

Pavilion "Azerbaijan".

Halls of the pavilion.

Pavilion "Armenia."

Aquarium with Sevan trout.

Visitors to the pavilions.

Stand with tobacco - PNRM.

Farm stand Shahumyan region.

Stand with wines.

Pavilion "Flower."

Hall Pavilion.

Visitors at the flowers.


According to the exhibition runs trolley with Estonian farmers.

Pavilion "Estonia".

Hall Pavilion.

Stand jerseys.

Hall of Fame.

The tour guide to visitors.

Pavilion "Latvia".

In the entry hall visitors.

Stand livestock.

Pig Milda P. Fridrihson - CU.

Reel №7

Pavilion "Lithuania".

Visitors to the pavilion, "Lithuania".

Farm stand "Sheshupe."

Milkmaid farm Magda Vasilene among visitors.

At the square dance Lithuanian farmers agricultural cooperative "Raudanoy Velyava."

Pavilion "Moldova".

Visitors in the halls.

Stands with fruit.

Visitors record impressions in the guestbook.

Pavilion of the Karelian-Finnish Republic.

Carved wooden gable pavilion.

Figure Karelian folk singer, carved in wood sculptor Konenkov.

Finnish delegation in the pavilion.

Delegates at the stand of the fishing industry.

Stand furs.

Area farms.

Rest area.

Vacationers visitors pond.

Cooks catch fish with a net.

Restaurants "Float" and "Horseshoe."

Customers buy souvenirs.

Guests from India, from China stick to clothes icons VSHV.

New collective village.

The village council building, the collective farm, houses of culture.

Manor MTS. Workshop MTS.

Calf House collective farm. 12th October.

Vera calf Malinin and Anna Protasov calves.


Lidia Ivanova - Brigadier breeding farm "Karavaevo" Hero of Socialist Labor - held on barn with farm livestock expert Alexandra Lishchenko.

Experimental plot fodder.

Manege building.

Lecture collective farm chairman.

On October 12, a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Praskovia Andreevna Malinin.

Reel №8

PA Malinin lecture in building an arena (synchronously).

Demonstration of cattle.

Alexander Tumakina milkmaids, member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Maria Sardak, Hero of Socialist Labor, Anna Solovyov cows spend the excretory circle.

Hero of Socialist Labor swineherd Alexander E. Lyuskova demonstrates on a pig farm sows.

Pigs in the shower.

Sheep with lambs on a sheep farm.

Sheep of various breeds.

Hissar breed sheep farm manager shows Tajik collective farm.

Chkalov Abdullayev.

Sheep shearing.

Reception and treatment of sick animals.

Poultry town.

Chickens, turkeys and chickens.

Selling hatching chicks.

Ducks in the pond.

Reel №9

Camels on the output range.

Horses on the output range.

Delegates visiting the Saudi Arabian breed horses.

Agricultural Exhibition - LS.

Fountains "ear" and "Friendship of Nations".

Director of the Academy of Agricultural Exhibition Tsitsin awards medals and certificates of participants VSHV group farmers.

Tsitsin addressed a (synchronous).

Fountain (night).

Exhibition (night).