The Russian Exhibition in Beijing .. (1955)

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Director: Setkina I.

Operators: Kaspiy D.

Composers: Efimov U.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Kriger E.


A Soviet Exhibition in Beijing. It was dedicated to the 5th anniversary of forming the ChSSR (Czechoslovakian Soviet Socialist Republic) .

Reel №1


Lake, away bridge.

Nine Dragon Wall.

Former Imperial Palace Temple of Heaven - LS.

LS. view of Beijing.

Construction of buildings in the city.

Worker reading a newspaper with the text of the Constitution.

Steel plant workers go to work.

Students enter the building of the Institute.

School children in gym class.

Children play in the garden.

Festively decorated streets and squares in honor of the Constitution and the 5th anniversary of the People's Republic.

Soviet exhibition pavilion.

Gathered at the opening of the exhibition Beijing residents, representatives of the diplomatic corps, representatives of many cities and provinces, progressive people work.

Pass and applaud the leaders of China and the Soviet government delegation.

On the podium, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, NS Khrushchev, NA Bulganin, AI Mikoyan, NM Shvernik, Boleslaw Bierut, Kim Il Sung, and others

Speakers: Soviet Ambassador to China Yudin, Minister of Foreign Trade of China E Zhi Chuang, President of All-Union Chamber of Commerce Nesterov.

Chou En-lai, cuts the ribbon.

Entrance to the pavilion, Khrushchev, Bulganin, Chou En-lai, Mikoyan, Shvernik, Liu Shao-ch'i, Bierut, Petru Groza and others familiar with the exhibition.

Do Lama and the Panchen Lama pass machines.

Zhou Enlai and Liu Shaoqi acquainted with universal electron microscope.

People go to the show.

Customers visiting the lobby, the central industrial center.

Customers visiting the various machines.

Among the visitors near Hydroficated MACHINES miller Wang Yun-pu and turner Mu Wan-shun.

Visitors near jig boring machine, near universal machine.

Among the visitors to the delegates of India, the English scientist John Bernal.

Reel №2

Customers around the spinning, weaving and tying machines.

Integrator and tabulating machines.

Visitors view the layout of the automated railroad cars and locomotives series "L".

Area of ​​construction machinery.

Working excavator, bulldozer.

Soviet engineer teaches users to operate the machine.

Customers visiting the drilling tower, coal combine, truck, SH machines (different processors), etc.

Stand grains and legumes.

A new variety of wheat-couch grass hybrids, extracted Tsitsin Academician, Honored Scientist Vasiliev talks with the chairman of the cooperative Tau Lo-Ko and Machinery Goskhoz Hsu Pei-ti.

Stand with rice.

Stand on the virgin lands.

Stand of cotton.

Stand with fruit and wine.

Reel №3

Visitors to the exhibition booths with products from food companies in the country.

Stands with different fabrics.

Stand with the costumes of the USSR.

Fur products.

Visitors are introduced to the exhibition stand dedicated health.

Among them, Prof.

Ma UAS-tires.

Motorcycles, bicycles.


Washing machine.

Stand perfumes.

Products from crystal and porcelain.

Craft and folk artists of Palekh.

Children at a booth with toys.

Customers buy badges Soviet exhibition.

Speech State Folk Dance Ensemble of the USSR, led by Igor Moiseyev, in the summer theater show.

Performed Dance "Russian Suite."

Performed dance with drums.

Applauding audience.

Visitors to the exhibition and visiting musical radiozaly.

Plays a radiogram.

Stringed instruments.

At the piano, Chinese students are singing the song (synchronously).

Is a line in the show.

Reel №4

Soviet exhibition in Beijing visiting Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De and other leaders of the Communist Party of China.

They are accompanied by the Soviet ambassador to China Yudin, a sales representative Winkies, Exhibition Director Borisenko.

Quadruple lathe machine at work.

Hall of Culture.

Guestbook recording heads of the Communist Party of China.

Come out of the building exhibition, Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, Ambassador Yudin dr.rabota saws outdoors.

Nehru writes down his impressions in the guestbook, says goodbye to director of exhibitions Borisenko.

Prime Minister of Burma U-Well examines 25-ton truck dumper Minsk plant.

Hall of higher education.

Layout MSU.

Students with Professor Cao Ping-hua, dean of the Russian language at Peking University, near the layout.

Hall book.

Books published in the Soviet Union in many languages.

Among the visitors to the authors of the books on display, Hu Ke, Zhao Shu-Li, Zao-ho chi.

Artists visiting room painting.

The famous actor and director Mei Lan-fang with the students, artist Cheng E-chu acquainted with Soviet painting.

Exhibitions are held in the hall artists, among them the celebrated 90-year old artist in China Qi Bai Shi and president of the Academy of Arts Alexander Gerasimov.

A number of paintings and sculptures.

Visitors record their impressions in the guestbook.

People go to the show.