A Goodwill Mission .. (1955)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Varlamov L.

Operators: Arzumanov L., Asatiani G., Baramykov I., Belyakov I., Grachev I., Dodonov M., Kiselev S., Komarov V., Kochetkov A. S., Solovev N., Khavchin A., Tsitron B.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Maryamov A.


On the stay of the Indian Parliamentary Delegation in the USSR.

Reel №1

Arrival of the delegation of the Indian Parliament on the Central Airport.

Welcome guests USSR Supreme Soviet and the Russian Federation and others.

The delegation welcomed the Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Tarasov.

In response, the Deputy Chairman of the acts of the Parliament of India States Krishnamurthy Rao.


The delegation was received V. Lacis and Volkov.

Meeting room.

The delegation visiting the sights of the Kremlin, office and apartment VI Lenin.

Visiting delegation of the Mausoleum of Lenin and Stalin.

The laying of wreaths.


Delegates visiting the laboratory, living rooms, training rooms.

In the hall of the jubilee session dedicated to the bicentennial of the University.

Visiting delegation Automobile them.


Guests watch the main assembly line work, talk to the workers.

Guests at the stadium "Dynamo" watching football game between "Spartacus" and CDSA.

Grand Theatre.


Delegation looks ballet "Swan Lake", welcome guests theater actors.

Tolstoy museum in Yasnaya Polyana.

Guests visiting the museum, put flowers on the grave of Tolstoy.

Reel №2


The streets of Stalingrad.

Delegation visiting the home of Pavlov.

Delegates review fragment of shell.

Delegation laying a wreath on the grave of the heroes of Stalingrad.

Guests visit the Museum of the Defence of Stalingrad.

In the architectural studio of delegates considered model of the future of Stalingrad.

Stalingrad Tractor Factory (the top point).

Delegation at the factory.

Quay Stalingrad.

Guests toured the Volga-Don Canal.

Guests visiting the virgin lands of Kazakhstan.

Village, a field camp.

Krishnamurthy Rao leads the field tractor.

In the collective farm.

Lenin guests sow wheat.

Alma-Ata - PNRM., LS.

City residents welcome visitors.

Rao holds a boy.


Guests visiting the monument Amangeldy Imanov.

Delegates through the streets of the city, go to the park, suitable for children's railway, take pictures with the children.

Guests and children on a train.

The delegation visited the Almaty Conservatory concert Conservatory students.

Visit the tobacco-growing farm.

Director farm Nadir Magambetov talking to delegates.

Guests visiting the farm, go to the club, visit the house built for the foremost of the farm.

Reel №3



Out of the plane delegates.

Welcomes guests chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Tajikistan Dodhudoev.

Acts Krishnamurti Rao.

The delegation visited the library to them.


Library Director, Member of the Supreme Council of the Republic Karimov shows guests a unique manuscript of Ferdowsi and Avicenna.

Visiting delegation of the school.

The delegation took the vice-president of the Academy Gulian Aliyev.

Kama Aini presents delegates book.

Visiting delegation of cotton-growing collective farm.


Guests come to a collective farm club.

State Opera and Ballet.


Delegate of the Republic of India taken by the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Tajik SSR Abduvakhab Hasanov.

Head of delegation acts Krishnamurti Rao.

Guests wear robes.


Guests visit the Museum of Art.

Visit to the cathedral in Swati-Tskhoveli Muhete.

Delegation inspects steel plant in Rustavi.

Station in Sochi.

Delegates pass on the street Sochi.

Guests visiting the Arboretum, talk and walk with the pioneers, exchanged souvenirs.

In one of the resorts delegates talk to the driver.

Reel №4

Walk delegates to hydroplane on the Black Sea.


Delegates pass on the street in Kiev.

Guests visiting the Hagia Sophia.

Head restoration Luke Kalinichenko shows guests painted cathedral.

Delegation visiting the monument to Prince Vladimir of Kiev, looks at the Dnieper.

Visiting delegation shoe factory.

Shipyard - PNRM.

Plant "Lenin's smithy."

Bregman engineer talking to delegates, shows the court.

Visiting delegation knitting factory.

Maria Daragan worker talks to the delegates.

The delegation of the Supreme Council of Ukraine.

From talking to fellow delegates Kovpak and Tichina.

P. Tichina presenting guests gifts.

Krishnamurthy Rao P. presents gift Tychina.

Delegation passes through the streets of Leningrad, by Isaac's Cathedral, the fit with the Smolny.

Monument to Lenin.

Guests walk up the stairs.

Delegates to the cruiser "Aurora".

Visiting delegation of the Leningrad City Council session.

Speaking at the session Krishnamurthy Rao.

Reel №5

Delegation visits the Palace of Pioneers.

Guests visiting Porcelain Plant.


At the reception, guests at the city council handed gifts.


Algu Rai Shastri gives interviews (synchronously).

Digvijaya Singh, Natesan, Indira Mayfeo, Sardar Hukam Singh, Ranga, Kamal Kumar Basu, Sofa, Chaman Lall, Parvathi Krishnan, Shaw Kattulah, Shah Ansari, Rameswaram Sah and Krishnamurthy Rao.

Red Square.

The delegation was received KE Voroshilov, VM Molotov and Georgy Beetles.

At the reception act Krishnamurthy Rao and KE Voroshilov.

Receiving a delegation Volkov and V. Lacis.

SM Budyonny talking to delegates.

Present Indian Ambassador to the USSR Menon.