International Track-and-Field Athletics Competitions.. (1955)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Veyland B.

Operators: Schekutev A.

Text writers: Prok I.


A film about the meeting between the combined teams of Great Britain, the Northern Ireland and the Soviet Union held in Moscow.

Historical background

History: September 8, 1955 in Moscow, at the invitation of athletics section of the Soviet Union, arrived on the combined team of the strongest athletes of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. International match ended in victory of Soviet athletes to score points 220:141.

Temporary description

A film about the meeting of national teams of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Soviet Union. Moscow. Athletes meeting the UK and Northern Ireland at the airport. Parade participants and events at the stadium "Dynamo". To the President of the International Federation of Athletics, Lord Burghley. Races of 100, 3,000, 5,000, 10,000 meters. Javelin, disc, shot put, high jump and pole vault. Race for women. Among those present: a representative of the BBC R. Alton, N. Ozerov. Among the athletes: D. Loeser, B. Louks, D. Kozlov, N. Otkalenko, L. Bartenyev, Vinogradov, D. Parker, B. Stolyarov, P. Oldey, J. Douglas, N. Redkin, M. Krivonosov, D. Taylor, T. Hopkinsk, A. Ignatov, A. Gorshkov, P. Cullen, V. Kuznetsov, J. Ibbotson, C. Chataway, J. Chernyavsky Pudov N., W. Kutz, G. Zybina, J. Carr, O. Grigalka, J. Disl, K. Bresher, V. Chernobay, Lapshina, M. Wooller. Reception in honor of athletes of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Reel №1

Taxis plane.

Athletes are out of the plane of Northern Ireland and the UK.

Greets guests.

Posters match British and Soviet athletes.

General view of the Central stadium "Dynamo".

Applauding audience.

Athletes are Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Are the athletes of the Soviet Union.

School children presented flowers athletes.

The stadium are team athletes.

To the President of the International Federation of Athletics, Lord Burghley.

Sports journalists.

Transmission by radio lead BBC spokesman Rex Alton and Soviet commentator Nikolai Ozerov.

Sprint at 800 meters for women.

At a distance of: Champion of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Diana Leather, Nina Otkalenko Dora Kozlov Englishwoman Betty Louks.

N. Otkalenko winner.

100 m for men run by Leonid Bartenyev, Tokarev, Sendstram, Shenton.

Winner L. Bartenyev.

The race is 100 meters for women.

Run: Galina Vinogradova, Zinaida Sofronova, Heather Armitage, Margaret Francis.

Wins Galina Vinogradova.

Running the 110 m hurdles for men.

At the start: Peter Hildreth, Yuri Petrov, Jack Parker and Boris Stolyarov.

Winner D. Parker, second place - B. Stolyarov.

Competition in the hammer throw.

Speakers: AN Redkin, Peter Olldey, world record Krivonosov AM.

Competition in the high jump for women.

Jump: Nina Kosovo Dorotti Taylor, European champion Telma Hopkins (Rapid).

Athletes in the 400 meters for men.

Winner - European Ardalyon Ignatiev - presented with flowers.

Board performance points.

Reel №2

In the javelin participate Alexander Gorshkov, Peter Cullen, the champion of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Kuznetsov.

The participants of the race at 5,000 meters for men: George Ibbotson, Christopher Chataway, Ivan and Nikolai Cherniavsky pounds.

Runners at the start, on the course.

K. Chataway finish (first) and Ivan Cherniavsky.

Race to 10,000 meters.

Run: Vladimir Kuts, Gordon Pirie and Ken Norris.

Finish first, Vladimir Kuts.

Coach of the Soviet Union Korobkov Gabriel talks about the match (synchronously).

Kernel pushed Josephine Cook, world record holder Galina Zybina (winner).

Playing thrower: Gerald Carr, Mark Faras, Otto Grigalka (USSR), Boris Matveyev.

On the course, the participants run on the 3,000 m steeplechase: Vasiliy Vlasenko, John Disl, Christopher Bresher Fedor Marulin.

Finishes first Olympic medalist John Disl.

Pole vault.

Jumping: Ian Ward, Vitaly Chernobay.

Relay 3 to 800 for women.

Fleeing from the Soviet team: Aida Lapshin, Lyudmila Lysenko Nina Otkalenko.

The audience applauded.

Board with indicators competition.

Welcome reception.

Speaks English team manager Jack Crank.