A Tale About One Sailing.. (1956)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gutman I.

Operators: Gutman I.

Composers: Geviksman V.

Anouncers: Troshin V.

Text writers: Kotenko I., Sechin V.


Practice of country's naval schools' graduates on school ship "Ekvator".

Temporary description

1h. - Swimming - Practice cadets sailors from Riga, Odessa, Leningrad training ship "Equator" around Europe. Ship enters the port of Rostock (GDR), Schwerin (GDR), Gothenburg (Sweden). 2h. - Port of London (England) - sightseeing. 3h. - The steamer from London to Marseille (France). Inspection of Marseille. 4h. - "Equator" off the coast of Italy. Port Risk (Yugoslavia). 5h. - Passage through the Bosporus, meeting at home.

Reel №1

Youth Ball.

Nautical College student dances M. Ershov.

M. Ershov the girl out of the house, down to the banks of the Neva.


Training ship "Equator".

Cadets on watch.

M. Ershov on watch on the bridge, and for drawing.


Ships at sea.


Residents of the city greeted the students.


Soviet sailors lay a wreath at the grave of Soviet soldiers.

Naval cadets on the streets of Rostock.

Cadets ride on the boat.




Cadets are on the streets of the city.

Ancient castle Mecklenburg dukes.

Sculpture Niklota - Slavic tribe leader Wendy.




"Equator" up the river Goethe Älv.

Port of Gothenburg - Sweden's ice-free port.

Types of Gothenburg.

Jonas Olstremu monument.


Sailors and citizens traveling by boat to the city.

Reel №2

Types of Gothenburg.

International Fair in Gothenburg.

Visitors to the fair go.

Customers in different pavilions.

Visitors to the pavilion on the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes.

City nautical school.

Soviet students in school, visiting the exhibits.


Gothenburg residents attend "Equator".

"Equator" in the sea.

Classroom training.

"Equator" at the mouth of the Thames.

English pilot Norrie arrives by boat to the "equator", climbs on board, talks with sailors.

Behind the wheel of a cadet Nicholas Zubenko.


Building the Medical Academy, Parliament.

PNRM. on the Thames.

Cadets on the streets of London.

Laying a wreath at the grave of Karl Marx.

British journalists on board the "Equator" talk with the sailors.

M. Ershov about himself British journalists.

Buckingham Palace.

Royal Guard.



Soviet sailors at the zoo, Hyde Park.

Visitors to the park on horseback.

Londoners in the park on vacation.

Vacationers at the fountain in Trafalgar Square.

Sailors talk to residents.



Reel №3

London (evening).

On the "equator" sailors sing a song (synchronously).

Cadets in the classroom.

Coast of Portugal.

Lighthouse on a rock.

Strait of Gibraltar.

Ships at sea.

Castle Il.




The streets of the city.



Museum of Art.

Notre-Dame de la Garde.


Marseille (bottom, top).

Reel №4


Street name of Stalingrad.

Working-class districts.

In one of the buildings of bullet holes.

The names of members of the Resistance who died during the Nazi occupation.

Writing on the wall "Americans home," "World of Algeria."


Shipyard in La Ciotat.

Construction of ships for the Soviet Union.

Soviet seamen visiting shipyard.

Workers talking with sailors.

Senior Superintendent Joseph Domingo says the Soviet seamen on the construction of ships.

On the "Equator" - Basques and French.

Basques sing songs (synchronously).

Guests and sailors dance.


Notre-Dame de la Garde.

"Equator" is coming to the island of Stromboli.

Coast of Italy.

On the "equator" Games of the students.

Award winners.

"Equator" in the Adriatic Sea.

Sailors landed on a desert island, considering vegetation, etc.

Rijeka - the largest port in Yugoslavia.

Types of Rijeka.

Castle, where the headquarters of one of the units of the Yugoslav partisans.

Reel №5

Coast of Opatija.

Resting on the shore, the sailors.

The streets of the city.

Friendly volleyball sailors from Rijeka.

"Equator" in port.

Rijeka residents visiting sailors, among them - the former guerrilla Peter Kordic, a young worker port Stepan Ugarkovich.

Guests visiting the "Equator" exchanging addresses.

Cadets do.

The Board of Examiners.

Protection degree M. Ershov.

Chairman of the examination committee, Ph.

D AV Zherlakov congratulates M. Ershov with protection degree.

M. Ershov steers the ship, watching the captain of "Equator" AV Divination.

Coast of Greece.

Passes a Soviet ship "Crimea".






I-Sophia Cathedral.

The sailors on board the "Equator" look of the city.

"Equator" in the Black Sea.