Shkhinshakh Of Iran in the USSR.. (1956)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kopalin I.

Operators: Granev I., Kiselev S., Levitan A., Khavchin A., Khodyakov V.

Composers: Urbakh S.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Maryamov A.


About the visit to the USSR of the Shakhinshakh of Iran Mohammed Reza Pahlavi with his wife.

Reel №1

Landscapes Iran.

Tehran (the plane).




Ancient mosque Imam Zadeh.

The building of the Parliament.

Marble Palace - winter residence of the Shah.

Residents of Iran read the message in the newspapers about the upcoming trip shakhinshakh Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and Shahin Soreyya Pahlavi to Moscow.

Fly shakhinshakh and Shahin from Tehran airport.

Mourners: Prime Minister Ala, chairman of the Senate Tali-zade, chairman of the Majlis Hekmat and others.

Central Airport in Moscow.

KE Voroshilov and his wife.

KE Voroshilov greets Zhukov and others.

Bulganin, Mikoyan, Pervukhin.

Guests greeted with KE Voroshilov.

Iran's Ambassador to the USSR Massoud Ansari is shakhinshakh leaders of the Soviet government.

Shaheen presented with flowers.

Report of honor.

Performed anthem.

Reel №2

Shahinshah Iran is Voroshilov arrived with him Kashani Trade Minister Ibrahim, Senator Mohammed Saied, corps general Yazd-Panah, corps general Dzhahanbani and others.

Speech KE Voroshilov and shakhinshakh Mohammad Reza (synchronously).

KE Voroshilov and Shahinshah get in the car.

Moscow residents welcome visitors throughout the journey to Moscow.

Car enters the Kremlin.

Tourists are welcome guests.

Kremlin Palace.

In the Kremlin over the residence shakhinshakh personal flag of his Majesty.

Residence Shaheen.


Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (plaque with the inscription).

Shahinshah and his party pay a visit KE Voroshilov.

The building of the Council of Ministers (plaque with the inscription).

Shahinshah other visit to Comrade Bulganin.

Guests visiting the mausoleum, lay wreaths.

Reel №3

Moscow (bottom, top).

Soviet area.

Monument to Yuri Dolgoruky.

Gorky Street.

Moscow Soviet.

Gorky Street (near the Belarusian station).

Gorky Street with Okhotny (top point).

Garden Ring.

High-rise building on the background of the Kremlin.

Kremlin Palace.

Machines with the guests go out of the Kremlin, go on Gorky Street, to TSSKHV.

Agricultural Exhibition.

Guests to the outer circle in the pavilion and other mechanization.

Guests in the automobile assembly plant Likhachev.

Confectionery factory "Red October".


Shaheen Soreyya inspects factory.

Factory director AA Grinenko talks with Shaheen.

At the table, factory director, Shaheen and accompanying persons.

A conversation with the leaders of the Soviet government shakhinshakh (in the Kremlin).

The presence of Comrade Voroshilov, Khrushchev.

Theatre Square.

Grand Theatre.

The guests and the leaders of the Soviet state watching the ballet "The Bronze Horseman" with Plisetskaya and snow.

Guests presented with backstage Plisetskaya flowers and snow.

There KE Voroshilov.

Ostankino Museum.

Guests visit the museum.

Tretyakov Gallery.

Iranian guests at the Tretyakov Gallery.

Reel №4

Kremlin Palace.

Shaheen and accompanying persons visiting Voroshilov wife - Catherine Davydovna.


Lomonosov monument.

Guests attending MSU.

Academician Petrovsky talking with guests.

In the hall of Academician Petrovsky presents shakhinshakh medal in honor of the 200th anniversary, and Shaheen box with a picture of the university.

Shahinshah and Shahin inspect underground.

Visiting guests circus.

In the arena: horsemen of the troupe Mukhtarbek Kochenova, sea lion tamer Irina Sidorkina, Honored Artist of the Republic Keogh and others.

Streets of Stalingrad (the top point).

Mira Street.

Mamaev Kurgan.

Iranian generals lay a wreath on the grave of the fallen heroes of Stalingrad.

River station.

Guests on the ship "Alexander Polezhaev."

Chairman of the City Council Stalingrad Dynkin talking with guests.

Guests on the construction of Stalingrad hydroelectric station.

Alexandrov, head of construction gives guests an explanation.

Tashkent (the plane).

Guests in the car passes through the city.

Appearance of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan (plate).

Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.

Guests at the Academy of Sciences.

President of the Academy gives Zakhidov shakhinshakh book.

Speech shakhinshakh.

Reel №5

Visiting guests Tashkent textile mill.

Guests in the cotton farm.

Farm chairman Matkabulov welcomes guests.

Guests visiting the farm and farm breakfast with farmers.

Young kolkhoznitsa folk dances.


Black Sea.

On the roads cruiser "Mikhail Kutuzov."

Sukhumi residents presented flowers guests.

Guests are greeted by Vice Admiral and commander Gursin captain second rank Golota.

Accompanied squadrons destroyers, a cruiser under the personal flag shakhinshakh Iran headed for Sochi.



Guests visiting hospitals Matsesta, health Ordzhonikidze.

Vacationers enjoy the flowers presented.

Resting Barbashev miner, doctor Razumovskaya.

In one of the rooms, guests are introduced to Likhachev engineer and his wife.

Guests make a boat trip.


City residents welcome visitors.

Guests at his residence.

Guests visiting the Dnieper HPP.

Shahinshah writes the guest book your experience.

Visiting guests factory "Zaporizhstal".

External and internal appearance of the plant.

Reel №6

Khreschatyk (top point).

The streets of Kiev.

Saint Sophia Cathedral.

The monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky.

Guests look at the Dnieper from the high bank.

Guests pass through the park Shevchenko.

Kiev Shaheen presented flowers.

Monument to Taras Shevchenko.

Guests visiting the Machine-Tool Plant named after Gorky and kindergarten.

Leningrad (the top point).


Monument to Peter I.

Neva embankment.


The bridge across the river.


Guests at the Palace Square and the streets of Leningrad.

Winter Palace.

Guests visit the Hermitage.

Guests on a boat ride to Petrodvorets.

Guests visiting the Peterhof.

Iranian guests at a reception at the Leningrad City Council President Smirnov.

Smirnov presents shakhinshakh and Shahin porcelain vases.


The conversation with the leaders of the Soviet state shakhinshakh.

There Voroshilov, Bulganin, Khrushchev, Shepilov, Minister of Commerce of Iran Koshanov Ibrahim, Senator Mohammed Saeed, Adjutant General Panah Yazd, Iran's ambassador to the USSR Massoud Ansari.

Reel №7

Kremlin (with Moscow River).

Sitting of the fifth session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

Acts presiding deputy Volkov (synchronously).

MPs welcome guests.

Report NA Bulganin of the Draft Law on State Pensions.

The Grand Kremlin Palace.

Reception Voroshilov.

Central Airport.

Flags of the Soviet Union and Iran.

The leaders of the Soviet state was escorted home shakhinshakh and Shaheen.

Honor guard.

The microphone stands shahinshah (synchronously).

Voroshilov, Bulganin and listen.

The leaders of the Soviet state farewell to those departing.

Baku (the top point).


Greet visitors to meet them head of the Azerbaijan Republic.



Residents of Iran met shakhinshakh and Shaheen.

Honor guard.

Members of the Shah family.

Cars driving through the city.

Iranians welcome shakhinshakh and Shaheen.

Car enters the palace of the Shah.