On the wide Volga № 5 The Mari livestock breeders. (1970)

Newsreel №46613, 1 part, duration: 0:09:01
Production: Kazan newsreel studio
Director:N. Lebedev
Camera operators:G. Amirov
Other authors:N. Valitov, A. Kiselev


Special issue of a newsreel about the construction of livestock complexes in the Mari ASSR.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Winter rural landscapes (panorama).

Texts of newspaper publications about rural construction.

Construction works on one of the livestock complexes of the republic.

Concrete works.

Welder at work.

Maintenance of masonry.

Roof covering with slate.

Construction of a two-storey brick house.

Students on construction work.

Persons of builders of various specialties.

Installation of equipment of one of the livestock farms.

Installation of window frames.

Welder at work.

Carrying out concrete works.

Roofing works.

Finishing and installation of equipment inside one of the buildings of the collective farm.

Ripening wheat.

Interior view of one of the finished farm buildings.

View of a part of the new livestock complex (top).

Panorama of a part of the livestock complex of the state farm "Semenovsky".

Loading the silo into a tractor trailer.

Mechanical feed distribution.

Cows eat from the feeder.

A milkmaid with milking equipment in her hands before milking.

The process of mechanized milking.

The production process in the dairy shop of the state farm.

Milkmaids connect milking equipment.

Cows eat from the feeder.

Operation of an automated milk bottling line.

Types of the territory of the collective farm.


Panorama of the pig breeding complex.

Piglets and sows in pens.

Production processes in the collective farm feed mill, the operation of equipment.

Mechanical feed distribution.

Pigs eat from the feeder.

Interior view of one of the buildings of the pig complex.

The operator of an automated boiler room at work.

Pigs in one of the buildings of the pig complex.

Manicure and customer service in a collective farm barber shop.

Girls are looking at a fashion magazine.

Girls during a visit to an exhibition of paintings.

The start of the intercollegiate competitions in skimmer racing among teenagers, the participants of the races go the distance.

Performance of an amateur dance group.

Students of one of the correspondence departments of the agricultural Institute are preparing for classes.

Types of two-storey residential buildings.

Panorama of the new school building.

Panorama of a new rural quarter with a hospital and residential buildings.

Texts of newspaper publications about construction in rural areas.

View of a part of one of the livestock complexes.

The control panel at the poultry farm, an internal view of one of the poultry houses of the Azanovsky poultry farm.

Mechanized feed and water supply processes in feeders.

Chickens peck at food.

Mechanized transportation of freshly laid eggs.

The poultry woman packs the chicken eggs arriving on the conveyor, the face of the poultry woman.

Chickens in the poultry house.

Egg packaging in the sorting shop, type of egg feeding equipment (top).

Operation of egg calibration equipment.

The texts of newspaper publications about the construction of livestock complexes.

Cows eat hay from the feeder.

Sheep in a nightmare.

Map of the Mari ASSR with the designation of livestock complexes under construction and put into operation.

Types of rural livestock complexes, winter rural landscapes.

Key words


Calendar: 1970

Locations: Mari El Republic [748]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

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