From Moscow To Dixon. (1956)

Documentary №4676, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:36, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Semenova M.
Camera operators:Kiselev S.
Text authors:Smirnitskiy U.


Members of the Club of Young Sailors and Polar Explorers are conducting an expedition to Arctic.

Temporary description:

Kayaks are floating on the river Moscow. Tent camps Young Sailors Club and polar explorers. 16 young explorers on the station platform. Said the chief of the drifting station "North Pole-4" Tolstikov. The boys are heading to the Arctic on a train, ship "Sestroretsk." Captain A. Nazarov acquaints children with the boat. A storm at sea. Children visited the polar station Amderma, Ust-Kara, Marre-Soma, Dixon Island, ride reindeer herding village visiting farm, fur farm. Types of Yamal Peninsula, the White Island. On ice seals, and birds. Steamer in ice. Guys gather flowers, dismantle the collection of plants, minerals, gifts, wrote in his diary his impressions.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Landscape plans.

Is the train.

The train - students who go on a journey from Moscow to Dixon.

Schoolgirl Irina Sumakova is travel diary.


Kayaks on the Moscow River.

School children in a camp to study the map.

Seeing leaving the Arctic pioneers.

From talking to the chief pioneers of the drifting station "North Pole-4" Evgeny Toleynikov.

Pupils sit in a train.

The train departs.

Irina Sumakova keeps a diary.



Going ship "Sestroretsk."

Captain Andrey Nazariev acquaints students with the ship.

School children visiting the devices on board.

Shkolnik Vladimir Davydov in the chart house.

Schoolgirl Julia Koshevaya at the wheel.

Arkhangelsk (general plan).


Ships in the port.

Going ship "Sestroretsk."

Schoolchildren on deck of the ship.

Going ship.


Boatswain with students and Yuri Davydov Vladimir Kotelnikov covers mechanisms of water.

Pupils Vladislav Frolov and Jura Patashkov bear watch in the engine room.

Pupils peeling potatoes, rest in the cabin.

Landscape plan.

Pupils conduct meteorological observations, take a radiogram.

Amderma - one of the largest research stations of the Kara Sea coast.

Moscow schoolchildren children Amderma.

Pupils go on deer.

Reel №2

Village deer farm "Red October."

The boys in the village visiting the plague, fur farm.

Coast of the Yamal Peninsula.

Pupils go on shore.

Polar station Marre-Sale.

Schoolchildren presented a gift antlers, pieces of mammoth tusks.

Marine plan.

O in White (coast).

Pupils at the weather station.

Senior meteorologist Boris Abramovich Tunick shows students appliances.

School children playing ball.

Going ship.

Polar ice.

Baby seals rookery.

Port Dickson.

Moscow and diksonovskie students are on the pier, visiting the village.

Pupils arrive by boat to the island of Dixon, playing ball, snowballs, picking flowers, inspect Glavsevmarshruty radio center.

Schoolboy Anatoly Lepilin talks with Moscow.

Going ship.

The guys on deck.


Vladimir Davydov, keeps a diary, schoolgirl dismantled and consider gifts collection.

School children on the streets of Moscow.

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