Celebration of 39th Anniversary of Great October in Moscow (Special Issue of a Newsreel "The Day New. (1956)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Rybakova A., Setkina I.


The Special Issue dedicated to the 39th Anniversary of the Great October in Moscow.


Reel №1

A general view of Red Square (above).

People on the streets of Moscow.

Festive decoration of Moscow streets.

Kind of a building on Mayakovsky Square.

View of the facade of the Bolshoi Theater and Sverdlov Square.

Foreign tourists on the streets.

The column with the slogan moves to the Embassy of Egypt to hold a rally in honor of the Soviet-Egyptian friendship.

A sign of the Embassy of Egypt.

Those women participating in the rally.

General view of the meeting at the entrance to the Embassy of Egypt (top).

People applauded after Egypt, which came out on the porch to greet the participants of the meeting.

View of the meeting.

Foreign delegations on Red Square.

The delegation of Czechoslovakia in Red Square.

A member of the Czechoslovak delegation gives interviews (synchronously).

The streets of Moscow in festive attire.

Those members of the Czechoslovak delegation.

Member of the delegation gives interviews (synchronously).

Buildings in Moscow in festive attire.

Tunnel Frunze radius of the Moscow metro.

Workers install the rails.

Brigade blochnikov mounts railway line in the subway tunnel.

The slogan on the wall of the tunnel.

Persons working Pavlova, Belova, Berzhina, Christmas, Seldina, Pelevin.

View of the construction site of the Irkutsk hydroelectric station.

Passing large trucks.

Steel erection, the panorama of the construction site.

View of the one of the industrial enterprises in the Urals.

Production processes in the shops of the Ural metallurgical plants.

Type trains with charcoal (top).

Panorama of the collective farm field.

Combines harvesting.

The girl's face, control the combine.

Combine harvesting.

Female students at harvest.

Crop is poured into a truck.

Students of the Moscow Aviation Institute in a dorm room singing a song students virgin soil.

The person singing girl.

Hands on the keyboard accordion accordionist.

The person singing student.

People walk on the streets of Moscow, go to the store.

Panorama storefront.

View of the sales area of ​​the store.

Sellers and buyers in the confectionery department store.

People on the street are bought in the store cakes and candy boxes.

View of the room hairdresser.

Hairdresser combing client.

The face of the client.

Sitting woman with curlers in her hair.

View from the house on the street Shcherbakovskaya.

Family Wizard silk weaving mill Varnakova puts things after moving into a new apartment.

Varnakov chandelier hangs.

Varnakova son's face.

Varnakov and son hang a chandelier, Varnakova AN gives interviews (synchronously).

Varnakova daughter playing with a doll.

Cameraman congratulates family Varnakova housewarming.

Member parade on Red Square, Major Savchenko ND House tries dress uniform, he helped his wife and son.

Savchenko wife adjusts to her husband's uniform.

Major Savchenko looks in the mirror.

Innovators of the Moscow plant of hard alloys Melnikov and Kuznetsov are on the premises.

Kuznetsov gives interviews (synchronously).

Retired Kalachev II house with his grandson.

Kalacheva grandson sitting at the table.

Invitation card for the factory to the gala evening Kalacheva.

Grandson Kalacheva considering complimentary ticket grandfather.

Kalachev tells how to celebrate the November 7 (synchronously).

Pupils kindergarten factory "Red October" rehearsing one of the rooms of the concert.

Boy and girl singing a song about the boxes.

Children waving red flags to the beat.

View of one of the Moscow television studios during filming of the concert (at the top).

Singer MN Bernes in the studio rehearsing a new song (synchronously).

View of the studio during the recording of songs performed Bernes (above).

Bernes continues to sing (synchronously).

People on the streets of the evening in Moscow, on the buildings lit festive illumination.

View of the Gorky Street.

Types of Moscow Square in the evening.

General view of Moscow Kremlin in a festive light from the Moscow River.

Girl sleeping in her crib.

View of one of the high-rise buildings in Moscow in the morning.

View of the Moscow Kremlin.

View of the embankment of the Moscow River.

One type of high-rise buildings in Moscow.


Bernes Mark N. - singer, actor movie




Moscow [820] Ural [920] Irkutsk region [777] USSR [863]


Autumn [826]

Moscow; Industry; Agriculture; Housewarming; Life and leisure; Film actors; Construction

Reel №2


Reel №3