Ural forges victory. (1943)

Documentary №48047, 5 parts, duration: 0:42:39
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Production: Ekaterinburg
Director:Bojkov V., Kiselev F.
Camera operators:Stepanov N., Rejzman O.
Anouncers:Hmara L.


The film tells the story of industry in the Urals and the contribution of the industrial enterprises of the Urals in the fight against Nazi Germany.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1940-1943 years: the Ural taiga and mountain scenery.

The sign at the border of Europe and Asia.

Winter bear hunting.

Mansi hunters returned with prey.

View of the village of Mansi.

Muncie travel to reindeer.

Work artisanal cooperatives, people washed rocks in search of gold.

The banks of the Ural River, the Ural landscapes, taiga.

Blasting, mining of iron ore and other minerals.

Types of Urals oil fields, the process of oil production.

The technician refinery at work.

Panorama of one of the industrial enterprises of the Urals.

The process of coal mining pit method.

Types of old Ural plant, based in the 18-19 centuries, Nevyansk leaning tower.

Internal and external views of the old factories shops.

Common types of Chrysostom.

Types of neighborhoods and city streets.

Samples of products Zlatoust masters.

Calendar: 1940-1943

Locations: Ural [920]

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Text VI Lenin's statements the Urals.

Newsreel, 1943: view of one of the industrial enterprises of the Urals.

Types of metallurgical plant.

The production process in the foundry plant, metallurgical enterprises of the Urals.

metal casting on molds.

Panorama of one of the Ural mines.

View mine management building number 6. Koper and the mine area, the miners are going to replace.

Miners talk with the mine management.

Women shovel coal, arriving on the conveyor belt.

It takes a train with coal.

Map of the camp and the industrial enterprise.

Lenin monument.

View of the station in Chelyabinsk.

The car rides through the streets of the city, drove up to the hotel "Southern Urals".

View of the hotel building.

Types of streets and buildings in Chelyabinsk.

People in the bus.

Bus rides through the city.

Types of city blocks (from the top).

Monument Sverdovu YM View of one of the city streets, traffic controller at a crossroads.

Types of streets and buildings in Sverdlovsk.

View of the theater building.

People read the poster.

General view of the building they Ural Industrial Institute.


Monument in the Kirov Institute lobby.

Samples of minerals and mineral deposits of the Urals on a stand in the museum petrography.

Customers visiting the exhibits of the museum.

Academician Pavlov MA together with assistants conducting experiments in the field of metallurgy.

Writer Bazhov PP in his office at work, books written Bazhov.

Face Bazhov.


Mikhail Pavlov - scientist-Metallurgist Bazhov Pavel Petrovich - writer

Calendar: 1942-1943

Locations: Sverdlovsk [876] Chelyabinsk [885] Ural [920]

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1942-1943 years: the production process in the shops of the plant "Uralmash".

Production of artillery shells at the plant them.


Manufacturing of parts and assembly tools.

Work sets the wheel on the carriage guns.

Ready to ship cannons.

Checking mechanisms aiming guns.

The precise machining of parts on a lathe, a person working.

Sending guns to the front.

The guns mounted on railway platforms.

The production process in the forging and molding shop.

Checking the accuracy of the size of manufactured ammunition.

General view of the station in Nizhny Tagil, people pass the bridge over the railway tracks.

General view of the plant.

Construction of Steel Plant in Nizhny Tagil in the late 1930s.

Types of construction.

Carrying out the concrete work, the construction of the brick walls.

Construction of blast furnaces.

Construction Managers to discuss production issues.

The construction of one of the blast furnaces, the engineer directs workers.

Different types of construction.

Construction scaffolding, welding, construction, installation of structures using a crane.

Meeting in one of the shops of the plant, he gives a speech.

The workers listened to the speaker, the person working.

Women for machines in one of the factory floor.

Job factory testing laboratory.

metal Test for strength and resistance to external influences.

View of the scrap yard on rails passes steamboat.

Fragments of enemy military equipment intended for remelting.

The production process in the steel plant.

Board of management achievements with a portrait of one of the leaders of manufacture.

Melting of scrap metal at a metallurgical plant in the Sverdlovsk.

Wing German plane with a swastika is sent into the furnace for remelting.

Persons steelmakers.

Key words

Defense industry

Calendar: 1939-1940 1942-1943

Locations: Sverdlovsk [876] Nizhny Tagil [880]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

Reel №4


Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel of 1942-1943: the production of ammunition for artillery guns, women work on an assembly line.

Conveyor with ammunition.

Marking of ammunition for heavy artillery in the factory shop.

Ammunition Quality Assurance in the Department of technical control.

Panorama workshop for the production of ammunition (from the top).

Production processes in the shops of the Ural military factories, steel makers and molders at work.

Making propellers for aircraft.

Panorama shop aircraft factory, assembly of aircraft.

Assembling machines to plant them.

Comintern, the person working men and women.

Inside view of the shop aircraft factory.

Lapping ready aircraft in the open air.

Plane takes off.

The tank is on the attack.

Infantry attacks an enemy among the ruins of buildings.

Parts included in the Red Army liberated the city, is the tickertape background with text messages.

Type of industrial plant, the workers are replaced.

Interior view of one of the shops.

Working woodworking shop at work.

Remote control room steelmaking shop.

Steelmakers in the oven.

The production process in the shop smelter.

Build tanks, welding hulls, faces a welder.

Check turret.

Key words

Defense industry

Calendar: 1942-1943

Locations: Sverdlovsk [876] Ural [920]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1942-1943 years: build tanks in the factory shop, transportation crane tank turret.

Panorama tank assembly shop of the plant (at the top).

Tanks during assembly on the assembly line.

Installation mountings for guns, paint rollers and tank shells.

The tanks are moving out of the shop.

Transporting finished tanks inside the plant with the help of a crane.

The face of the driver.

The tanks during testing at the landfill.

The driver of the levers.

Test flamethrower tank.

Tanks on railway platforms go to the front.

The shadow of the aircraft on the ground, Soviet bombers in flight.

Tanks on railway platforms.

Flying Soviet aircraft, the pilot's face.

shells breaks.

Artillery firing at the enemy (the background goes ammunition manufacturing personnel), exploding shells.

The trains carry military equipment to the front (background shots are flying airplanes).

The navigator at the sight, the bombs are flying down.

Breaks bombs on target, background images are the manufacture of munitions in the Ural factories.

Tanks and infantry are on the attack.

Attacks Cavalry Division, background images are manufacturing of cold weapons on the Zlatoust plant.

Soviet planes dropped bombs on the ground lit German technology.

Air gunner behind a machine gun, a burning German plane crashed into the ground.

Fragments of the dying German aircraft.

Burning a German tank.

Panorama of the scrap yard.

Fragments of broken German technology.

Sending German aircraft wing in the melting furnace.

Common types of industrial enterprises in the Urals.

Key words

Defense industry

Calendar: 1942-1943

Locations: Ural [920] USSR [863]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

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