Film-travel almanac 1993 № 262

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Dilanyan K., Mironov A., Polonskaya N.

Operators: Kipin V., Klimentjev A., Motichenkov V.

Text writers: Viktorov V.

Other authors: Dilanyan K., Mironov A., Polonskaya N.


1. "The world and the city of Immanuel Kant." 2. "Legend of Chukotka." 3. "The house magician." 4. "Plat patterned."

Russian cities and regions

Reel №1

1. The world and the city of Immanuel Kant.

Kaliningrad (Kenigsberg).

Ships at berth, port cranes.

Portrait of Kant in the album.

House Kant.

On the bridge there are people.

Under the bridge passing cars.

Roofs of houses.

Blooming flower bed.

City street.

By floating duck pond.

Fort в„– 5 - King Friedrich Wilhelm III. The bus drives past Sackheim gate.

Brandenburg Gate.

The city walls.

People near Rossgarten gate.

Types Fort number 1 - Stein.

Parents with baby carriage on the bridge.

View from the bridge to the Cathedral.

Sailing ship at the pier.

View of the cathedral from the promenade.

The branches of trees swaying in the wind.

The walls of the cathedral.

Kant's Grave in the cathedral.

The courtyard, the walls of the cathedral.

Birch on the beach.

Sand dunes.

Beetle crawling on the sand.

Jewelery in the form of a beetle on a rock.

Sea surf, view of the beach from the forest.

Clock Tower.

City streets.

The attraction in the park.

Inauguration of the restored monument to Kant's Paradeplatz.

People make speeches in front of the microphones.

View of the area from above.

View of the monument to the rear and on the body of the Baltic State University of Immanuel Kant.

Flowers at the monument.

Via boat moving toward the bridge.

Ships at berth, harbor cranes (shooting from the water).

2. Legend of Chukotka.

Alternation: panorama Chukchi Nature (Aerial photo), folk paintings on bone.

In the village people go snowmobiling.


Panorama of the village.

Mosses and lichens on the rocks.

Those stone idols.

The remains of the skeletons of animals.

Alternation: ivory figurines, carver at work.

Dog team in the tundra.

Carver at work.

Bone figurines.

Walrus rookery.

Hunters sailing boat.

People walrus hauled ashore.

Painted tusks and bones.

Masters cut and paint the patterns.

Chukchi legend in the drawings.

Ready-made souvenirs.

Hunters pull to shore whales go near the dog.

Folk dances.


Herd of deer on a ferry across the river.


Kaliningrad region
Chukotka Autonomous Okrug



Folk Art; Russian cities and regions

Reel №2

3. The house magician.

Farmstead Count Ya.V.Bryusa in Glinka.

Portrait Ya.V.Bryusa.

Rooms and corridors of the museum.

In the hallway, a man with a lamp.

On the chair sits a black cat.

Museum exhibits.

Pedigree Ya.V.Bryusa on the wall at the foot of the stand is the sword.

Portrait R.Bryusa.

A fragment of a pedigree.

Portrait of Peter I. Portrait swims past a burning candle.

Grandfather Clock.

Man turning the pages of the book.

Engravings and paintings.

The rooms of the museum.

Portraits Ya.V.Bryusa.

Astrological calendar.

The walls of the manor.

Night in the yard flash powder.

Cat sitting at the mirror.

Fireworks on a pole in front of the house.

4. Fees patterned.


Panoramas of Pavlovsky Posad.

City streets, old houses (wooden architecture).

The bell tower of the Cathedral of the Resurrection.

Sculpture near the house.

Old houses, fragments of ornaments (wooden architecture).

The child with the dog.

View of the river, the path followed by people.

Portraits of the heroes of 1812 Winter landscape.

Reflections in the water.

Factory building on the banks of the river.

Shells Pavlovsky Posad garter Manufactory.

Wooden houses.


Machines in the weaving shop.

Artists develop patterns.

Alternation: Master gaining paint phased printing figures on cloth.

The finished fabric is dried under a ceiling.

Master washes his hands.

Portraits of the founders of the factory.

Museum exhibits (shawls, coins).

Alternation: drawing patterns on fabric, ready-made materials are dried under the ceiling.


Women in headscarves on city streets.

Automatic line painting headscarves.

Master considering drawing.

Ready scarves.

A girl helps her friend to tie a scarf.

Girls go on the street.

Girls running in the snow.

A woman in a headscarf goes to church.


Moscow region



History; Folk Art