Film-travel almanac № 275 (1995)

Newsreel №48645, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:29
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Dubrovin Yu., Krinicin B., Polonskaya N., Rahomyagi S., Spiglazova N.
Camera operators:Mescheryagin R., Motichenkov V., Rahomyagi S., Myakishev, Terehov
Text authors:Tarnoruder L.
Other authors:Dubrovin Yu., Krinicin B., Pushkova L., Rahomyagi S.


1. "In the Chusovaya." 2. "Where seals are born." 3. "The Ballad of amber." 4. "Land of Rostov."

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. Chusovoi.

Panoramas of the Ural Mountains taiga.

Chusovaya River, the rocky shore.

The sign on the conditional border of Europe and Asia.

Tourist camp in the woods.

A man sitting by the fire.

View from the house of the tent camp site.

Tourists are loaded boat.

Grotto in the rock.

View of the river from a cliff.

Natural scenery on the banks of the river.

Stone Forest cascade source.

The results of the weathering of rocks.

Mountain panorama.

People climb the mountain trail.

Top view of the river, the photographer takes pictures.

Mountain natural scenery.

2. Where seals are born.

The ice field off the coast of the White Sea (shot from a helicopter) on the ice floes are the seals.

The pilot at the controls.

Panorama Pomeranian village of Upper Zolotica.

The crew of the helicopter.

Wooden cross in front of the house.

People go down the street on a sled.

Residents of the Upper Zolotitsa meet the plane.

People talk in front of the house, there are a number sled.

Villagers take cargo from the aircraft.

Unfinished wooden house.

Wood stack of wood and upturned boat.

Dogs are playing in the snow.

Seal crawling through ice hummocks.

The head seal.

The female seal with cub (Belka).

Looking Belka.

Adult seals.

Man stroking a baby.

Man working in a tent.

Scientist putting Belka label and releases, seals crawl away to the side.

Belek on the snow.

Scientists have set the transmitter adult seals.

Belek looks to the operator.

Photographer takes a mother and her calf.

The female seal with a transmitter in the head, pup crawls around.

Mother crawling in pursuit of a calf.

Panorama of the village.

Panorama taiga.

Calendar: 1994 1995

Locations: Ural [920] Arkhangelsk region [768]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Winter [823]

Reel №2

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3. The Ballad of amber.

Crowns of pine trees.

Top view of the coast.

Waves lapping on the shore.

A woman with a dog on the coast.

A flock of ducks and seagulls at the shore.

Ocean view from the pier, the ship on the horizon.

The sandy slope of the Baltic coast.

Kenigsberg, view of the castle from the bridge.

Rossgarten gates.

Types Fort number 1 - Stein.

Tower "Der Dona" Rossgarten at the gate, Amber Museum.

Samples of amber.

Frozen in "a solar stone" insects.

Master polishes the stone on the machine.

Workshop processing of amber.

A woman treats stones and examines them under a magnifying glass.


Making the rim.

Jewelry with amber.

People in the museum.

Man considers the showcase.

Museum exhibits.

Photos of the Amber Room.

The surviving parts of the ornament.

Royal Castle of Konigsberg.

Weather vane on a tower.

A general view of the castle.

4. Earth Rostov.

Panoramas of the Kremlin in Rostov Veliky.

The walls and the domes of the churches in the Kremlin.

Painting of walls and ceilings in the churches.

Cathedral of the Assumption.


View of the Kremlin buildings.

Corner tower.

Church of the Savior on Seni.

View of the Kremlin and the pier at sunset.

The grass sways in the wind, the setting sun over the river.

Calendar: 1994 1995

Locations: Kaliningrad region [778] Rostov region [798]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

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