The main types of Russian folk dance. Section 4 th. (1980)

Documentary №48754, 4 parts, duration: 0:39:45
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:V. Tomberg
Camera operators:L. Nikeljberg
Other authors:Scenarij - Yu. Galjperin, A. Klimov. Zvuk - A. Kulakov


Picture all variety of Russian folk dance.

Reel №1

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(Part 1, 2, 3 - Professional and amateur ensembles Russian folk dance.

Round Dance and Dance.

Demonstration of various figures of the dance.

Features oblostnyh dance Lower Volga Urals.

Ustinovoj story, creator chorus dances Pyatnitskiy.

Russian landscape.

Part 4 - Dances and Dances filmed in costume on the nature and on the stage.

Parsing features in the performance of Russian dance.)

Key words

Higher Education.
Art groups.


T.A. Ustinova, osnovatelj i rukovoditelj tancevaljnoj gruppi hora im. Pyatnickogo.

Locations: The village of Arkhangelsk. The village of Uvary. Moscow [820]

Reel №2

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Residents of the village of Uvary weave nets and sing songs.

The harmonica player is playing.

A round dance around the harmonica player.

The round dance is in the form of a circle, but unlike the Siberian one, the hands of the dancers are connected, directed upwards and touch each other with their elbows.

The circle is closer and more dynamic.

Residents of the village of Success lead a round dance.

If there is a plot in the content of the song, then the participants of the round dance use gestures, movements and facial expressions to create images, characters.

Such dances are called game dances.

The plot of the round dance shown is the preparation of the son for the wedding, the mother gives the order how he should live.

The figures in such a round dance are simpler, the main thing here is the actions played out.

The modern Ural round dance Yelenka is performed by the folklore collective of the village of Lipovskoye, Sverdlovsk region.

Game round dance.

The guy wants to please the girl.

Folk dances.

Over time, the round dance circle began to disintegrate, filled with new movements, folk dance was born.

Dance is characterized by improvisation.

The dance being demonstrated is called by the number of participants - eight.

It is performed by residents of the village of Aramashka, Sverdlovsk region.

Panorama of the nature of the Urals.

The dance of the six.

A six-piece group dance with six figures and six participants.

All figures are performed to different melodies, and each is announced.

There is a tradition of a man thanking a woman for dancing, giving her a small gift or just kissing.

A woman on the catwalk rinses her underwear.

Key words

Folk dance.
Round dance.

Locations: Astrakhan region [769] Sverdlovsk region [803]

Reel №3

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Folk collective from the village of Sharya, Kostroma region.

The ensemble performs the dance of the five.

In this dance there is a presenter who, bypassing the participants, includes them in an active dance.

The Kostroma five is characterized by plasticity and smoothness of movements.

A circular dance with transitions is demonstrated, it is named after the dance pattern.

The presenter should circle with each of the participants and each should sing her own ditto.

Large portraits of the team members.

Dancing residents of the village of Zakharovo Chita region.

A bus with dancers is traveling along the road.

Young people from this village perform the originally Siberian dance of the podgorna.

The construction of the foothill is a circle, in the middle of which couples come out trying to dance each other.

Birch grove.

The Ural circular dance, performed by a team from the village of Lipovskoye.

In dancing, unlike the round dance, the circle moves in the other direction.

One can see the position and movement of the hands characteristic of Ural dances.

Couples draw eights with their transitions.

View of the Astrakhan Kremlin and the Volga.

Landing stage.

Dancers from the village of Zelenga near Astrakhan dance a quadrille.

Harmonica player.

The musical accompaniment of the quadrille has no pauses, but the dance consists of several figures.

The figure is a whisper.

The main course of the quadrille is running.

Execution of the quadrille in the form of separate figures with stops and announcements.

The performance of the quadrille by the residents of the village of Kamenny Lake, Sverdlovsk region.

In all figures, men hold their partners with their right hand for the right.

According to the construction of quadrilles, there are square, linear and circular.

Key words

Folk dances.

Locations: Kostroma region [782] Chita region. Astrakhan region [769] Sverdlovsk region [803]

Reel №4

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A square or angular quadrille is demonstrated.

With this arrangement, only four pairs can dance and transitions are performed diagonally.

Unlike Zelenginskaya, in this quadrille, each figure has its own accompaniment, built on the themes of Russian folk songs.

Harmonica player.

The Travinskaya quadrille got its name from the village of Travino near Astrakhan.

Four pairs also take part, but the transitions are carried out in straight lines.

Such quadrilles are called linear.

The harmonica player announces the figures.

The hands of the participants are folded at chest height and swing strongly.

There are a lot of dumps.

A quadrille of two couples.

Residents of the village of Aramashka are dancing.

They are popularly called quadrilles or small quadrilles.

Ducks are floating on the river.

An accordion is playing.

A street in the village of Karavannoye, Astrakhan region.

Girls and boys are walking towards each other, singing ditties.

The Karavanin quadrille is linear.

This formation makes it possible for more people to participate in the dance.

The Karavanin quadrille is characterized by squatting with throwing the leg to the side.

Folk dance lovers gather in Kostroma every two years.

The procession of ensembles in Kostroma.

Alternating frames with the participants of the holiday.

Students perform on the stage of the Concert Hall.


Key words

Folk dances.

Locations: Astrakhan region [769] Sverdlovsk region [803] Kostroma

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