Fatherland loyal soldier. (1980)

Documentary №48757, 5 parts, duration: 0:47:27
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:G. Chertov


The film is dedicated to the Russian commander Alexander Suvorov. (The film is about the most significant episodes in the life of the great Russian commander Alexander Suvorov. Viewers will learn about the childhood of Suvorov, the beginning of his military service and victorious battles in the Turkish War.)

Reel №1

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The picture on the battles involving Alexander Suvorov at the village Kuperodorf under Kinsburgom on Rymniksky field, Ismail, on the river Adda, on the Gotthard Pass in September and others.

Paintings and prints depicting Alexander Suvorov, Paul I, Napoleon, Kutuzov and other Russian and foreign statesmen and military leaders - contemporaries of Alexander Suvorov.

View from the house-museum of Alexander Suvorov in Konchanskoe (exterior and interior).

Aerial view of houses with signs suggestive of stay Suvorov during his Alpine campaign associated with battles Suvorov view Rimnic field monument to Alexander Suvorov on Rymniksky field.

View Ishmael.

View of the Swiss Alps, a town tavern, a mountain village in Switzerland, the "Devil's Bridge", a stone cross - monument in the Swiss Alps, set on the path of the Suvorov transition.

Animation - map of Switzerland.

Suvorov's army path through the mountains in Switzerland - Alpine hike Suvorov.

Weapon of the 18th century.

Marching soldiers in "Pavlovian uniforms", Turkish flags captured by Suvorov.

Footage of their film "Suvorov".

Texts of the Russian and Austrian decrees on awarding Suvorov.

Diorama assault Ishmael.

Column Suvorov Military School students held before the monument to Alexander Suvorov in the Campus Martius in

Leningrad. of


View Drifting, Peter and Paul Fortress.

Chronicle - Column troops extends besieged Leningrad.

Red Army recite the oath at the tomb of Alexander Suvorov.

Tank attack.

Posters with statements V.Suvorov from the book "The Science of Victory", the Order of the Great Patriotic War Alexander Suvorov first, second and third degree.

Zhukov oversees the military action.

Katyusha missiles charged with the inscription "In the Reichstag."

The battle of Berlin, planting Victory Banner over the Reichstag.

Signing of the German surrender.

Zhukov signed by Keitel.

Victory salute.

Winter landscape.

Key words

World War II.

Reel №2

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Reel №3

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Reel №4

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Reel №5

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