Film-travel almanac № 1 (1963)

Newsreel №48934, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:30
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:V. Shnejderov
Camera operators:R. Trishin, B. Mahov, U. Vilyasko, E. Fedyaev, Yu. Leongardt.
Other authors:Zvuk - V. Kutuzov. Muzika - V. Geviksman.


1. "Towers among the sands" - about the development of an oil field in the Kara-Kuma desert. 2. "Miklukho-Maklay" - the plot is dedicated to the Russian traveler N. N. Miklukho-Maklay, who lived for many years among the Papuans in New Guinea. 3. "Chinchi Islands" - about the Peruvian the Chincha Islands, home to millions of birds.on the islands, they collect the most valuable fertilizer-guano (bird droppings). 4. "Cable car" - about the suspended cable car in the Baksan gorge.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Oil field development in the Karakum Desert.

Tractor driven equipment, pipes, towers.

Oil derricks; Rocking works.

City Nebit Dag, houses, green spaces, buses on the streets (Turkmenistan).

The theme is the Russian traveler NNMikluho-Maclay, lived for many years among the Papuans of New Guinea.

Drawings, diary, research papers, writing (Prince Meshcherskomu) Maclay.

Exhibits Leningrad Museum of Ethnography brought NNMikluho-Maclay of New Guinea.

Modern Novogvineysaya village; Papuans in their huts.

Coast of New Guinea, named after the Maclay.

Peruvian Chincha Islands, serving millions of birds haven.

On the islands collect the most valuable fertilizer - guano (bird droppings).

Weight of birds in the air, on the ground.

Workers poured shoveling guano bags, loaded into the car.

Near the shore are the barge.

Winch loaded bags onto barges.


Baksan Gorge.

Cableway lifts skiers up.

Ski descent from the mountainside Tcheget.

Key words

Oil industry.
City transport.
Alpine Skiing.

Locations: Leningrad [848] Papua new Guinea [172]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

TITLE:Chincha Islands.

The boat sails to the shore.

Birds in the sky.

The seals are lying on top of a small rock.

Penguins descend from the cliff.

Boats approach the shore.

A man from a boat climbs a rope ladder.

Birds on the island.


Guano mining on the island.

Loading bags of guano on the car.

Unloading bags of guano.

TITLE: Cable car (Caucasus).

Mountains covered with snow.

Forest at the foot of the mountains.

Pine trees.

Houses of the ski complex.

Mountain river.

Skiers .

Tourists with skis on their shoulders return to the base.

Suspended cable car.

Skiers go down from the top.

Locations: Peru [174] Kabardino-Balkar Republic [743]



Seasons: Summer [824]

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