The Queen Elisabeth Of Belgium In The Soviet Union.. (1958)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Rybakova A.

Operators: Krichevskiy A., Zakharova G., Maksimov L., Yatsun E.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Ryss E.


About the visit of the Queen of Belgium Elizabeth to the Soviet Union.

Historical background

In Moscow from Brussels, 26 March 1958 at the invitation of the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR KE Voroshilov arrived as the guest of honor at the International Violin Competition and Piano. Tchaikovsky's Queen Elizabeth of Belgium.

Temporary description

Mr. Brussels. The streets of the city. Farewell to the Queen Elisabeth of Belgium in the USSR. Maintainers: Marshal Count de Meue D'Arshantey Countess Davignon, Secretary of De Queen Pigo Bopre, Arthur Waters, Director General of the International competitions musicians Queen Elizabeth Marsels Kyuvele, Paul Collard. Queen Elizabeth and the attendants on the plane. Mr. Moscow. Meeting the Queen and attendants at the Vnukovo airport. Atmosphere: V. Kozlov, A. Mikhailov. Queen Elizabeth and the accompanying person on reception at the Voroshilov, during the inspection of the cathedrals of the Kremlin, the Armory, the apartment of Lenin in the Kremlin, Moscow Metro, while visiting the Maternity Hospital № 12, Moscow confectionery factory "Red October "Lenin's Mausoleum. Queen Elizabeth and the accompanying person to see the house-museum of VI Lenin in Gorki Park in Gorki. Queen Elizabeth and the accompanying person in the bed of the Bolshoi Theater, in the bed of the Great Hall of the Conservatory. Scenes from the ballet Machavariani "Othello" performed Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Paliashvili. The building of the Moscow Conservatory Tchaikovsky. International Violin Competition and the Tchaikovsky Piano in the Great Hall of the Conservatory. Playing violinist Klimov, pianist V. Cliburn. Queen Elizabeth lays a wreath at the monument to Tchaikovsky. Reception at the Embassy of Belgium in honor of Queen Elizabeth. Among those present: Voroshilov, EA Furtseva, Mikoyan. Conversation Khrushchev and Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth visiting the ballet school of the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR. E. Maximova and I. Khmelnitsky performing Adagio from the ballet "Sleeping Beauty." Farewell to the Queen at the airport. Mr. Leningrad. Queen Elizabeth and the accompanying persons visiting the sights, visiting the Hermitage Museum, the Palace of Pioneers. Mr. Tashkent. Street. The Queen and the accompanying persons visiting monuments, squares, visiting Tashkent Textile Combine. Production processes at the plant. Dinner at S. F. Rashidov in honor of the Queen. Mr. Tbilisi. The streets of the city. Queen Elizabeth the Catholic church during the service. Queen Elizabeth during a visit to the home-museum of Stalin in Gori. Mr. Sochi. Streets and Resorts. Queen and attendants on the beach holidaymakers, visiting hospital in Matsesta. Mr. Stalingrad. The streets of the city. Queen lays a wreath at the mass grave.

Reel №1

The streets of Brussels.

Farewell to the Queen Elizabeth at the airport.

Soviet Ambassador to Belgium Avilov accompanying the Queen, she is the crew of an aircraft of the Soviet TU-104. Queen bids farewell to the mourners and climbs into the plane.

On the plane.

Queen Elizabeth, the accompanying Soviet Ambassador Avilov, Marshal Earl De Meus D Argenteuil, Countess Davilon, secretary of Queen Pigo de Beaupre, Artut Waters, Director General of International Competition of Musicians them.

Queen Elizabeth Marcel Kyuvele of musical culture, Paul Collard, etc.

Meeting the Queen at the Vnukovo airport.

Atmosphere - the Belgian Ambassador to the USSR Loridan Walter and his wife, Deputy.

Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR VI Kozlov, Minister of Culture of the USSR NA Mikhailov.

Guests on the machines are sent to the Moscow Kremlin, which will be the residence of the queen.

The visit of Queen Elizabeth the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR KE, Voroshilov.

The Minister of Health of the guest accompanies USSR Kovrigina MD

The Queen and the accompanying person in the bed of the Bolshoi Theatre.

A scene from the ballet Machavariani "Othello."

Othello - People's Artist of the USSR Chabukiani, Iago - People's Artist of the Georgian SSR Kikaleyshvili, Desdemona - People's Artist of the Georgian SSR Tsignadze. (Synchronous).

KE Voroshilov a return visit to the Queen Elizabeth.

There MP Georgadze.

Guests visiting the Kremlin (Assumption Cathedral, armory, an apartment of Lenin).

The Queen and the accompanying persons enter the mausoleum of Lenin, Stalin.

Reel №2

Park in the Hills.

Guests visiting the apartment VI, Lenin park, gazebo, where Lenin liked to relax.

The building of the Moscow Conservatory.

The Queen lays a wreath at the monument to PI Tchaikovsky.

Present in the Great Hall of the Conservatory.

Portrait of Tchaikovsky.

In the bed of the queen and the accompanying person.

Soviet violinist Valery Klimov quarter-Shostakovich Prelude (synchronously). cheering.

Queen Elizabeth speaks at intermission with Professor David Oistrakh.

LS. views and plans of Leningrad.

Guests get acquainted with the city, visiting the Hermitage.


Guests at the Leningrad Palace of Pioneers.

Pioneers give Queen toys.

Visitors and children dance.

Streets and squares of Tashkent.

Guests visiting the city.

Plans for the city.

Monument VI Lenin.

Reel №3

LS. view Matsesta.

The Queen and her court in the hospital.

Guests make a boat trip on the sea.

Icebreaker on the Volga.

Queen on the embankment of the Volga at Stalingrad.

Street of the city.

The plaque on the house Pavlov.

Los Heroes.

Queen of Belgium lays a wreath at the foot of the monument.

The square and the streets of Moscow.

Queen Elizabeth makes a trip around the track of the Moscow metro, visit Maternity Hospital № 12 Shcherbakovskaya Rayzdravotdela, talking there with young mothers, MS Geeks, AA Sorokina.

Visit the Queen Elizabeth and members of her entourage.

Tashkent tekstitlnogo plant.

Queen cotton-printing factory in the shop, talking to workers.

Sadi weaver Pulatova takes queen at home.

Dinner in honor of the Queen, this President of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic Rashidov.

Queen give gifts.

People's Artist of the Uzbek SSR dancing Galia Izmailov.

Queen presented with national musical instrument.

LS. view and the streets of Tbilisi.

Poster Belgian film.

Visit the Queen of worship in the Catholic Church - Easter Vigil.

Visit the Queen of the museum IV Stalin in Gori.

Children give the Queen flowers.

LS. street view and Sochi.

Guests in the park, on the beach, go up the cable car up the hill in the sanatorium.


Vacationers greet the queen.

Reel №4

Guests at the confectionery factory "Red Oktyar."

Running machine gun.

Guests visiting the factory production.

Reception at the Belgian Embassy in honor of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

At the reception there KE Voroshilov, AI Mikoyan, EA Furtseva, heads of diplomatic missions, embassy staff, Soviet and foreign journalists.

Visit the Queen of Choreography ulitsischa Bolshoi Theatre.

Katya Maximova and Isandr Khmelnitsky perform the Adagio from the third act of Tchaikovsky's ballet "Sleeping Beauty."

Visiting Queen International Competition.


Pianist (14/IV) meeting in the Kremlin, NS Khrushchev and the queen.

The Queen stands before a microphone newsreel (synchronously).

Farewell to the Queen.

Among the mourners NA Mikhailov, MP Georgadze E. Gillels, Shostakovich, MD Kovrigina.

Queen rises to the plane.