The XX Century.. (1958)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gurov S.

Script writers: Karavkin U.

Composers: Makarov E.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


On the significant global events of the XX century.

Historical background

In this film presents the film-documents that tell about the significant developments in many countries around the world on how to progress, which is the twentieth century.


Temporary description

The film is based on a documentary film, which tells about the development of science, technology and society in different countries in the 20th century. France, the Paris. A portrait of the engineer Eiffel. The Eiffel Tower. Paris demonstration modes. Moulin Rouge. World Exhibition in Paris in 1900. Demonstration of electricity, automobiles, airplanes, x-ray machine, the movie camera Louis Lumière. Russian pavilion. Aircraft Mozhaiskii, radios Popov. Trade associations, societies, which supply the royal court. Curies at work. Brazilian Alberto Santos-Dumont, rises into the air on his plane to circle the city Paris. Louis Bleriot flies a plane from France to England via the English Channel. Russia. PN Rybkin says (synchronously) on the first experience receiving state radio Popov. The portrait, the works of VI Lenin. Portrait, periodic table of Mendeleev. Artist Ilya Repin is on the beach. Physiologist Ivan Pavlov - Russia's first Nobel laureate. Russian breeder Michurin in the garden. Scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky rides a bicycle (city Kaluga). Tsiolkovsky rocket. Writer Leo Tolstoy goes out to Yasnaya Polyana (near Tula), gives alms to the poor, is on the station platform. Tupolev aircraft. Pilots VP Chkalov and MM Gromov, flew to the United States via the North Pole. Pilot Nesterov, perform the "loop the loop" ("loop the loop"). Arctic explorer Georgy Sedov on the ship "St. Foka." Moscow. Celebrating the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty (1913). City of St. Petersburg. Out of the Winter Palace, Red. Lenin on the podium. Volley cruiser "Aurora" (1917). The first plane TsAGI (Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute. Zhukovsky). Soviet scientists Chaplygin, AP Karpinsky, Ioffe, AN Bach, Pavlov, Vavilov, Cherenkov, Tamm , Frank, Kapitza, Kurchatov, A. Leipunsky, Skobel'tsyn, Flerov, Semenov, AN Nesmeyanov, D . Blokhintsev, Veksler, VA Ambartsumian. Celebrating the 220th anniversary of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1945). Industrial plants, power plants, tractors in the field, planes in the air, launching rockets. Dubna. Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Nuclear reactor, synchrocyclotron, synchrotron. Exhibits of the Soviet pavilion at the World Exhibition in Brussels (1958): an electronic machine, machine tools, automobiles, artificial earth satellite. USA. Statue of Liberty. Skyscrapers, the New York. Road transport. Oil rigs. Wright brothers' airplane (1903) up in the air. The landing of U.S. troops to Mexico. Physicist Albert Einstein. The economic crisis in the United States in 1929-1933. Poured the milk, the owners are destroying their businesses. President Theodore Roosevelt, a car pulls up to the White House. Germany. Military parade. German Emperor Wilhelm II on the hunt. The inventor of the machine gun H. S. Maxim. Krupp cannon. F. Graf Zeppelin. Newsreel of the first world war. The revolution of 1919 in Germany. Undergo a run with banners. Detachments of the Nazis. Chronicle of the second world war. The signing of the Munich Agreement. Says O. Chamberlain. The Germans are in the city of Paris, the Champs-Elysees. Chronicle of the Great Patriotic War: The Hermitage ruined, ruined GG Pulkovo, Leningrad. England. Parliament House. India - a British colony. King of England in India. Elephants dressed in honor of King George V. British colonialists in Egypt. The general strike of workers in England in 1926. Are striking dockers, miners.

Reel №1

Newsreel end of XIX century:

Drove a locomotive, one of the first ships, trams, twin bike, the first car.

Man tries to fly on the wings.

In the air, flying one of the first aircraft.

London, the White House in Washington, the Reichstag building in Berlin, Paris - general, secondary plans (night).

View of the Eiffel Tower in Paris - medium, large plans.

Arrivals of foreign visitors to St.


Panorama: sphinx on the Neva - the general plan.

From the palace of the royal family goes.

Peter and Paul Fortress - the general plan (summer).

The walls of the prison in the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Shushenskoye, where he was exiled VI Lenin - the average, the overall plan.

The house in which he lived, VI Lenin was in exile.

Portraits VI Lenin 1899-1900 gg. - Close-up.

Book VI Lenin, "The Development of Capitalism in Russia" edition Vodovozova - close-up.

Steelworkers working on the old steel plant, working blacksmith, machinist, a miner with a pick.

Book VI Lenin's "What to do" edition of 1905, "Materialism and Empiric" 1909.

Copy of the newspaper "Iskra".

London - the general plan (shot from the top point).

Crews on the street of the city - the overall plan.

Swing bridge on the Thames - the average plan.

Barges on the river.

Steel plant in England.

English warship.

The building of the British Parliament - the general plan.

Go slaves in the British colonies - in India.

Great Wall of China - panorama of the plan.

Primitive irrigation system in China, based on cheap labor rights.

American landing craft into the sea - the overall plan.

Rickshaws on the streets of the Chinese city of Beijing, the streets are paratroopers arrived to suppress the Boxer Rebellion.

Photo: Japanese beheading Chinese.

Statue of Liberty in America - the middle distance.

Restoration work - close-up.

New York skyscrapers.


Edison at work on the creation of the phonograph.

The ladies sit on automotive crew - the car.

Car race in America.

Niagara Falls - the overall plan.

Military parade in Germany.

Training of military personnel (parade?) In Germany.

William deer hunting.

Maxim has his gun.

Large - the average plan.

Production of heavy guns on the Krupp factory.

Count Tsepellin - the average plan.

Airship "Tsepellin" up in the air.

Reel №2

Newsreel end of XIX century:

Streets of Paris - a common, average plans.

The Paris Market (Belly of Paris).

Pass fashionable Parisian.

Parisians in the salons.

Parisians enjoying themselves.

French artist Renoir at work on the canvas.

Renoir - close-up.

Panorama Eiffel Tower - a common, medium, large plans.

Engineer Eiffel - the average plan.

World Exhibition in Paris in honor of the onset of the twentieth century - the average plan, the general plan (shot from the top point).

Electrical advertising on the show.

At the exhibition car, balloons, x-rays, just created cinematography, the frames of the first movie.

Parisian cafe.

Russian pavilion at the Paris Exhibition - the average plan.

Aircraft in a test flight Mozhaiskogo.

List of exhibitors, among them - the inventor of radio Popov.

The first radio set Popova - large, medium plans.

Portrait of Alexander Popov, who was awarded the Gold Medal in Paris - close-up.

Gold medal Popov - close-up.

Italian Marconi, who took England to a patent for wireless telegraphy.

Monument in Kronstadt.

City of Kronstadt - the general plan.

Panorama from the coast to the snow-covered ice-bound ships in the Baltic Sea.

Close aide Popov PN Rybkin talks about the invention of the radio by Popov (synchronously).

The first radio transmitter.

Portrait of Mendeleev - close-up.

Table of the elements, made by Mendeleev.

Tsarist prison - Schlisselburg fortress.

Former Volya, revolutionary Morozov, had spent in Schlisselburg fortress 24 years, describes a meeting with Karl Marx (synchronously).

Petersburg - the overall plan.

The building of St.

Petersburg University - the general plan.

Corridor University - the average plan.

Religious procession in a city in Imperial Russia - the general plan.

Repin's painting "Procession" - medium, large plans.

Newsreel end of XIX century:

IE Repin with friends for a walk.

Telegraph line in a snowy field - the general plan.

Street of the old village - the average plan (winter).

Outskirts Ryazan - the overall plan.

Portrait of IP Pavlova - close-up.

Proceedings of IP Pavlova in the old edition.

Medal - the Nobel Prize IP Pavlova.

City Kozlov - the general plan (summer).

IV Michurin for a walk in your garden, try a hybrid fruit.

Reel №3

Coat of arms of the city of Kaluga - close-up.

The house of a noble family in Kaluga - the average plan.

House KE Tsiolkovsky.


KE Tsiolkovsky, his work on rocket engine in his studio.

Room house museum in Kaluga Tsiolkovsky - total, average plans (summer).

Newsreel beginning of XX century:

LN Tolstoy.

Pre-revolutionary group of poor workers.

AM Bitter in the office at work.

Photo: Workers drink wine at a wine shop breech.

Newsreel of the late XIX - early XX centuries.:

Slums in Paris.

The life of the poor in the slums.

Breadline at dinner.

French parliament deputies examined poor neighborhoods of Paris.

Accidents to workers in capitalist enterprises: the accident at the plant, a fire in the mine.

The funeral of the poor in Paris.

The workers of Paris angrily protesting against injustice.

The head of the workers' movement in France Marcel Cachin outside Paris.

Workers' demonstration in Paris - the overall plan.

Panorama of Paris quarter - the average plan.

French scientists Pierre and Marie Curie in the lab at work on radioactive bodies.

Camille Flammarion is observing celestial objects with a telescope.

The streets of Paris at night.

The upper part of the Eiffel Tower - the average plan.

Man tries to jump from the Eiffel Tower on the wings of his invention.

View of Paris after the Eiffel Tower design.

Man jumps and crashes.

A man jumps from a low level in the wings a different design (falls).

Man tries to take off on a bike with wings.

As the air rises and falls glider, reaching low altitude.

Brazilian Alberto Sanitos Dumont in 1901 in Paris, makes a circle on his motor balloon.

The Wright Brothers (USA) in 1903, the first to establish a glider internal combustion engine, show flight performance of the invention.

In France, Louis Bleriot flies across the English Channel length of 32 km.

British welcome Louis Bleriot for a successful flight.

Newsreel of the 30's:

VP Chkalov and Belyakov Bajdukov before flying over the North Pole in the U.S..

AN aircraft Tupolev accompanies pilots in flight

Americans enthusiastically welcomed the Soviet pilots VP Chkalov and Belyakov Baydukova, flew the Soviet Union - United States through the pole.

Americans welcome the Soviet pilots Gromov and his comrades.

Russian pilot Pyotr Nesterov first performs a loop on the plane - loop the loop.

Pilot Pyotr Nesterov - the average plan.

Newsreel beginning of XX century.:

Georgy Sedov goes deep into the Arctic aboard the "Holy Fock."

Ship "St.

Foka" berth - the average plan.

G. Sedov ship in the Arctic ice, the expedition moved from ship to dog sleds.

Wooden cross on the spot death of G. Sedov in the Arctic (winter).

Double-headed eagle coat of arms on the facade of buildings in Moscow - close-up.

Conca on a Moscow street.

Dirty suburbs, the organ grinder with a parrot, sturgeon market (Palm Bazaar).

Long queue to a pawnshop, Marsh market near the Kremlin.

Reel №4

Newsreel beginning of XX century.:

The celebration of the tercentenary of the Romanovs.

Imperial army stands guard in the Kremlin - the average plan (winter).

The farmer plows plow the land.

On a table strewn British coins.

Coins with the image of the King of England - close-up.

India celebrates the arrival of the new king to the throne.

Indian farmers threshing rice sticks.

Porters carry baskets on their heads, the coal to the British colonialists.

Camel caravan in the sandy desert of Africa.

Colonizers baptized natives in their faith.

Colonial overseer beats Egyptian slave.

American troops are planted in the Mexican port.

Mexican Americans are leaving the ground.

General Pershang - close-up.

A young man rises to the coconut palm, men treated with coconuts.

Hostilities German imperialists using combat aircraft, warships and submarines.

The first aircraft carrier at sea.

The first days of the Great October Socialist Revolution, VI Lenin.

Revolution in Germany.

Moscow in the days following the October Revolution.

Formed working groups to deal with the invaders.

Destroyed by rail, the remaining Soviet state of royal power.

Enterprises of heavy industry in the early years of Soviet power.

Newsreel 1957:

Takeoff rocket - the average plan.

Poor peasant houses.

Windmill in the village.

Workers restoring the economy.

The first Soviet aircraft at the airport - general view, close-up.

Group of builders plane with a banner "Our greetings drivers firstborn of the USSR from its builders TsAGI" at the airport, among them A. Chaplygin.

Gorky on the Volga - the overall plan.

The first Soviet Radio Laboratory in Gorky.

Engineer (academician) of Bonch-developed the first vacuum tube.


Radio Tower - the average plan.

Radioreproduktory on street poles.

Electric clock (in the background - Paul Fortress) - close-up.

Factory workshop "Russian diesel."

Academician Karpinsky in the shop of the plant.

President of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR AP Karpinski address the workers of the plant "Russian diesel engine."

Reel №5

The school building Soviet biochemist based AN Bach.

AN Bach at work - close-up.

The facade of the building of the State Physical-Technical Institute of X - close-up.

Newsreel of the 30's:

Akademik Ioffe for work in the laboratory.

The greatest physicist of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein in his office.

The building of the Institute of Experimental Genetics of higher nervous activity in Koltushi - panorama, the overall plan.

Newsreel of the 30's:

IP Pavlov is going to work in the lab.

Of experimental monkey in a cage - the average plan.

IP Pavlov Institute talks to HG Wells in his second visit to the Soviet Union.

An iconic movement of trams in Theatre Square.

Soviet citizens adults learn to read in school.

The woman wrote on the blackboard "Every cook has to learn to run the state."

The first Soviet miner innovator Nikita Izotov recite the board.

Older men in the classroom.

Evenki, Nanai, adults and children are in school.

Newsreel of the early twentieth century:

Street prerevolutionary Central Asian city, women in chadors.

The building of Tashkent University, established in the early years of Soviet power.

Russian scientists at the university.

A plaque with the text of the decree on the establishment of the University in Tashkent, signed V. Lenin and Bonch-Bruevich.

Rabindranath Tagore at a party at the Tashkent University.

Noisy traffic of vehicles and pedestrians on the streets of Berlin.

Berlin at night.

Rich windows.

Newsreel of the early twentieth century:

Horse-drawn carriages and cars in Paris.

Parisians walk on horseback in the Bois de Boulogne.

The general strike in England in May 1926.

View of the Statue of Liberty in New York.

Skyscrapers, bridges, mines, factories, at the hands of American workers.

Workers at the factory belts.

Unemployed on the streets of American cities.

Serves the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky.

"Hungry Campaign" American unemployed.

The police at the house the unemployed.

Eviction from an apartment unemployed.

Unemployed desperately rushes from the 40th floor of a skyscraper.

Grain mountains and hungry kids in America.

Women demand bread and milk for children.

Traders poured milk on the pavement.

Reel №6

Newsreel of the 20's - 30's:

Industrial companies, owners deliberately destroyed during the crisis.

The farmer plows the land with plows on horseback.

Harvester tractor pulling a horse instead (the depression).

American and other foreign ships in the Soviet port.

With foreign ship unloaded tractors purchased by the Soviet Union.

Is part of the tractors - the general plan.

Tractor driver Pasha Angelina at the wheel - close-up.

Arrival of tractors in the village.

Writer Mikhail Sholokhov at work - medium, large plans.

The presidium of the government meeting, NS Khrushchev, AI Mikoyan, GK Ordzhonikidze, AA Andreev.

IV Stalin stands in the hall of the Supreme Council.

KE Tsiolkovsky - large, medium plans.

Layout: blast-off.

Academician SI Vavilov at work in the lab and in the office.

PA Cuttings, IE Tamm, IM Frank, who were awarded the Nobel Prize, in the laboratory.

PA Kapitza produces experience with liquid air.

Glass with liquid air - close-up.

The test of the first Soviet cyclotron at the Leningrad plant "Electric power".

Scientists at work with the instruments of nuclear physics.

IV Kurchatov - close-up.

AI Leipunsky - the average plan.

DV Skobeltsin among other scientists.

AI Leipunsky, IV Kurchatov, DV Skobeltsin at the instruments.

Scientists Petrazhan Flerov and in the laboratory.

Stratospheric balloon launch - a common, medium, large plans.

Pompeii excavations - the general plan (shot from the top point).

Breakneck racing with accidents in America.

The death of the German airship over New York.

New U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt recognized the Soviet Union, officially enters the White House.

In the streets of Italian cities are Blackshirts, Mussolini welcomes them.

Hitler welcomes groups of fascists.

Scientist Albert Einstein, who left Germany during the Nazi regime.

Italian scientist Enrico Fermi Laboratory.

The author of "The Blue Bird" Maeterlinck - close-up.

Thomas Mann - close-up.

Henri Barbusse arrived in Moscow, speaking in the House of Unions.

Romain Rolland at AM Gorky.

The signing of the Munich Agreement.

Chamberlain makes a statement to the British, after returning from Munich.

Newsreel 1939-1945.:

Crumbling buildings, poor population.

German Nazis in Paris.

French scientist Joliot-Curie, the instruments in his laboratory.

Lonzheven scientist in his laboratory.

German fascists captured Soviet lands.

The bombardment of Leningrad fascist aviation.

Besieged city at night.

Fired anti-aircraft guns.

Dmitri Shostakovich was at work on the Seventh Symphony "Leningrad.1941 city."

Nazis destroyed sculptures, buildings Pulkovo Observatory, Museum of Tchaikovsky in Klin, temples.

Killed a woman and a child.

Shoot "Katyusha".

In the attack on the Nazis, Soviet soldiers are different types of troops.

Reel №7

Panorama: The Moscow Kremlin - the general plan (shot from under the bridge).

The building of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR - hitting.

Sign: "The Academy of Sciences of the USSR" - close-up.

Soviet scientists, members of the Great Patriotic War - the guests at the celebration of 220th anniversary of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Spouses Joliot-Curie at the celebration at the Academy.

Czech Zdenek Nejedly, Englishman Hinshelwood and others at the festival.

Hinshelwood and N. Semenov, a walk and in the laboratory.

American atomic bomb.

Americans watch the testing of nuclear bombs.

Men looking for pearls in the water.

Shark swims.

Soviet astronomer studies the North chromospheric flares on the sun.

Astrophysicist VI Ambartsumian in the office at work.

Astrophysicist Markarian office.

Picture of the process of a young star.

Soviet scientists in Antarctica.

Moscow - the general plan (shot from the top point, summer).

MSU on Lenin Hills - the overall plan.

The building of the nuclear power plant in Dubna.

Atomic reactor.

Patient care cobalt gun.

Launch of the atomic icebreaker "Lenin" on the water.

The building of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR - the average plan.

Academician IV Kurchatov among scientists - the average plan.

Nuclear power plants "Ogre" and "Alpha" - a common, average plans.

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna - an outline (removed from vrehney point), the average plan.

Meeting of scientists at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

Academician DI acts Blokhintsev.

Scientists from different countries, working with Soviet scientists at the meeting.

Synchrocyclotron - total, average plans.

Synchrocyclotron descendant - the first Soviet cyclotron, built in the 30's. at the Leningrad plant "Electric power".

Panorama: synchrotron in Nuclear Institute - an outline.

The head of the nuclear center at Harwell Kokfort Englishman visiting academician Wexler in nuclear institute.

The assembly of a nuclear reactor in China.

Nuclear reactor and cyclotron in China.

Professor Tran Van Tan-led work on the nuclear power plant in China.

NS Khrushchev officially welcome the Chinese during his visit to China.

International Exhibition in Brussels in 1958 (removed from the aircraft).

Soviet pavilion in Brussels

Exhibits in the Soviet pavilion.

Footage describing achievements of the Soviet Union in the field of industry, mechanization of agriculture, and science.

Moscow - an outline (removed from the aircraft).