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About the lfe and work of K. Marx in connection with his 140th Anniversary.

Public figures | Biography

Reel №1

Portrait of Karl Marx.

Flowering trees on the riverbank.

Types of Trier early 19th century (engraving).

Photo of the house where Marx was born.

Photo Building gymnasium, where he studied Marx.

The text of the outlet works of Marx.

Types of Trier and Bonn (engravings).

Photo Building University of Bonn.

Drawings with views of Berlin, and the building of the Berlin University.

Portrait of Hegel.

Book Hegel.

Sheets thesis Marx.

Diploma of Doctor of Philosophy, Marx handed.

Engravings and photographs of species of Cologne.

Sheets "Rheinische Zeitung" articles Marx.

Engravings depicting views of Paris.

Photo of the house in the Faubourg Saint-Germain, where he lived Marx.

Portrait of Jenny von Westphalen, Marx's wife.

Pages "of the German-French Yearbook" Articles of Marx and Engels

An engraving depicting Marx and Engels.

Pages books of Marx and Engels' The Holy Family. "

Pages of the book "Utopia" with a portrait of the author Thomas Moore.

T. Campanella book "City of the Sun".

Portrait Campanella.

Portraits utopian socialists Saint-Simon A. Sh Fourier, Owen R. Marx portrait in profile.

Engravings depicting the work of the workers in the factories of Europe in the 19th century.

Non published in Paris the German newspaper "Vorwärts", where he worked Marx.

The Prussian police documents about the need to arrest Marx.

Portrait of the King of Prussia Friedrich Wilhelm.

Caricature portrait of the head of the French government Gizo.

Drawings with views of Brussels.

Photo House in Brussels, where Marx lived.

Notebook with sketches Marx to "Theses on Feuerbach".

Prints and photographs with views of Brussels.

Sheets manuscripts of Marx and Engels.

Prints and drawings reflecting the revolutionary events of 1848 in France.

Pages "Communist Manifesto."

Publications "Communist Manifesto" in different languages.

Prints and drawings reflecting the revolutionary events of 1848 in France, other European countries.

Texts notes Marx's wife about her husband's arrest in 1848.

Figure showing Marx under police escort.

Engraving with a view of Cologne.

Rooms "Neue Rheinische Zeitung".

Engraving depicting the building in Cologne, the seat of "Workers' Union", led by Marx.

Prints and Drawings barricade fighting in Paris in June 1948.

Sheets police affairs tracing Engels.

Last room "Neue Rheinische Zeitung".

Key words


History; Political figures

Reel №2

Engraving of a mountain trail in the Swiss Alps.

Text of the letter to his wife Marx Engels.

An engraving depicting felling "trees of liberty" in Paris.

Photos views of London.

Photo of house in London, where he lived Marx.

Drawing factory in Manchester.

Texts of the works of Marx in the "Economic Review".

An engraving depicting the proclamation of Louis Bonaparte, Emperor of France.

Marx's work "18 Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte."

An engraving depicting one of the moments "Cologne process".

Marx's pamphlet "Cologne process".

Engraving depicting the building and the reading rooms of the British Museum.

Pages of English and American newspapers in which Marx published his article.

Prints and drawings that reflect the national liberation struggle in the 19th century in India, China, the peasant movement in Russia, the struggle for the liberation of blacks in America.

Figure rally in London for the abolition of slavery.

Portrait of Marx.

The title page of the founding manifesto "of the 1st International."

Drawings and prints that reflect the activities of Marx and Engels.

Text "instructions for members of the Provisional Council of the International," written by Marx.

Photos of the congress participants of the 1st International, held in Geneva.

Engravings and drawings depicting the strike movement in Europe.

Photo of house in London, which hosted the meeting of the General Council of the International.

World map indicating the sections of the 1st International.

Photo of the type quarter of Geneva.

The publication of the Russian section of the 1st International.

The text of the correspondence between Marx and the Russian section in Russian. "Russian Notebook" Marx.

Russian scientists work on the situation of the working class in Russia with notes Marx.

Book Saltykov-Shchedrin ME "Gentlemen of Tashkent" to Marx's notes in the margin.

Military statistical compilation of Russia, belonged to Marx.

List of books compiled by Marx.

Portrait of Marx.

The title page of the first edition of "Capital".

Editions of "Capital" in Russian and French.

Portrait of Marx.

Pictures of Marx and his family.

Photos of Marx daughters: Jenny, Laura, Eleanor.

The text of the questionnaire, compiled daughters of Marx and his answers to questions.

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Reel №3

The explosion of an artillery shell (re-enactment).

Engravings and drawings depicting the battle of the Franco-Prussian War.

The text of the proclamation of the 1st International, written by Marx.

Engraving depicting the defeat of the French army at Sedan.

Drawings and engravings depicting the events of the Paris Commune of 1871.

Photo fighters of the Paris Commune.

Cartoon on the head of the French government Thiers A. engravings and paintings depicting the last battles of the Paris Commune.

Photos shot by defenders of the Paris Commune.

Monument Communards shot at the Pere Lachaise cemetery.

Types of Ulyanovsk.

View from the house-museum of Lenin in Ulyanovsk.

The work of Marx's "The Civil War in France".

The title page of the brochure Marx's "Critique of the Gotha Program."

The manuscript of "Circular" of Marx and Engels.

Portraits of Marx and Engels.

Portraits of August Bebel and Wilhelm Liebknecht.

Portrait of Paul Lafargue and Jules Guesde.

Portrait of an American propagandist of Marxism Fridriga Sorge.

Portraits of the founders of the "Emancipation of Labour" GV Plekhanov and VI Zasulich

Editions of Marx's works of the late 19th century in different languages.

Types of houses in London where Marx spent the last years of his life.

Figure showing Marx at his desk.

Page of the manuscript of Marx.

View clocks.

The chair in which Marx died.

Photos on the grave of Marx Highgate Cemetery in London.

Tombstone on the grave of Marx.

Newsreel 1918: VI Lenin delivers a speech during the opening of the monument to Marx and Engels on the Resurrection (Theatre) Square in Moscow on November 7, 1918.

General view of the Kremlin (the top).

Newsreel, 1957: a general view of Red Square during a demonstration on November 7, 1957 (top).

The demonstrators carried portraits of Marx and Lenin.

General view of the demonstration (above).

View a demonstration moving along Gorky Street (above).

The demonstration takes place on the streets of Moscow.

May Day demonstration in East Berlin.

The demonstrators carried banners with slogans and portraits of Marx and Engels.

People walk past the portraits of Marx, Engels and Lenin.

General view of the water from the May Day demonstration of European cities.

General view of the demonstration on Red Square in Moscow (above).


Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich - statesman and political figure [841]


07/11/1918 1957


Moscow Berlin


Autumn [826] Spring [825]

History; Political figures; Demonstrations