With a Camera Along the Taiga And Tundra.. (1958)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Eshurin V.

Script writers: Eshurin V., Maryamov A.

Operators: Korovkin U.

Composers: Peyko N.

Anouncers: Zadachin A.


Species kinoocherk travelogue newsreel cameramen on the Siberian taiga and tundra.

Historical background

Operators filmed in Yakutia, Chukotka, have shown how to live and work residents Aldana, Uulmana, settlers taiga sites.

Russian cities and regions

Geography and Nature | Towns and countries

Reel №1

General view of the village at Cape Chelyuskin.

Barrels of fuel buried in snow.

The moves tracked tractor.

Icebreaker goes through the ice.

Hydrologists up map of ice motion.

People sit in the plane.

Dog on the ice.

Plane takes off.

The pilots in the cockpit.

The face of the second pilot.

Icebreakers go through the ice.

crew radio operator sends a telegram.

The ice under the wing of the aircraft.

The radio operator sends a telegram.

Radar mast icebreaker.

The ship goes through the broken ice.

The wireless operator in the radio room.

Navigator paves course.

The ship, coming from Murmansk to Vladivostok.

The captain on the bridge looking through binoculars.

Lapping ocean waves.

View the top deck of the ship.

Ships in the port of Tiksi.

Delivery of goods to the ships in the port of Tiksi.

Loading of one of the ships.

The boat goes through waves.

View of the Bay of Providence in Chukotka.

Panorama of the port facilities in Providence Bay.

Ships in the port.

People meet on the dock ocean liner.

Persons who meet and see off.

People waving goodbye passengers vessel.

View of the passenger vessel.

Ships in the port.

Passenger ship goes to sea.

Map of mineral resources in the eastern part of the USSR - coal, iron ore, gold, diamonds, oil and gas.

Mountain landscape in Siberia.

Crawler tractor overcome water obstacles.

There is a party of geologists.

It moves a herd of deer.

Oilfield exploration.

People are floating on a boat.

Flies aircraft.

He flies a helicopter.

The cameraman is shooting from the helicopter.

Face helicopter pilot.

Mountain scenery under the wing of the aircraft.

Kinogruppa on the banks of the Lena.

Coastal scenery.

Participants kinogruppy to halt the fire.

Route Map kinogruppy from Tiksi to Irkutsk.

Flying the aircraft.

Mountain scenery under the wing of the aircraft.

Members kinogruppy go through the taiga.

View geological party camp.

The face conductor geologists Maksimov PV Woman geologist talks to Maximov.

Coastal scenery.

Construction of new homes in the Chukchi village.

Carpenters at work.

People suffer from yaranga things in a new home.

Woman with young children standing on the shore.

People will wear things in a new home.

People dismantle old yaranga.

The woman's face-geologist, talking with Maximov.

Face Maximov.

Children from Yakut village are going to school, loaded things and books on deer.

There is a caravan loaded with deer.

Caravan is coming to an aircraft.

Yakut students peel with deer and board the plane.

Students are sitting on the plane.

The plane takes off and runs up.

Parents at the airport waving goodbye with his hands.

The plane climbs.

Passenger ship berthed in the port of Tiksi.

Assistant captain in the cockpit and steering at the helm.

Lunch in the dining room of the steamer.

Children dine.

Floating ship.


General view of the village Kusyur.

Children go to school.

Children in the locker room.

Students wear uniforms student cap.

Solemn line, devoted to the beginning of the new school year.

Secretary of the Communist Party speaks to the disciples.

Boys on the line listening to the Secretary of the District Committee.

Those members of the district committee office.

Schoolgirl rings the bell.

Students sit at their desks.

The class teacher Barmina TT congratulates children with beginning of new academic year.

Lesson in the classroom.

the student's face.

Students at a school desk.

The face conductor geologists Maximov.

View monument GK Ordzhonikidze, who served before the Revolution link in Yakutia.

Those children and adults who are considering a monument.


Kravchenko Revmira A. - geologist

Movie; Sea and river transport; Air transport; Education; Life and leisure

Reel №2

Lake Baikal landscapes.

Head Baikal port Rila AI Persons port authority employees.

Rila on board the boat, talking with members of the film group.

Coastal landscape.

The face of Rila, the interviewee.

View of the lake Baikal (on top).

Coastal landscape.

Types of beds of rivers flowing into the lake.

Types of river sections.

Siberian landscapes.

The ship "Komsomolets" floats on Lake Baikal.

A sailor from the mast down.

Captain on the bridge of the ship.

The boat sails on Lake Baikal.

People on the deck of the ship.

Those children, who sail on the boat.

View of one of the islands on Lake Baikal.

Those passengers.

People stand at the side of the ship.

The boat with the crew sailing on Lake Baikal in Lovetskiy Stan.

Coastal landscape.

Face the captain of a fishing trawler.

A flotilla of fishing collective farm during harvesting.

The boat tows a boat with people.

Those women.

Rocks on the shore of the lake.

The fishermen throw nets.

Standing fishing nets.

Fisherman in boat at sunset.

The fishermen pulled the network with the morning catch of Baikal omul.

Fish in networks.

People fried fish on the fire.

Members of the film group in the boat waving goodbye to fishermen.

Fishermen on shore waving back.

Type of board boats.

The wave behind the boat.

Coastal landscapes of Lake Baikal.

Little House on the shore of Lake Baikal.

Trees with bare roots.

A small boy runs under the roots of a tree.

The woman on the shore of repairing the network.

the girl's face.

Boy sitting on the sand.

The boy let the water homemade boat.

Rocks on the shores of Lake Baikal.

The owner of the house Belozertsev GV He leaves home and goes to work.

Belozertsev goes through the woods.

Belozertsev up the wooden stairs to the lighthouse.

Belozertsev check beacon operation.

View the lake from a boat.

Lights lighthouse on a cliff.

Coastal landscapes of Lake Baikal.

Kinogruppa goes through the taiga.

Bear sits on a tree.

Cameraman and geologists are on the taiga.

Taiga landscape.

Members kinogruppy talking to geologists.

Members of the film group and geological party moving through the taiga.

Reindeer campfire.

Those women and children.

Deer resting after the transition.

One of the geologists doing records in a notebook.

Geologists are on the study area.

Geologists go through the taiga.

Panorama of the taiga (above).

Bear in the meadow.

Geologists go through the taiga.

Sable on a tree.

Head sable.

Geologists mark out the land.

The bear stands on its hind legs from a tree.

Geologists explore the area with a metal detector.

Geologist R. Kravchenko examines the rock sample found.

Kravchenko was found shows a sample of their colleagues.

Face Kravchenko.

Taiga landscapes.

Returning from the search geologists come into the tent.

A girl washes clothes on the banks of the creek.

Geologist change one's shoes, sitting in the tent, the water pours out of the boot.

Drying footcloths to stretch tent.

Evening scenery.

He lit the fire in the camp of geologists.

Geologists are sitting around the campfire.

Burning fire.

Those geologists.

The dying fire.

Taiga landscapes.

Geologists, surveyors go through the taiga.

The fleeing deer.

Geologists go through the swamp.

Head of the geological party Pukharev AI in search of specimens of minerals.

Face Puhareva.

Pukharev at the table in the house on the basis of working on a master's thesis.

Colleagues coming to Puharevu and show him the map.

Pukharev discusses card with geologists.


Kravchenko Revmira A. - geologist

Scientific expeditions

Reel №3

Samples of minerals on laboratory shelves.

General view of the laboratory.

Employees of the laboratory carried out a chemical analysis of samples of minerals.

General view of taiga settlement.

Through the village passes a team of drillers on motorcycles.

General view of the site of the future drilling.

Motorcycle in the derrick.

General view of the tower.

Driller at work.

Face Drilling.

Drillers extract ore samples.

Samples of the ore in the hands of the driller.

Coal mining pit method.

General view of phlogopite deposit.

Blasting operations in the field.

Samples phlogopite.

Mining phlogopite, general view of the development (top).

Excavator in the cockpit.

Loading phlogopite in a body dump.

Mica mining.

Loading mica truck.

Removal of mica mined.

Taiga under the wing of the aircraft.

Flying the aircraft.

Taiga under the wing of the aircraft.

General view of Aldan (top).

Deer and buses Aldana street.

People play dominoes.

People on the streets of Aldan.

The street passing cars and buses.

People at the bus stop.

People sit in the bus, departing at the mines.

Passing buses.

The road outside the bus.

On the way the taxi rides.

View of the mine.

Prospectors washed rock.

Those women miners.

Miner with a dog sitting by the fire.

Gold mining dredge.

Machinist dredge at work.

Gold reclaimed shift dredge, lies next to the gold produced by miners.

General view of the developed gold mines (above).

Flies aircraft.

Forest and mountain landscapes under the wing of the aircraft.

Types Indigirka River.

People go through the taiga on horseback, tractor pulls a trailer.

People are riding.

Tractor pulling a trailer on runners.

Tractor skidding in the mud.

People are riding.

Coniferous trees.

General view of the timber industry.

Workers at the sawmill raspilochnoy machine.

Workers piled in stacks of sawn boards.

Work A. Spirin gives interviews crew.

Street View of Gorky in Moscow.


Basil's Cathedral on Red Square.

Spirin talks to a member of the crew.

Construction of new wooden houses in the town of Taiga miners.

Construction of houses on the river bank.

People are populated in new wooden houses.

View taiga trees.

People on the streets of Magadan winter.

Types of Magadan.

People skate on the rink.

Street in Magadan.

Welder on building power plants.

Crane in the tower crane cab.

View of the port in the evening.

People walk along the river on the edge of the forest.

Fishermen are fishing rods.

House in a forest glade.

Horses grazing in the meadow.

Trees in the forest.

Bird on a branch.

Flowers in a forest glade.

Trees in the forest.

View of the taiga river.

Forest landscape.

Geological Party sent to mineral exploration.

Caravan of deer moving across the tundra.

Coastal landscape during sunrise.

The sea at sunrise.

Scientific expeditions