900 unforgettable days.. (1964)

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Producer LSDF

Director: V.Solovcov

Script writers: E.Taluntis

Composers: S.Tombak, R.Kotlyarevskij

Recordist: E.Beljskij


The film materials of the chronicle of the defense of Leningrad, which was shot in 1941-1944 operators Leningrad newsreel Studio, and Gosfilmofond. The picture tells in detail about all stages of the defense of the city, from the beginning of the war.

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Types of

Leningrad: Streets, Transportation, Trinity Bridge across the Neva, Peter and Paul Fortress, a monument to Vladimir Lenin at the Finland Station, station building, the arrow of Vasilevsky Island, Admiralty building, a monument in the form of a tank.

Newsreels of the Great Patriotic War.

German offensive infantry, aviation.

Soviet soldiers - residents

Leningrad go to the front.

Battles for Leningrad defense of the city.

Job defense enterprises of the city.

Trucks traveling across Lake Ladoga - on "the road of life."

Guerrillas fighting in the occupied areas of the Leningrad region.

Trains with food.

Raid on the town of German aircraft, explosions on the Neva.

Gunners shoot.

Burning German plane.

Crumbling buildings.

Lake Ladoga sailing ships; barges.

Train with soldiers and guns.

The ruins of the Pulkovo Observatory.

City under siege: woman planting vegetable gardens in the streets, sporty day, evacuation of children on ships firewood.

Soviet submarine in the Baltic Sea is fighting.

Warships under fire from the Germans.

Battles on land.

Soldiers in the theater of Musical comedy watching the play "Raskinulos widely."

V. Inber poets work, Tikhonov.

Printing shop, a new book by Inber "Pulkovo Meridian".

Breakthrough Siege of Leningrad Soviet troops.

Rallies workers.

Streets of the city after a siege.

Operation of businesses: steel-armored assembly.

Rewarding Soviet soldiers medal "For Defense of Leningrad."

Restoration work residents.

Children at a lesson at school, students in the audience.

Fighting for Gatchina, lifting of the siege of Leningrad.

Monuments: the relief of "Heroes of the Kirov militia division", "obelisk in honor of the defenders of Leningrad - 55 fighters army."

Key words

Astronomy. Printing industry. Navy. The Great Patriotic War. Monuments. City. Rewarding. Theatre. City transport. Aviation. River and lake transport. Defense industry. Schooling. Maritime transport. Trains.