Behind blue forests. (1983)

Documentary №50254, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:51
Production: LSDF
Director:Zh. Romanova
Screenwriters:M. Mamedov
Camera operators:E. Bryuhanov
Text authors:G. Komrakov
Sound mixer:E. Semenova
Other authors:T. Yanson


The film tells about the problems and prospects of the development of the Luch state farm in the Chukhlomsky district of the Kostroma region.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Seedlings on arable land (panorama), views of the field with seedlings.

An ear of ripening wheat.

First-graders of a rural school on a solemn line with bouquets in their hands.

Faces of children and parents.

Handing flowers to the teacher.

The faces of the parents.

A woman walks past a woodpile.

Machine operators go to work.

Views of the village of Korovye - the central estate of the state farm "Luch".

Houses of the villagers.

The bulldozer stops at one of the houses.

The truck drivers get into the cabs, the cars start moving.

Combine harvester at harvest.

Director of the state farm V.V. Goryachev in the field during harvesting.

A tractor with a sowing unit drives through a plowed field.

Autumn plowing of the winter, tracked tractors on plowing.

A plowed furrow.

Cultivation of the plowed area.

Harvesters at the harvest.

The combine harvester is in the cockpit at the helm.

Goryachev is talking to one of the machine operators in the field.

Machine operators have lunch in the field.

One of the machine operators unfolds the newspaper, reads it.

Women pass by the house.

Goryachev is in the office discussing the prospects of the harvest with the chief agronomist.

A stand with data on the fulfillment of socialist obligations.

The workers of the state farm are standing in line at the cash register for wages.

Workers sign the statement, receive money.

People in the club before the movie show.

A projectionist prepares a movie projector for the session.

The beginning of the demonstration of the film, the lights go out in the hall.

Fragments of the state farm newsreel "Panorama", a story about the Zyuzin family from the village of Korovye, the faces of the audience.

The Zyuzin family at the table.

The head of the family M.T. Zyuzin in the cinema during a session.

The faces of Zyuzin and his wife on the screen.

Zyuzina in the cinema.

Projectionist at the projector.

The faces of the Zyuzin family members sitting in the cinema.

Zyuzins at work at the state farm.

The faces of the Zyuzins' eldest son and his wife Lyudmila.

The faces of the Zyuzin family members on the screen and in the cinema, the daily life of the Zyuzin family.

Teenagers on bicycles rides along the fence.

A man carries firewood.

Members of the Zyuzin family in everyday life.

Men smoke standing at the fence.

Teenagers repair a moped.

The wife of M.T. Zyuzin in the kitchen.

Women are preparing for the arrival of children from boarding school and a family celebration.

Men push the table apart, cover it with a tablecloth.

The Zyuzin family at the table, the faces of family members.

Treats are on the table.

M.T. Zyuzin talks at the table about the problems of the village (synchronously and behind the scenes), the faces of the Zyuzin family members, the children drink tea with jam.

The faces of the Zyuzin family members.

Autumn rural landscape (panorama).

Views of the unpromising village of Likhachevo.

A wooden house abandoned by people with clogged windows, a birdhouse on a pole in the yard.

A woman takes water from a well.

Abandoned huts of the village of Likhachevo.

Calendar: 1983

Locations: Kostroma region [782]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The only resident of the village of Likhachevo E.I. Chistyakova carries buckets of water on a yoke home.

Chistyakova's house in the village of Likhachevo.

The dog is in the yard.

Windows of the house.

Chistyakova cuts cabbage.

Cats on the floor.

Flowers on the windowsill.

Chistyakova heats the stove, puts the pan on the fire with a grab.

Interiors of the Chistyakova hut.

Chistyakova goes to the exit of the house.

Chistyakova's house in the village of Likhachevo.

The director of the state farm Goryachev talks about the fate of the village of Likhachevo, about the power outage in unpromising and non-residential villages (synchronously).

Interiors of rooms in Chistyakova's hut, an icon in the red corner.

A samovar boiling on the table.

Chistyakova is sitting by the samovar.

Rural landscape, panorama of the autumn forest.

Winter rural landscape.

Dump trucks are passing along the road.

Preparation of access roads to the fields of the state farm to ensure spring sowing, equipment for road works.

Removal of peat to the fields.

Unloading of peat and fertilizers in the field.

Views of the village (from above).

A tracked tractor with a trailer drives along the edge of the forest.

Villagers at the industrial goods store.

Chistyakova tells her neighbors about the restoration of electricity supply in her house, says about the absence of goods in the store (synchronously and off-screen), the faces of women.

A man carries an armful of hay.

Chistyakova is talking to her neighbors.

Smoke from the chimney of the house.

Clay pot on the fence.

The dog is outside.

Views of the village of Korovye in winter.

A lesson in a rural school for students of several classes.

Students of the second grade perform a task on the oral description of the picture on the blackboard, answer the questions of the teacher G.A. Smirnova.

First graders write with chalk on the blackboard.

Students in the classroom in the classroom, the faces of children.

Smirnova is teaching a lesson.

High school students of Chukhloma district high school during the lesson.

Occupation in the radio workshop of the educational and production combine.

Smirnova together with the students at the tea table, the faces of the children.

Goryachev talks about improving housing construction and social conditions at the state farm during a meeting with future graduates of the Chukhloma district High school (synchronously and behind the scenes), the faces of the girls.

View of the village of Korovye.

Goryachev shows future graduates new residential buildings.

Mothers with children in their arms are walking down the street.

Goryachev is talking to the graduates, standing on the street of the village.

Panorama of the village of Korovye (from above).

Views of the village.

Winter rural landscapes.

Calendar: 1983

Locations: Kostroma region [782]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826] Winter [823]

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