Unusual Meetings.. (1958)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Ovanesova A.

Script writers: Ovanesova A.

Operators: Krichevskiy A., Mikosha V., Reyzman O.

Composers: Parchaladze M.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Ryss E.


About the lifes of children filmed in past years in the newsreel "Pioneers".

Temporary description

Types of Moscow, the movement of vehicles through the streets, the postman delivers mail. Pupils of the school № 166 Bauman district in class. The lesson of history in the 10th grade of a school in Falcon (sinhr.). Last call for graduates. Production processes at the Moscow plant "caliber." Views of the city of Gorky. Students of the Institute of river transport in a lecture at the museum of the Institute, in the pool. Industrial practice of students at a shipyard in the city of Kherson. Types of Evpatoria. Holidaymakers on the beach sunbathing, swimming. Views of Kiev: streets, buildings. Kiev Conservatory. Laureate of International competitions violinist Olga Parkhomenko in class with his son during the performance. Types of Gelendzhik, Voronezh. Production processes in the shops of the Voronezh Mechanical Engineering Plant, 1st Moscow State Ball-Bearing Plant. The pupils of a kindergarten, the Moscow during the game, during dinner. Types of Leningrad, Omsk. Production processes in one of the Omsk plant. Types Stalinabad. Students of the Moscow State University in the classroom in the laboratory. Graduation Party at the high school graduates, the Kiev. Graduates on the banks of the Dnieper. A composer at the piano Pakhmutova (sinhr.). Symphony Orchestra performs music from the movie "The Other Side" (sinhr.).

Reel №1

Crowded streets of Moscow.

Photos of children - the heroes of the journal "Pioneer."

The search for former child.

The postman brings mail to the information desk CSDF.

The crew travels to the school, where 10 years ago, shot a first-grader Yuri Khudyakov.

Newsreel of the 40-ies.:

Lesson in the first class.

Jura sits.

Jurassic reading poetry (synchronously).

School on one of the sandy street, where a 10-grade student George.

Jura at a table in the classroom.

Jurassic recite (synchronously).

Last call for tenth.

Tenth graders say goodbye to the school.

Jurassic Khudyakov at a machine shop in micrometers at the "caliber".

Newsreel of the 40-ies.:

Dancing girl Zeenat Akbarova (synchronously).

Reel №2

The search Zeenat Akbarova in Alma-Ata city Chilik.

Zeenat's father responds to a letter received from the studio.

Dancing girls, including Artist of the Uighur Theatre - Zeynat Akbarova.

Newsreel of the 40-ies.:

First class student Igor Mikhailov awarded a medal for the defense of Stalingrad.

Igor in the classroom.

General view of Gorky.

Institute building river transport.

In the layout of the vessel meets the student I. Mikhaylov (synchronously).

General view of Kherson.

Students of the Institute, among them I. Mikhailov, are technological practice of reinforced concrete on the shipyard shipbuilding.

Arrival in Evpatoria to parents Igor and his two twin brothers Oleg and Yuri.


Sons with the parents go home.

Igor on the beach.

Igor sits next to Olga Parkhomenko on the beach.

Renowned violinist Olga Parkhomenko is a son on Khreschatyk.

Olga is engaged with his son at home.

Newsreel 1942:

Olga plays the violin (synchronously).

Reel №3

Olga Parkhomenko acting conservatory (synchronously).

Film crew in Gelendzhik: in a rest home "Chernomorets", on the beach looking for Lina Orlov.

Lina Orlova on the beach, says (synchronously).

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Eleven-Lin in the hospital, feeding the wounded, wrote a letter.

Lina is awarded a medal.

Lina Orlova on the boat, on the streets of Voronezh, in the shop of the plant.

Orlov engineer checks welding heavy press.

Ling in the laboratory involved.

The Moscow street is Jim Patterson.

Jim gives the students who surrounded him for autographs, talking to them (simultaneously).

Excerpts from the film "The Circus" with Jim Patterson.

Jim Patterson - cadet senior Naval Academy - in the classroom.

Jim in naval uniform is on the banks of the Neva.

The shop first ball bearing factory works Masha Nazarene (Kruglov), meets the correspondent (synchronously).

Newsreel of the 40-ies.:

Fourth grade student of Mary Nazarene in class.

Masha and her friend at home preparing lessons.

Reel №4

Maria Ilinichna Nazarene comes to kindergarten for children, goes with them on the street.

Film crew in Leningrad.

Operators talk with his mother Maria Petrova Viti Vasilyevna.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Thirteen-Victor at the entrance of the plant, working at the bench, behind which his father was killed.

Leningrad during the blockade.

Vite Petrov handed a medal.

Victor says (synchronously).

Petrov with his daughter, reading poetry (synchronously).

Beside his wife.

General view of the city of Omsk.

Petrov is in the shop.

Pupils go to the Moscow City Pioneer House.

Employee information desk in the studio's office photo shows Ani Bori.

Work address table.

Moscow street in the rain.

Bori with daughter Anja on the street talking to A. Ovanesova (synchronously).

Newsreel of the 40-ies.:

Anna Bory in the Pioneer performs with the choir Paganel song from the film "The Children of Captain Grant" (synchronous).

The crew on the plane flying to Stalinabad.

Newsreel of the 40-ies.:

Cotton Picker Mamlakat Nahangova among the villagers, in a class at school.

Student of the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​Mamlakat the classroom (synchronous).

Lecturer M. Nahangova engaged with the students (simultaneously).

Reel №5

Teaches Mamlakat.

Mamlakat with his family: mother with children at home and at the table.

Mamlakat with children on a walk.

The house in which he lives a geologist, a graduate student at Moscow State University Department of Mineralogy, Vladimir Kuzmin.

Kuzmin is at MSU, working in the laboratory of the University, talking with his supervisor AG Teremetskoy (synchronously).

Vladimir Ivanovich with flowers in the nursing home.

Wife Erna N. Kuzmin geologist in the House.

In bed sleeping son.

Vladimir Ivanovich comes to his mother Olga Zakharovna.

Newsreel of the 40-ies.:

Vladimir Kuzmin recite (synchronously).

Volodya take an examination on the literature for matriculation (synchronously).

Children of Auschwitz with the numbers on the handles.

Anisa P. Zazimko carries a girl Annochku she sheltered, donates blood for transfusion girl.

Anya is going to the prom.

Anya and her parents.

The father gives her a watch.

Tenth graders on the banks of the Dnieper, including Anne.

Anya and her mother picking flowers in a forest glade.

Newsreel of the 40-ies.:

He runs a small Annochka, walks with her mother.

Reel №6

In the meadow talking Anna and Anisa P. Zazimko (synchronously).

Alexandra is Pakhmutova with her husband.

Newsreel of the 40-ies.:

Anya Pakhmutova in class composer Shabalin perform on the piano sonatas of his second (synchronous).

Shebalin talking to Anna.

AN Pakhmutova home at the piano.

Symphony Orchestra in the pavilion CSDF sings Pahmutova composer of the film "The Other Side."

79-year-old teacher Capitolina G., now retired, is engaged in the house with her neighbor's son, speaking in the park with the kids.

Meeting heroes indoor studio.

At the party stands Capitolina G. (synchronously).

Newsreel watching movie characters Yuri Khudyakov, Lena Orlova Mamlakat Nahangova Olga Parkhomenko, Anisa P. Zazimko and Anya, Anya Bori, Jim Patterson and others.

To school and go to work the movie characters.

PNRM. Moscow.

Scene №1