I chose you ... ... (1991)

Documentary №50494, 6 parts, duration: 0:56:31
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Torgalo A.
Screenwriters:Torgalo A.
Camera operators:V.Sveshnikov


The film is about the surgeon, MD, member of the Holy Synod V.F.Voyno-Yasenetsky, Archbishop Luka. The film used the documents and materials of archive of family V.F.Voyno-Yasenetsky, TSGAKFD USSR (RGAKFD), the Central Museum of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences of Medicine, Central Museum of Medicine of Ukraine, the Museum of the History of Medicine. P.Stradynja, Library of the Moscow Theological Academy. The film includes the memories of colleagues V.F.Voyno-Yasenetsky (synchronous and over).

Reel №1

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PART ONE. The Crimean landscape.

Passengers on the Moscow metro escalator.

The priest in the temple of Holy Communion.

Infant baptism.

Church domes of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

Monk runs along the wall laurels.

Personnel chronicles.


Before 1917

Monument to Prince Vladimir.

School building.

Along the street are schoolboys.

Schoolboys haymaking.

Top 20.

Hospital building in

Pereyaslavl, receiving patients.

Farmer plowing the earth, on a mechanical reaper reaps.

Farmers are on the road in the middle of the field.

Festivities on the street of the village.

Blacksmith working in the forge.

The First World War.

Russian army soldiers take an oath before the fight.

Sisters of Mercy of treating the injured.

Priest helps wounded soldiers endure.

Doctor makes a bandage the wounded in hospital train carriage.

Civil War.

Refugees are on the forecourt, go with the soldiers on the train platform.

Without specifying the place and date of recording.


Uzbeks have ablution pond.


Assistant surgeon performed the operation.

Street of the city.

Riders-Red Army leave the city gates, the Red Army marching (vv.1, 4).

PART TWO. Ice drift on the river.

The priest performs the rite of unction.

Personnel chronicles.

Before 1917

Lifting and installation of a church bell.

Are members of the royal family, the coach departs.

The bishop greets members of the royal family. 1911

Religious procession in

Odessa. 1917

Procession on Red Square on St.

Nicholas Day, among those present - Metropolitan Tikhon. 1918


At All-Russian Congress of Soviets.

Security checks credentials of delegates of the congress, among those present - Ya.M.Sverdlov. 1919

Autopsy shrine with the relics of St.

Sergius of Radonezh at the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. 1920

Tashkent University building.

Lab technician prepares the audience for a lecture. 1922

Famine in the Volga region: starving children and the elderly, distributing soup to the starving.

Confiscation of church valuables representatives of Soviet power in one of the temples in the presence of the Rector and the appraiser.

PART THREE. Stairs and corridors Butyrskaya.

A security guard with a rifle goes along the prison wall.

Slams the door.


Luge convoy movement along a forest road.

Dog barks near the snow-covered hut. . G.Eniseysk.

One of the streets.

Church building.

Yenisei River. G.Turuhansk city view from the Yenisei River.

House in the snowdrifts.

Mature woman clears snow shovel in front of house (3-4 hh.).

City street bridge.

V.Zamansky actor reads from preaching V.F.Yasenetskogo (synchronously).

Rite of the tonsure.

On the table are signs of episcopal authority crucifixion, Panagia, miter.

Personnel chronicles. 1920s.


Movement of trams and pedestrians on Lubyanka Square.

August 6, 1922

Congress Living Church.

Members of the Congress are going to attend the meeting are at the door of the building.

PART FOUR. G.Turuhansk.

Winter landscape.

Storey wooden house.

Corridor of the former Turuhanskogo GPU. Dogs running in the snow in front of the horse carts.

Movement of the sled.

Yenisei River under the ice.

Hunting camp Plakhino (winter mode).

Hut in which he lived-V.F.Voyno Yasenetsky in exile. V.Zamansky reads from a book of memories Voyno-Yasenetsky (synchronously).

Personnel chronicles.

Without specifying the place and date of recording.

Banner on the wall of the building: "Recognize little harm religion - it is necessary to deal with it."

Passage through the city car for transportation of prisoners called "black funnels."

Switchman lantern at railroad paths at night.

Movement of trains at night through a blizzard.

Turukhansky edge.

Tungus on hunting.

Tungus camp. 1930s.

Destruction of churches: the removal of the bell, cross, the destruction of the church dome Red Army, the explosion of the church.

Woman removes icons from the wall.

Icons thrown into the fire, around the fire dance in a circle.

Temple without domes and crosses with the image of Lenin on the wall.

The city of Arkhangelsk.


City streets in the winter.

Winter birch grove.

Prisoners with wheelbarrows on earthworks.

Inmates work in the logging, in a quarry.

Tashkent. 1937

Elections to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. L.M.Kaganovich speaks at a campaign rally.

PART FIVE. Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Large village Murtha.

Building and operating hospitals. G.Krasnoyask.


Worship at a church in Nikolayevka (near


Personnel chronicles.

Without specifying the date of recording.

Sports parade on Red Square: athletes show tank, plane, swimming pool in the sham.

All-Union Congress of Surgeons.

Delegates to the Congress in the courtroom. 1940s.

Streets of the city of Krasnoyarsk. 1942 \ Moscow \.

Easter service at \ Epiphany Cathedral \.

Krutitsy and Kolomna, Metropolitan Nicholas blesses the congregation.

Area Nikitsky Gate.

Believers have nodules Skulich and Easter.

Are anti-aircraft guns.


September 9, 1943

Meeting of the Council of Bishops, among those present - members of the Holy Synod - Patriarch Sergius and Alexis Metropolitan of Leningrad.

Moscow. 1944

The car pulls up to the Cathedral of the Epiphany.

Enthronement of Metropolitan Alexy of Leningrad at Epiphany Cathedral. 1948

Meeting on the occasion of the Day of the Russian Orthodox Autocephalous Church.

Personnel chronicle of the Second World War.

Planes in the sky, dropping bombs.


Smoke fires.

Woman with child in ashes.

Woman crying over the dead.

Shoot German guns.

Orderlies and nurses treating the injured on the battlefield.

Transportation wounded Dogsled, carts.

Operation in the field hospital.

Care for the wounded in the hospital train.

PART SIX. Crimea.

Movement of vehicles on the highway.

Landscape of hills.

Morning landscape.



Building military medical unit of the city.

The house where he lived Archbishop Luke (V.F.Voyno-Yasenetsky).

Watering machine passes through the city streets.

Simferopol Cathedral (night scene).

Service in the cathedral.

The procession (night scene).

Fr Leonid (Danube) talks about Archbishop Luka (synchronously).

Personnel chronicles. \ Moscow \. 1943

Patriarch Sergius at a meeting of the Council of Bishops September 9, 1943 (chch.4-5).

Funeral of Patriarch Sergius in 1944. 1960s.

Khrushchev's speech.

Key words

Care for the population.
School Education.
Offense, offense.
Places of detention.
Road transport.
River transport.
The highest governmental authorities.
Folk festivals.
National (People's) life.
Vocational education.
The First World War.
World War II.

Reel №2

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Reel №3

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Reel №4

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Reel №5

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Reel №6

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