Star designer Babakina years. (1985)

Documentary №50653, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:58
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:M. Ciganov
Screenwriters:M. Borisov, B. Konovalov
Camera operators:I. Kasatkin
Sound mixer:B. Kokin
Painter:L. Reshetin
Other authors:V. Kuzin


The film tells about the life and work of the interplanetary automatic stations Georgy Nikolayevich Babakin.

Reel №1

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Movie №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The view of the starry sky.

Newsreel of the 1930-ies: the view of the locomotive, the smoke from the chimney.

Classes at the technical school.

View of the front of the tractor, the first descended from the conveyor of the Stalingrad tractor plant.

Tractor leaves the shop.

Flight of the first artificial Earth satellite.

Members of the group of modelers test model of the Rover.

Lunar landscape, the Rover moves.

Students during class at radio school.

Photos of students 1920-1930 - ies during classes in radio and model circles.

View of the Shukhov radio tower (bottom inside).

Radios older models, a portrait of G. N. Babakina in his youth.

Babakina certificate of completion of radiometers.

Portrait of Martha at the age of 16.

Employment history Martha.

Records in the workbook, the form of a tube radio.

Newsreel of the 1930-ies: view of the Central area of the Park of culture and rest.

People on the carousel.

The lecturer stands in front of an audience in the Park.

Record in the workbook Martha.

Portraits Of Martha.

Newsreel: German planes bombed the Soviet city in 1941.

Soviet artillery fire at the enemy.

A volley of rocket launchers, exploding shells.

Zhukov at the command post phone.

Calculation of the reactive mortar firing at the Reichstag.

The heavy gun on the streets of Berlin.

The Soviet soldiers set the red flag on the roof of the building.

View of one of the streets of Moscow in the 1950-ies.

U.S. bombers on alert.

Map of us military bases.

Locator radar.

Officers-the rocket men at the controls.

Starts Soviet ballistic missiles.

Portrait Of Martha.

Biographical article about Babakin in the encyclopedia.

Newsreel: the spacecraft before launch.

S. P. Korolev gives the command into the microphone.

The launch of the spacecraft.

King sits at his Desk.

Portrait Of Martha.

Academician B. V. Rauschenbach talks about Babakin, as a talented engineer, designer and organizer, his business qualities (synchronously).

Interior view of the design Bureau rocket and space technology.

Photograph of Martha with colleagues while working.

The interior of the Cabinet of M. V. Keldysh.

Portraits Of Keldysh.

A picture of Keldysh and Martha during the meeting.

Winter landscapes.

Marine night landscapes.

The waves run ashore.

Babakin during the workshop.

Flies a cargo plane.

Lander future unmanned station during tests of a parachute.

Landing and splashdown lander.

Installation of the station "Luna-9".

Rauschenbach says about the passion of Martha his work, understanding of the question in minute detail, his ability to ignite the enthusiasm of all their employees (synchronously).

Newsreel: launch of the carrier rocket "Luna-9" in 1966.

"Luna-9" in flight.

The station takes place after landing on the moon.

Panorama of the lunar surface.

Photograph of Martha with colleagues at work.

The station descent through the atmosphere of Venus (animation).

Articles about space achievements of the USSR published in the Soviet press.

People on the streets of Moscow read Newspapers.

Installation of the station "Luna-16" in 1970.

Landing station "Luna-16", the sending apparatus with samples of lunar soil to Earth (animation).

Photos Of Babakin.

View of the station "Luna-17".

View The "Lunokhod".

"Rover" on the moon's surface (the frame is divided into four parts).

Assembling The "Lunokhod".

Station "Luna-17" sent to the moon.

Data transfer with "Rover" on the Earth (animation).

"Rover" on the moon's surface, the operators on the Ground controlled "Lunokhod".

The article about the "Rover" in foreign Newspapers and magazines.

Picture "Moonwalker".

Pictures of scientific symposiums capitals of foreign countries.

House in Moscow, where he lived Babakin.

The interior of the Cabinet Martha.

Books on the Desk.

Album with stamps from the collection of Martha.

Photograph of Martha with Amateur camera in hand.

Cinema "Luch-2".

Amateur newsreel: Babakin walks in the country with his family, burns autumn leaves.

Babakin with friends on the walk.

Photos babakina while working in the design office.

Extinguished the lamp of the projector.

Models of space stations and "Rover" at the Museum, portrait of Martha on the wall of the Museum.

Space technology created by Basakinam.

Flights of automatic stations (animation).

Portrait Of Martha.


Babakin Georgij Nikolaevich -- engineer-designer of space technology Korolev Sergej Pavlovich -- designer of rocket and space technology Zhukov Georgij Konstantinovich -- warlord Raushenbah Boris Viktorovich -- physicist

Calendar: 1985

Locations: Moscow [820] Space [204]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

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