A Spring Start Over Vienna.. (1959)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Derbysheva L.

Script writers: Rozhdestvenskiy R.

Operators: Bessarabov I., Kaspiy D., Koloshin A., Kopalin I., Maksimov L., Semin A.

Composers: Flyarkovskiy A.

Anouncers: Bondarchuk S., Zadachin A.

Text writers: Rozhdestvenskiy R.


About the VII Youth and Student Festival in the city of Vienna.

Historical background

In late July and early August 1959 in the Austrian capital Vienna, opened the seventh World Festival of Youth and Students. The festival brought together young men and women from 112 countries. Live performances for peace and friendship between the peoples of the Festival.

Temporary description

A film about the VII World Festival of Youth and Students in Vienna (Austro). Vienna. Street. Bridge. Shop windows. The logo of the festival. Ship with the delegates of the festival is approaching the shore. To train station platform comes with the guests. Antifestivalnye posters on the streets of Vienna. Antifestivalnaya exhibition newspaper. Crowns meet the festival. Dance delegates. Crowns welcome a bus passing delegates of the USSR. Georgian dance ensemble. Delegates of the festival procession through the stadium. The audience in the stands. In the air are released doves and balloons. The building of the festival committee. Antifestivalnyh dissemination of leaflets in the streets of Vienna. Non-Austrian bourgeois newspapers that ignore information about the festival. Hostels in the International Fair, which were home to the delegates of the festival, a tent camp on the banks of the Danube. Participants of the festival wash, cook breakfast, dance, ride a boat, kayak. Speakers: Romanian ensemble, Chinese circus, Hungarian ensemble. Performance dance of the island of Madagascar. French pantomime. Indonesian boy performs a ritual dance. Dances by delegates Korea. The delegates of the festival at the factory, inspect vineyards, wine tasting at the winery, talk with the builders. Pictures of Soviet and American artists. American sculpture "Rider" and Soviet sculpture "Rider". Russian and Americans argue about the painting. Exchange of souvenirs. Among the delegates - Paul Robeson. Seminar for Young Filmmakers in the student club. Among the participants Gerasimov, professor greenhouse. Artists and bands Voronezh Choir. Participants at the Vienna Festival Park - Prater. Rides. Youth Ball concert. Plays a Polish jazz. Delegates dance festival. Couple dancing rock 'n' roll. The festival participants listen to the story of the architect. Old building in Vienna. One of the monuments. Square with a fountain. A building with a bas-relief. Panorama over the rooftops of Vienna homes. The monument of Johann Strauss. An old Gothic building. Serves Cuban ensemble. Participants of the festival at the stake of the colonial countries. Manifestation of friendship and solidarity with the youth of the colonial countries. Round dance girls from different countries. Youth lays wreaths at the monument to the camp Mauthausen. The wall at the camp. Crematorium. Camera. Barbed wire. Rally at Heldenplatz square. Bruno stands Bernini.

Reel №1


City of Vienna - LS., Departure.

Bridge over the Danube canal.

Streets of Vienna (with motion).

Street of Old Vienna (with motion).

People passing in the crew - PNRM.

The theater building with columns.

Shops in the city center.

Pedestrians in shop windows.

Showcases of male dress.

Family rides in a landau.

A woman washes and wipes window shop - LS.

Vienna - LS. (Top point).

Three bugler blew horns in - CU.

The logo of the festival - MS.

Festival poster.

Walking down the street Youth Orchestra.

From coast youth welcomes boat - LS.

Is on the river boat with the delegates of the festival.

With the ship go with the accordion festival delegates.

By train platform suited - LS., PNRM.

From the windows of the car waving met delegates of the festival - MS.

Persons delegates of different nationalities - CU.

Go delegates Venezuela.

Venezuelan in a big white hat - CU.

Delegates meeting at the station.

African dance in the crowd of delegates.

Antifestivalny poster: "Inadmissibility of the Communist Youth Festival!» - LS., PNRM.

Antifestivalnaya exhibition in the city center - LS.

Aircraft in the air - LS.

Two planes in the air - LS.

Antifestivalnye leaflets.

Animation: antifestivalnye newspaper.

Inscriptions in the newspapers: "Vienna Festival will not accept," "World Festival of Youth is a Communist action».

Viennese greeted delegates Festival - MS.

Go Korean delegates, delegates of China, dancing delegates Iraq.

Viennese welcome delegates of the USSR.

Old man's face, a resident of Vienna - CU., PNRM.

Delegates of the USSR from the bus window greet with the Austrians.

Dancing in the square Georgian Ensemble - LS.

Claps girl.

Claps youth.

Austrians applaud.

The delegates of the festival go to the stadium with balloons.

Delegates go India.

Delegates sing and dance in Brazil.

Go to the stadium delegates Africa (with us).

Bulgarian delegates go to the stadium.

The stadium are the delegates of the festival - LS.

Double Exposure: forests, rivers, cities, snowfields, deserts, mountains.

Delegates go Vietnamese delegates Korea, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia delegation (top).

Reel №2

Spectators in the stadium guests.

Held in the stadium of the delegation of the festival.

They welcome people of Vienna.

Chinese delegates held a huge paper dragon.

Dragon and balloons - CU.

Balloons in the air with the words "the world» - CU.

The stadium up in the air flocks of pigeons.

Delegates held in Mongolia.

The representatives of the Austrian government in the lodge.

Federated Yumius Austrian Chancellor Raab and Vice-Chancellor Bruno Peterman.

Dancing pass delegates Albania.

Iraqi delegation goes.

Dancing, is the Cuban delegation.

With banners is the Soviet delegation - LS. (Top point).

Soviet delegation welcomed the Viennese from the stands.

Soviet delegation model carries Sputnik - MS. (Evening).

The stadium is the youth of Vienna.

Austrian youth passes with balloons.

Vienna (morning).

Bridge over the Danube Canal.

Street Vienna - LS.

Cars on the streets.

The streets of Vienna are the delegates of the festival.

Indian delegate at the cafe on the street.

Delegates held in Scotland with bagpipes.

Go down the street to the delegates of China Dragon.

In the square dancing Chinese girls with umbrellas - LS.

Applaud the Austrians on the street.

She takes autograph Chinese.

Viennese festival surround delegates, talking.

Antifestivalnaya exhibition - LS.

Empty halls of the exhibition.

Map socialist country smeared with black paint - CU.

Young man sitting at the stands in anticipation of visitors.

The building of the Festival Committee, the flag and emblem of the festival - LS.

Young people at the Festival Committee - MS.

Delegates are, talking in front of the Festival Committee - MS.

Man opens a newspaper - CU.

Viennese newspaper without reports of the festival - CU.

Vienna streets, shop windows - LS.

The building of the press - PNRM.

Newspapers around the building stands a group of delegates of the festival, talking to - MS.

On the streets of Vienna tram passes, delegates waving from the windows of the car - MS.

Viennese street greet delegates - PNRM.

House windows - MS., PNRM.

The hostess greets delegates from Venezuela, talks with them (simultaneously in German).

Guests have breakfast with the hosts.

On the streets of Vienna delegates with things - LS.

Dorm - PNRM.

The pavilion of the International Industrial Exhibition.

Are rows of tents (above).

Girl out of the tent.

The tent looks African - MS.

Past the tents are girls delegates.

Girl her hair - MS.

Chinese lipstick - CU.

Two Japanese women - MS.

She sews - LS.

Two men in a wash basin - MS.

Near the pavilion sitting in a meadow, two young men write.

The park, in the garden at the exhibition youth fun, round dance, laughing girl.

Hug a girl and guy.

Reel №3

Boat on the Danube is decorated with flags - PNRM.

Flags on a ship - MS.

On the bank of broken tents, shaves man near the tent - MS.

The girl and the boy is launched boat - LS.

In preparing the youth tent on the primus breakfast.

Young people gather on the banks of the camp, they dance and sing (synchronously).

Participants of the festival on the ship dancing and singing.

On the boat performs illusionist.

Smiling girl, smiling African and African.

Africans on board sing (synchronously) - MS., PNRM.

From the window of the ship waving a black man from the shore waving sitting on the beach vacationers.

The steamer is on the Danube - PNRM.

On the deck of the ship, Mexicans and Czechs.

Mexican singing (synchronously).

Listening to applaud, then shake the woman.

Sailing on the Danube sailing boats - PNRM.

Vienna - LS., PNRM. (Top point).

In open areas of the city are by the participants of the festival.

Viennese look out of the windows of houses.

Speaks Romanian song and dance ensemble (synchronously).

The audience applauds.

Chinese circus artists and bands.

Speaks Hungarian ensemble (synchronously).

Plays a boy, solo violinist Hungarian ensemble (synchronously) - CU.

Songs and dances of the island of Madagascar (synchronous) - LS.

French mime artists and bands - LS.

Playing ksilofonistki GDR (synchronous) - MS.

Indonesian boy performs a ritual dance in a mask (synchronous) - MS., PNRM.

Removes the mask, greets the audience - MS.

Reel №4

On the stage of the summer theater dance delegates Korea (synchronous) - LS. (Evening)

The audience applauded - LS.


The delegates of the festival on the bus ride to the plant, look out the window - PNRM.

Highway workers repairing the road (from the bus window.)

Bus goes down the street, the Austrians welcomed the delegates of the festival - PNRM.

Dam - PNRM.

Layout of the dam - CU.

The delegates of the festival at the model of the dam - PNRM.

The workers met delegates of the festival, arriving at the plant.

The delegates of the festival in the shop talking to factory workers - are different.

In the circle of workers' delegates of the Soviet Union Boris Bykov depot mechanic tells about himself.

Boris Bykov at work at the depot.

Delegates visiting the vineyards of the festival - CU.

The delegate of the USSR Volodin tries grapes - CU.

Volodin in the pasture with the shepherds, the flock of sheep grazing - PNRM.

Director of the winery opens a bottle of wine and gives it the festival delegates, delegates poured wine.

Drinking black man - CU.

Smiling Volodin - CU.

Delegates at the construction site of the festival, the delegate of China Zhang mason talks with builders - PNRM.

Zhang lays bricks on a construction site in China - MS.

Zhang's hands laid bricks - CU.

In the group of Chinese delegates shakes hands with Austrian builder - MS.

From the window watching a woman and a girl - CU.

The delegates of the festival for children - PNRM.

Delegates exchanged badges, delegate shows festival scarf builder.

Members of the Soviet delegation presented souvenirs Director winery (handicraft articles, wooden) - MS.

A laboratory - CU.

To the question whether they want war, answer - "no": the surgeon, musician, engineer, journalist, physicist, steelworker (synchronous) - CU., PNRM.

A meeting of delegates of the USSR and the USA - LS., PNRM.

It should be an American teacher Mark Yuverman - MS.

Dancing Russian and American delegates.

Girl photographs - MS.

Mark Yuberman and teacher from Moscow Marina Stepanova - PNRM.

Marina Stepanova - CU.

Soviet delegate presents Mark Yubermanu peace pipe - PNRM.

Sitting in the audience applauded - LS.

American and Soviet delegates singing the song.

The exhibition of paintings youth disputes about art.

Picture of a Soviet artist.

Abstract paintings by American artists.

Abstract sculptures of Soviet and American artists.

Abstract paintings of American and Soviet artists on the theme of peace.

Dance delegates.

Paul Robeson among a group of delegates - CU., MS.

Delegates applauded.

Delegates exchanged souvenirs.

Professor Teplitz and Brousil - CU.

Directed by S. Gerasimov - CU.

On the club scene artists and bands Voronezh Choir (synchronously).

Legs dancers - CU.

The audience applauds.

Reel №5

Soviet ballet dancers dance "Waltz of the Flowers" from the ballet "The Nutcracker» - LS.

The audience applauds.

Choir performs the Soviet delegation, present applauded.

Soviet artists handing out flowers to the audience.

The lights on the streets of Vienna.

Participants of the festival rest in Vienna Crater Park - PNRM.

Lights Crater Park - PNRM.

Rides in the park.

Faces of the participants of the festival.

Ball at the Concert Hall - LS. (Top).

Dancing couples.

Polish jazz band playing, singing Polish singer (synchronous) - MS.

Dancing couples, girl dancing with an African.

PNRM. with lighted lamps at the dancers.

Dance rock 'n' roll.

Dancing - Various.

Participants of the festival, accompanied by an architect visiting Vienna (morning).

Says architect (simultaneously in German).

Sights of Vienna.

Old buildings, monuments and squares.

Participants of the festival through the streets of Vienna.

War-torn buildings.

Participants of the festival at the monument.

The inscription on the stone reads in German Viennese (simultaneously): "It was the house of the Gestapo, it is for the Austrian population was hell, and for many, many people, it was a harbinger of death ..."

Others Keep - PNRM.

Plastered posters on the street festival - MS.

People pass by posters - PNRM.

Park in the park - a monument of Johann Strauss.

On stage dancing a waltz by Strauss Soviet ballerina Ryabinkina - PNRM.

Strauss Monument - CU. (From left).

On the streets of Vienna festival participants waltzing (night).

In the spotlight are the artists of the Voronezh Choir, Austrian youth dancing with ribbons (night).

In the park there are men with big antifestivalnym poster (day).

A crowd gathers, Austrians protest comes a policeman, a poster clean the car.

Men leads the police.

Reel №6

Member of the ensemble performs Cuba (simultaneously in Spanish), the audience applauds.

With dancing and singing performances by Cuba.

The festival participants welcome the delegates of Algeria.

The festival participants shake hands - MS.

At the table talking with the participants of the festival Algeria - LS.

Applaud the Algerians.

Applaud Chinese - CU.

The stadium is a young man folded flag - PNRM.

Carried through the stadium collapsed banners in solidarity - PNRM.

The festival participants at the meeting of the colonial countries - PNRM. (Night).

Pass through the stadium with banners festival participants (night).

Held by colonial countries.

Black man raises his hands - CU.

Face screaming black man - CU.

From the platform delivered by the representative of the colonial countries.

The festival participants applauded.

Face black man - CU.

Person screaming people - CU. (Night).

Round Dance Festival participants.

A woman with a baby in her arms (morning).

A child with a pacifier in a wheelchair.

A girl stands in a flower bed.

The girl on the shoulder of a man.

Participants of the festival looking at the poster "Hiroshima."

Poster "Hiroshima» - CU.

Austrians have a wreath, wreaths are participants in the festival, put on the ground in the former death camp Mauthausen.

Barak at Camp Mauthausen.

The festival participants climb the stairs of the old quarry.

Stone steps - CU.

Rocks in the vicinity of the camp.

The walls of the camp, bars on the windows - PNRM.

Entrance to the crematorium.

Crematorium chimney - CU.

Faces of the participants of the festival - CU.

Prison cell - CU.

Barbed wire - CU.

Participants of the festival are on the rocks in the vicinity of the camp and sing.

Singing - CU.

Participants of the festival through the streets of Vienna, people greet them.

Pass buglers, followed festival participants - MS.

The festival participants walking on the street with banners, slogans, posters.

Rally in the square Holdenplats.

Said Bruno Bernini (simultaneously in French).

Listening on the square - CU.

The demonstrators applauded, chanting - different.

In the sky fly balloons - PNRM.

Vienna - LS., PNRM. the city (morning).

Road under the bridge - PNRM. (With motion).

Countryside - PNRM. (With motion).

Paris - PNRM. (Top).

Street of the city (with traffic).

Road (with motion).

Globe (multrabota).