The architect Matvei Kazakov. (1947)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Ya.L. Mirimov

Script writers: Ya.L. Kulikov

Operators: A. Priezzhev

Recordist: A.I. Mashistov

Music designer: V.S. Smirnov


The film tells about the work of the outstanding Russian architect Matvei Fedorovich Kazakov, shows the buildings of Moscow, built on Kaskova.

Architects | Architecture

Reel №1

View of the Moscow Kremlin in the morning, the train passes.

View of the Moscow river.

The buildings, streets and squares of Moscow.

Views Of The Moscow Kremlin.

The drawings of the old Moscow, 15-18 centuries.

The layouts of palaces and buildings built in the style of "Baroque".

The form and pattern of the Palace of Tver in Tver, designed by M. F. Kazakov.

Portrait Of Kazakov.

Albums with original drawings and sketches Kazakova.

Sketches governmental and public buildings, city mansions and churches that were designed and built by the Cossacks.

Building in Moscow, built by Kazakov.

The layout of the urban estate of count Razumovsky, designed by Kazakov.

Composition of various parts of the building.

The drawings of the manor.

The view of the building of the Novo-Catherine's hospital.

The types of buildings constructed by the architect M. Kazakov.

The interiors of the building of the Institute of geodesy and cartography.

Fragments of painting the ceiling and walls.

Small architectural forms, decorating the staircases of the building.

Types of halls and rooms of the former estate Baryshnikov - Institute of health education.

The decorative elements on the walls and ceiling.

Crystal chandelier on the ceiling.

Sculptural bas-reliefs on the walls of the halls.

The view of the building of the Institute of sanitary education.




Moscow [820]


Summer [824]

Visual Arts; Moscow

Reel №2

The types of building of Moscow University, built by Kazakov.

Students walk down from the porch of the University.

View of the exterior facade of the building of the University.

Internal types of the Assembly hall, elements of decoration of the walls and ceiling.

View of the Moscow Kremlin and the building of the Arena.

The view of the Senate Palace in the Kremlin wall and the red square mausoleum.

The national flag of the Soviet flag on the Kremlin Senate.

The form of a dome and Central hall of the Palace from the inside.

The bas-reliefs on the walls of the hall.

View of the Central hall.

View of the main staircase of the Palace.

The view of the Senate Palace and the Kremlin wall.

View of the Spasskaya tower and Saint Basil's Cathedral.

Dome of the Cathedral.

The types and fragments of the Petrovsky Palace, which was built by Kazakov in the style of ancient architecture.

The gate of the Petrovsky Palace.

Views of the Palace.

The types of Tsaritsyno Palace, built by Kazakov projects.

The chapel in the cemetery of the Transfiguration, built by Kazakov.

The elements of decorations of the chapel.

The types of Church building in the former manor Vinogradov features of secular architecture.

Elements of interior decoration of the Church.

The interiors of the Church of Metropolitan Philip on the 2-nd Meshchanskaya street.

The Central dome of the Church, arranged in the form of a rotunda.

The elements of decoration of the dome.

The types of buildings Golitsyn (1st City) hospital in Moscow, built on the project of Kazakov.

The types of the main entrance and colonnade.

The form of a round hall and dome hospital chapel.

Stucco decoration of the rotunda of the building.

The sculpture of F. Gordeeva in a niche of the rotunda, fragments of sculpture.

The altar in the hospital chapel.

Panorama of the territory of the 1st City hospital and a view of the Lenin Avenue.

View of the building of the Historical Museum.

The types of the pillar hall of unions, built on the project Kaskova.

View of the building of the Bolshoi theatre, built by a student of Kazakov and Osip Bove.

Buildings of Moscow, built by students Kazakova.

The Bust Of M. F. Kazakov.




Moscow [820]


Summer [824]

Visual Arts; Moscow