Leningrad.. (1947)

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Producer LSDF

Director: R. Karmen

Operators: E. Uchitelj, O. Ivanov, G. Trofimov, S. Fomin

Reel №1

1 hour - Leningrad.

Streets, monuments, plants (up to 1945).

Chronicle of V. Lenin to the audience.

City sites associated with the names of Lenin and Kirov.

2 pm - Speech by Lenin to the workers in 1920 (Chronicle).

Types of Leningrad.


Tractor Plant.

Work of the Leningrad port plant "Electric power", the Kirov plant, plant named Marty factory "Equality".

Resident participation in the construction of Leningrad national economic projects of the country before the war.

Leningrad Bolshevik leader Sergei Kirov at a construction site in front of people playing (sinhr.). funeral Kirov in 1934.

Academician Pavlov works at the experimental station near Leningrad in Koltushi.

Secretary of the Leningrad Regional Committee of the Party Committee and Zhdanov among workers.

Hermitage, Peterhof.

3 pm - Pre-war view of the city.


Start-war militia receive weapons.

City during the war.


Exhausted on the streets of Leningrad.

German air raids on the city.



4 hours - Movement of vehicles across Lake Ladoga life.

Works Leningrad factories in the war.

Leningrad Front fighters to repel the attacks of the enemy.

Liberation of the city.

Arrival MN Kalinina in January 1945 to award the Order of Lenin Leningrad.

Artillery Museum.

Readers in the halls of the public library.

5 pm - uncovered architectural monuments, restoration work at the Hermitage.

Classes at universities, polytechnics, Nakhimov College.

Work in the shops of metal plant them.

Stalin, "Elektrosila."

Design Bureau.

Congress Leningrad scientists.

6 pm - Construction of the metro.

Gas pipeline.

Improvement of urban streets.

Traffic on the streets.

Types of post-war Leningrad.

Theatres them.

Kirov and them.



Orchestra under Yevgeny Mravinsky (sinhr.).

Artist N. Cherkassov as Ivan the Terrible.

Draws an artist Valentin Serov.

Sculptor works Manizer.

Writes A. Forsch.

Residents rest in a park recreation.

Types of work.

Sports parade in the city.

Key words

City. Statesmen. The Great Patriotic War. Architecture. City transport. Science. Vocational education. Library. Painting. Sculpture. Literature.