Lessons confidence.. (1980)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: A. Burimskij

Script writers: E. Dubrovskij

Operators: V. Vodejko

Recordist: N. Kuznecov

Other authors: G. Desenko


The film tells about the new experimental forms of education in schools of Moscow.


Reel №1

Those students of the senior and Junior classes.

The celebration of the last call in one of the Moscow schools, handing out flowers to the graduates.

Assembling cars on the Assembly line Automobile plant named after Lenin Komsomol (AZLK).

Foreman speaks about the positive qualities of young workers coming into the factory after high school, their weak social activity (synchronous).

Young workers in the Assembly of car bodies.

First-year students in the audience, the faces of the students.

One of the teachers expresses his opinion about the graduates of the school (synchronously).

Start the lesson in one of the secondary schools of Moscow, the teacher is in the class.

Those students answering the questions.

The teacher speaks about the difficulties in the work of the teacher due to time constraints in the lesson (synchronously).

The faces of the students.

The teacher at the blackboard explaining the subject, the faces of the students.

The boys in class work workpiece burrs.

The class work in carpentry.

Exhibition of products made by students in the classroom work.

Student in protective mask during class work.

Young people with a guitar walking down the street.

High school students during leisure activities on the street, a girl singing with a guitar.

The types of the school building.

Students in the classrooms during lessons.

Students divided into groups, during the experimental lesson.

Students rearrange the desks before beginning the lesson at school № 73.

A mathematics lesson conducted by an experimental training of students.

The math teacher suggests a new form of the mathematics lesson (synchronously).

The student is responsible to the Board.

Students speak about the positive aspects of group work during a lesson (synchronously).

The class during the lesson (above).

The class work in the school workshop, school № 654, the student works on a lathe.

Students made automotive parts.

Students work on the machines.

Pupils work in the shops of the plant "Chaika".

The plant samples made by students.

Statement of wages paid to students going to the school Fund.

The faces of the girls working in the sewing shop.

Awarding students certificates on assignment of working qualification and discharges.

Faces of young workers, production processes.




Moscow [820]

Industry; Professions

Reel №2

Physics lesson provided by the new form of training students.

Students solve practical task during the laboratory work.

The teacher explains the conditions of the problem.

The faces of the students.

Physics teacher says raising the students interest in the subject, the absence of cheating and tips, the increase in the number of positive ratings (synchronously).

Students doing laboratory work.

Students answer teacher's questions.

Sunday lesson on creative school No. 825, pupils sing a song with a guitar.

The person of school, V. A. Karachevskogo singing along with the students.

Students are divided into teams and prepare their programs-skits.

Skits prepared by the students.

Students, pupils sing with a guitar.

Students during a meeting with veterans of the great Patriotic war, the face of one of the veterans.

Pupils of school № 825 collected at the school on April 22.

Students of the school are on the red square to the mausoleum.

Students laying flowers to the foot of the mausoleum faces of the boys and the headmaster.

children lay flowers to the mausoleum.

Eighth graders review the main directions of populism during a history lesson, answer the questions on the views of the leaders of populism.

The students, divided into groups corresponding to the views of the leaders of the revolutionaries of the 19th century, to Express their views, argue with each other, the faces of boys and girls.

The celebration of the last call in one of Moscow schools.

First grader rings the bell.




Moscow [820]

History; Physics; Holidays