At the Guard Of Sea Borders. (1959)

Documentary №5163, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:09
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Kutuzova O.
Camera operators:Zaporozhskiy I., Kokoshvili L., Serov G., Solovev N., Savin A., Ryzhov M., Lyachko A.
Anouncers:Vygodskiy R.


About the life of wariors of the USSR Navy.

Temporary description:

Torpedo boat "Excellent" Lieutenant-Commander A. Karavaeva during training and deployments to the Pacific Ocean. Sail boats, a submarine. Smokescreen. The captain and officers at the table in the mess. Dive boat. The sailors in the engine room, the periscope. Hydrophone operator monitors the instrument readings. Ships ASW throw bombs. Flying aircraft, helicopters. Providing assistance to pilot sailors trapped in the water. Helicopter lands on the deck of the ship. The cruiser "Dmitry Pozharsky in the sea. Training and alarm. The sailors have guns in the engine room, in the hours of rest. Storm at sea. Leningrad. Quay. One of the squares of the city. A sailor with a girl. Leningrad Nakhimov college. Board of Honor. Nahimovtsy on the ship, at the instruments. Works Komsomol youth brigade Altaytseva, received a challenge prize "Naval flag of the crew of the cruiser Sverdlov. "Commemoration Day of the Navy. Commander, Pacific Fleet, Admiral Vladimir Fokin congratulated the personnel of the ships with the holiday. Festival in Vladivostok, in Sebastopol. Celebratory build ships. The parade of athletes. Jumps with aircraft performance on the water. Girls on the ship visiting sailors. performs song and dance ensemble of the Odessa Military District. patrol boat.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Flag of the Navy of the USSR - CU.

Nahimovets - CU.

Boundless sea (calm, clear weather) - LS.

A sailor on watch - LS.

Ships at sea (military) - LS.

Drill on the boat: sailors take their battle space, prepare the ship for battle.

PT boats in the Pacific - LS.

Torpedo boat "Excellent" in the ocean - MS.

Boat commander, Lieutenant Commander A. caravan on a boat - CU.

Innovator T. Lukyanichev by boat.

Boats pass under the smokescreen - LS., MS.

№ 811 submarine in the Pacific Ocean - LS., MS.

Command of the submarine in the mess discusses battle plan.

Sailor in the engine room submarine.

The submarine submerged under water - LS.

Periscope above the water - MS.

ASW ships in the ocean.

Ship in the open ocean - LS.

Sailor looks submarine periscope - MS.

The sailors of the submarine at the instruments of observation.

From the ship to throw bombs into the ocean.

Depth charge explosion - MS.

Pilot in the cockpit - MS.

Combat aircraft up in the air.

Sea (removed from the aircraft).

Element of combat aircraft in the air.

The men swim in the sea (the conditional disaster).

Helicopter in the air.

The helicopter sailors throw a lifeline.

The helicopter lifted off from the deck of the cruiser.

Helicopter down on the deck of the cruiser.

Cruiser "Dmitry Pozharsky» № 125 in the sea - LS.

Warships at sea - LS.

Alarum (training) in the cruiser.

Sailors prepare weapons for battle.

Engine room cruiser.

Rangefinder - CU.

Person sailor - CU.

Commander of the cruiser AA Shcherbakov talks with sailors on the ship in an hour of rest.

Sailors sing.

Sailor writes a letter, etc. sailor draws.

Evening at Sea.

Stormy sky - MS.

Storm at sea - different.

The sailors on the ship in a storm - LS., MS.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Court berth in Leningrad port.

Nakhimov sent to an educational voyage.

Neva Embankment - LS.

Rostral column - MS.

Fountain (hole in the ship) - MS.

Sailors on a walk on the banks of the Neva.

"Aurora" on the Neva - LS.

The building, which houses the Leningrad naval school - CU.

Former Nahimovets - Senior Lieutenant V. Lakeland - assistant commander of the Baltic Fleet at sea - CU., MS.

Cruiser "Sverdlov» (№ 300) in port - LS.

Sailors on duty cruiser - MS., CU.

Building construction in Altai - LS., MS.

Honorary Prize - ensign departure crew cruiser "Sverdlov" in building the Altai - LS., MS.

Work and Komsomol youth brigades advanced concrete workers, fighting for the title of communist labor brigades.

Builders write patrons sailors congratulatory text Happy Navy.

Telegraph publishes a telegram - CU.

Submarine in the Pacific Fleet in the Bay of festive decorations - LS.

Ships in the Bay day greeted the Navy of the USSR.

Pacific Fleet Commander Admiral V.A.Fokin congratulates staff of ships with the holiday-LS., MS., CU.

The crew of the submarine in service responds to the greeting.

Holiday fleet in Vladivostok - LS.

The people on the waterfront.

PNRM., Festive build ships in Sevastopol Bay - LS.

Black Sea Fleet Commander Admiral Kasatonov on a festive show of ships.

The people on the waterfront.

Parade of sailors athletes, opening water sports holiday - LS., MS.

Helicopter in the air, on the rings makes the athlete exercises.

The athlete jumps from a helicopter into the water.

Mass action sports on the water: swimming in a circle - a white lily, from which the girl released doves - LS., CU., MS.

On a military ship, guests of the city.

A teacher from the Kuibyshev OF Afinduleva came to the ship to see his son, a sailor.

Song and Dance Ensemble of the Odessa Military District visiting sailors (talk).

Local sailor signal at the post - CU.

Patrol ships at sea, on board the sunset over the sea - CU.

Movie №0

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

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