Cardiology in the USSR.. (1981)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Guljchuk N.


The film tells about the achievements of Soviet science in the USSR cardiology.


Reel №1

View of the square. 50-letiya Oktyabrya (Manege), panorama of Moscow Kremlin and Moscow city centre (above).

View of the street and Dzerzhinsky square (above).

Views and panoramas of streets and intersections in Moscow (above).

The car traffic on the Kalinin Prospekt.

People come to the person who became ill (on top).

Heart on the monitor screen.

Ambulance going on call.

Managers "first aid" in phones.

The mountainous landscape.

A team of doctors in the cabin of the helicopter, the views of the mountains (above).

View of steppe grazing that takes the sheep (above).

The helicopter lands on shepherd's point.

The medical team comes into the tent.

Interior view of a shepherd's Yurt, doctors examine the patient lying young man.

First aid to the patient with a heart attack.

Shadow of a flying helicopter.

The medical team in the car "first aid" provides resuscitation, withdrawal of the cardiogram.

The doctor makes the patient cardiac massage.

The patient wakes up.

"Ambulance" rides through the city to the hospital.

A patient on a gurney delivered to the intensive care unit, doctors at work.

The team of cardiologists doing the operation.

The face of the anesthesiologist.

Panorama and types of postoperative chamber.

Doctors monitor the condition of patients after surgery.

The doctor keeps a record of these devices.

Charts on the monitors and oscilloscopes.

Working heart.

The conduct heart surgery, facial surgeon and other doctors.

Equipment in the children's ward, the doctors are examining the infant.

The doctor listens to the heart tones of the child.

Cardiologists convene at the bedside of the patient.

Work cardio equipment, sheet electrocardiogram (ECG).

The study of the heart in the laboratory.

Interior panorama of the computing center, the staff of the center for data processing.

The data on the screen.

Doctors monitor the heart rhythms of the patient.

The building of the all-Union scientific cardiological center in Moscow.

Academician E. I. Chazov examines an elderly patient.

The heart on the screen.

Research in the laboratory of the Centre, the heart tissue under a microscope.

Laboratory staff at work.

Map of the USSR with the indication of the Cardiac branches of the centre (animation).


Chazov Evgenij Ivanovich -- cardiologist, statesman




Moscow [820]


Winter [823] Summer [824]

Science; Figures of science

Reel №2

Types of Kiev, the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky.

The panorama of the Dnieper river, the bridge across the Dnieper.

View of the building of the Kiev heart center.

Doctors are monitoring the patient using various instruments and equipment.

The work of the heart with bypass.

The patient during the study of the heart.

The data acquisition in the data center.

The heart on the screen.

Mountain scenery in the Kirghiz SSR.

Seagulls flying over the lake.

A man walks along the shore.

View of the building of the cardiology center in Frunze.

The statue of Manas on the square.

The entrance of cardiology.

Doctors during the meeting.

The process of examination of patients on various equipment and simulators.

Examination of the patient in a closed chamber, the doctor removed the instrument readings.

The mountainous landscape of Armenia.

View of ancient Church in the mountains.

The monument to soldiers killed during the Great Patriotic war.

Types Of Yerevan.

The building of the cardiology center in Yerevan.

The doctors at the bedside of the patient, the face of doctors.

The doctor examines x-rays on a special stand.

Examination of patients at the Yerevan centre of cardiology, the survey data on the monitor screen.

View of part of the Lithuanian coast of the Baltic sea.

A view of Trakai castle.

The Types Of Kaunas.

The complex of buildings of the cardiology center in Kaunas.

Doctors during the meeting.

The face of the chief physician.

The arrival of a new patient for examination and treatment, the nurse helps the patient to climb stairs.

Primary examination of patients, the nurse disconnects the sensors from the patient's body.

The doctor detects and analyzes the ECG results.

The data acquisition during sleep of the patient.

The doctor looks at the data of the cardiogram.

Holding an audition on a stationary bike.

The faces of the doctors.

The heart on the screen.

Meeting in the guidance of the scientific center of cardiology service of the USSR.

Acts academician E. I. Chazov.

The faces of the participants, listening to Chazov.

Chazov takes off his glasses.

The Person Of Chazov.

Patient put in the car "Ambulance".

Lake panorama, cardiological sanatorium on the shore near the forest.

The patient is brought to the entrance of the building of the sanatorium.

The terrace of the sanatorium.

The patient was escorted into the building.

Patients in a room of rest and relaxation.

Examination of the patient lying in the tub, the data on the monitor screen.

Patients in the pool during a session of physiotherapy.

The patient compresses and decompresses hands during the next examination, the doctor monitors the process.

Cardiogram on the monitor screen.

Examination of patients during walking, a walk along the shore of the lake, operation of the cardiograph and recorder.


Chazov Evgenij Ivanovich -- cardiologist, statesman




Moscow [820] Kiev [933] Kyrgyzstan [120] Kaunas [956] Yerevan [982]


Autumn [826]

Science; Figures of science; Life and leisure; Towns and countries

Reel №3

Panorama of the territory of one of the cardiac sanatoriums.

View of the outdoor pool of the resort.

The nurse reinforces the sensors on the head and body of the patient.

The man with the sensors on the head and the body floats on the water path.

Doctors monitor the readings.

Examination of patients lying in the baths.

Panorama of the sports complex of sanatorium.

Patients playing tennis.

Panorama of the territory and one of the buildings of the sanatorium.

Patients take water treatments in the pool, artificial waterfall.

The patient on the treadmill.

A game of bowling.

Fountain in the resort.

Diagram of cardiovascular care in the Russian and English languages.

View of the building of one of the cardiology clinics.

Patient on reception at the doctor.

The patient receives direction on procedure in physiotherapy.

The patient during the procedure.

The occupation of physical therapy in the gym, lifting the data about the patient's heart.

Patients in the lobby waiting for the doctor.

The Assembly of trucks at plant.

Likhachev (ZIL) in Moscow.

People go to the factory.

The cardiac examination of factory workers in the factory dispensary.

The doctor removes the data of the cardiograph, sends them to the analytical center.

Line of the cardiogram.

Data processing in computational-analytical center.

Types of taiga and tundra (above).

View the rig in the taiga (above).

The helicopter landed at the tower.

Drillers at work.

Cardiologic examination workers without a job.

Doctors in the field shooting this cardiological examination of drillers.

A survey of oil workers in the local health care units workers and doctors.

View of the rig, flying a helicopter.

Check of activity of the heart in astronauts.

The ad hoc group of doctors for handling of medical data of astronauts.

Pilot-cosmonaut V. A. Shatalov talks to one of the doctors.

The launch of the spacecraft.

Cosmonaut on Board the ship in weightlessness.

View of Earth from space.

The views and the panorama of the center of Moscow and the Moscow Kremlin.

View of the building of the Kremlin Palace and red square.


Shatalov Vladimir Aleksandrovich -- cosmonaut




Moscow [820] USSR [863]

Life and leisure; Sport; Industry; Heroes of Space; International cooperation