The evolution of the organic world. (1982)

Documentary №51706, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:30
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Kiselyova I.
Screenwriters:Pavlova N.
Camera operators:Shkundov Yu., Kravcova S., Novgorodcev V.


Educational film. Tells about the diversity of life forms, the classification of wildlife, evidence of evolution.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Rural landscape - river, field.

Large-grass, wildflowers.

A snail crawls along the leaf.

Bees are sitting on the flowers.

Large-field flowers.

A man is lying on the grass.

The sky is full of clouds, a bird is flying.

Dragonflies fly over the surface of the river.

Fish swim in the clear water.

Portraits of philosophers and scientists appear in the reflection of the river.

Titles - The evolution of the organic world.

Images of different varieties of orchids alternate.

In the garden, there is an open book on the table, next to glasses, shells and a round aquarium.

Large-aquarium fish.

Alternating shots in the water with fry, tadpoles, crustaceans.

Alternating frames with a starfish, jellyfish, turtle, seal, ducks, pelicans, pangolin, snake, snail, bison, eagle, monkey, centipede, hairy caterpillar, butterfly.

The drawing is the simplest living organisms.

Poly-screen - 4 drawings depicting the simplest organisms, amphibians, reptiles, fish.

Poly-screen - 8 images depicting groups of animals, from simple to complex.

A large-living cell.

A man looks into a microscope.

The structure of living tissue enlarged under a microscope.

The process of cell reproduction by division.

Animating an image of the transformation of a cell into different animals.

Shooting of the bean seed germination process.

Large-white chicken eggs, a chicken hatches.

Panorama of bird eggs, hatched chicks swarming between them.

An animated image of eggs with embryos inside them.

The image of the embryos of different animals.

A large baby orangutan is gnawing on a rattle.

Large-a baby is gnawing on a rattle.

A baby orangutan is playing with a rattle.

The baby is playing with a rattle.

Large - the face of a man.

Large - the muzzle of a horse.


A man holds a horse by the rein, the horse rears up.

Freeze-frame of a man and a horse.

The contours of their silhouettes are drawn.

Drawing of a man, a frog and a horse with a drawn skeleton.

A duck on the surface of a pond, waving its wings.

The eagle jumps up on a stump, flaps its wings.

A turtle crawls on the sand.

A chameleon on a branch.

The seal is lying on the shore.

Large-the limbs of an artiodactyl animal.

An animated image of a human hand, a bird's wing and a bat, a chameleon's paw, a whale's fin, a horse's leg, a monkey's paw.

The Amur tiger is walking slowly. a duck on the water scratches its head with its paw.

A duck swims on the water.

Large-the claws of an eagle sitting on a branch.

The monkey climbs down from the tree.

Animated image of the legs of a chimpanzee, the paws of a frog, the legs of a horse, the paws of a tiger and a turtle, the fins of a seal.


An image of a dolphin skeleton.

Fossil forms-alternating frames with skeletons of prehistoric animals (dinosaurs)

A man stands near the skeleton of a prehistoric animal (dinosaur).

An animated image of an hourglass.

An animated image of the history of the Earth in the form of a time spiral.

An animated image of an hourglass with the image of a primitive man in it.

An animated image of a time spiral with the successive appearance of plants and animals.

An animated image of an hourglass with the image of different animals in it.

Alternating images of a stormy sky, clouds, lightning, the ocean, smoking craters, reservoirs with part of the land.

Panorama of the fossilized remains of prehistoric animals.

The remains of colonial polyps, prints of jellyfish and other animals of different shapes and sizes.

Drawing with two white jellyfish and trilobites.

Drawing with the first living organisms in the water (orthocon and other mollusks)

Fossilized remains of fish-like armored creatures.

Frames with prints of prehistoric plants on stones.


Animals, plants, environment

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The drawings are prehistoric fish.

The brush-finned group.

Frames with prints on the stones of different spore plants (panorama).

Drawing - the first prehistoric plants (trees, ferns).

Panorama of the skeleton of a small dinosaur.

Drawing - prehistoric plants, the shore of a reservoir.

Images of various dinosaurs appear on the background of the drawing.

The skeleton of Archaeopteryx imprinted in the rock.

The drawing is an archaeopteryx.

The drawing is with different types of prehistoric animals.

Panorama of drawings depicting a giant armadillo and a sloth.

Drawing - a giant sloth felling a tree, next to it is an armadillo.

The drawing is a comparison of a prehistoric giant armadillo and a modern armadillo.

Animated image of continents with photos of animals.

Animation-a worm crawls on the ground, gradually turning into different animals.

Slow motion - a white horse is galloping across the field.

Portrait of a young Charles Darwin.

Photo of Charles Darwin's office.

A collage of fragments of a painting with Charles Darwin sitting at a table with a piece of paper in his hands, surrounded by a group of people.

Large-scale collage of portraits of Charles Darwin.

Drawing of a pigeon.

Shots with different breeds of pigeons.

The general plan - pigeons in a dovecote-sit on a perch, take off.

Pigeons in the sky.

Two pigeons are sitting next to each other on a perch.

Large - a lilac bush with flowers.

Lilac flowers under a magnifying glass.

Shots with different varieties of lilac.

Cheetah with a cub.

Young cheetahs in the grass.

The cheetah is licking itself.

Young cheetahs on a tree (running, playing with each other).

A clearing with dandelions.

Large-a dandelion flower (the frame with a yellow flower is replaced by a frame with a white one).

Two frogs in the water.

Throwing caviar.

Large-eggs in the water.

The appearance of tadpoles from eggs.

Tadpoles in the water.

The frog grabs and eats the worm.

Frogs are fighting.

A fire in the forest.

Trees are burning and falling.

Roe deer, beavers run through the forest, across the river.

A tit on a tree branch.

A butterfly on a tree.

A tit catches a butterfly.

A green moth sits on a leaf of a tree.

A tit on a branch.

The butterfly disguises itself as a tree trunk.

Animation is a natural selection in animals.

Hitting a photo of Charles Darwin.

A frame with a male antelope.

A female antelope with a cub.

Antelopes graze in the meadow.

A baby antelope surrounded by crows.

Close-up - human eyes.

A seal screams.


A monkey.




Przhevalsky's horses.

A kangaroo with a baby in a bag.

A lemur with a cub.

Drawing-collage - a man surrounded by animals.

Panorama - river, field.

Shooting the Earth from above.


Darvin Ch.


Plants, animals, environment

Seasons: Summer [824]

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