Satellites, ships, stations.. (1984)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Man V.

Script writers: Krasiljschikov A.

Operators: Gureev S.

Composers: Ovsyannikov P.

Other authors: Shutova L.


A film for children about the development of cosmonautics with the participation of cosmonaut G.M. Grechko.

Space | Conquest of Space | Childhood and youth

Reel №1

A spaceship at the start.

Children's drawings dedicated to the exploration of outer space.

The schoolboy runs out of the entrance, runs along the stairs and paths of the park to school, the astronaut on the flight, on the TV screen, the launching spacecraft on the screens of the monitors in the Mission Control Center (MCC).

Spacecraft in the hall of the museum.

Pilot-cosmonaut Grechko G.M. conducts an excursion with the schoolchildren.

The faces of school children.

Photos Grechko and other cosmonauts during space flight and after landing (behind the scenes Grechko's story about flights to space, the works of Tsiolkovsky and Korolev SP (synchronously).

Kinds of a hall ЦУПа, experts behind consoles, among them cosmonauts Grechko and Савицкая.

Portrait of Tsiolkovsky K.E.

Photo of the house of Tsiolkovsky in Kaluga.

Scientific works Tsiolkovsky, exhibits in his house-museum in Kaluga, the kind of part of the office.

Pages of one of the manuscripts of Tsiolkovsky.

The faces of school children.

The launch of space vehicles and satellites on the TV screen.

Schoolchildren answer Grechko's questions about the first Soviet satellite, the modern application of satellites (synchronously).

The model of the satellite in the museum.

Grechko tells schoolchildren about overcoming the force of gravity of the space ship and the flying companion (synchronously).

A satellite in outer space.

Kind of part of the museum's exposition, models of space vehicles.

Lunokhod model.

Dog Laika, flying into space, on the monitor screen.

Portrait of the Queen.

Visitors in the museum of cosmonautics examine and photograph the exhibits, behind the scenes Grechko's story about the role of satellites in scientific research, improvement of space technology sounds (synchronously).

Grechko in the museum tells schoolchildren about one of the spacecraft, standing at the descent vehicle "Vostok-1" (synchronously).

Newsreel of 1961 on the screens of monitors: Gagarin Yu.A. pre-flight training is taking place, behind the scenes Gagarin and Korolev talks on radio communication sound before the start.

The launch of the Vostok-1 spacecraft.

Schoolchildren ride on attractions in the park, go in for sports, preflight preparation and testing of astronauts.

Photographs of ground training in the cosmonaut detachment.

The funicular caravan moves along the cable car, the boy waves a hand out of the window.


Korolev Sergey Pavlovich - designer of rocket and space technology Gagarin Yury Alekseevich - the pilot-cosmonaut




Kazakhstan [114]


Spring [825]

Heroes of Space; Museums and exhibitions

Reel №2

Pilot-cosmonaut Grechko G.M. tells schoolchildren about security in space, explains the purpose of a space suit, talks about changes in the design of a spacesuit (synchronously).

Photos of cosmonauts in spacesuits.

Start the spaceship.

Types of the control room of the MCC.

The girl performs the song, the experts in the hall of the MCC.

Grechko talks about the sensations of the cosmonaut during the launch, about the difficulties of working under conditions of weightlessness (synchronously), the views of the Earth and the take-off ship.

The space crew works under conditions of weightlessness.

Ground training of cosmonauts in zero-gravity conditions.

Portrait of Yuri Gagarin with awards on his tunic.

Photos of Gagarin in different years.

Schoolchildren answer questions Grechko about the following after Gagarin space flights, called the names of astronauts (synchronously).

Newsreel of 1963 on the screens of monitors: Tereshkova V.V. before the flight into space and after landing.

Students talk about flights of Soyuz spacecraft and the Interkosmos program (synchronously).

Grechko tells schoolchildren about a series of space ships "Soyuz" (synchronously).

The Soyuz spacecraft in outer space on the MCC monitor screen, docking ships and crew meeting.

Photographs of astronauts aboard a spaceship.

One of the international crews aboard the spaceship.

The spacecraft in space after undocking from the station.

Schoolchildren answer Grechko's questions about what an astronaut should be able to do, about the first man's exit into open space, about actions when going out into outer space, work in space (synchronously).

A newsreel of 1965 on the screen of the monitor: a spacewalk Leonova AA

The space behind the ship's porthole.

Children's drawings dedicated to the exploration of outer space.

Children's ensemble performs a song.

Specialists in the hall of the MCC.


Tereshkova Valentina Vladimirovna - pilot-cosmonaut


06/16/1963 03/18/1965


Kazakhstan [114] Space [204]

Heroes of Space; Museums and exhibitions