Atommash-road in the twenty-first century. (1984)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Menjshikov Yu.

Script writers: Proshickij E.

Operators: Potievskij E.

Other authors: Shutova L.


The film tells about the unique plant, which is made in-line production of nuclear reactors.


Reel №1

Types of one of the workshops "Atommash".

Process of production of nuclear reactors.

Operation of one of the furnaces during the manufacture of large parts of the reactor.

Transportation of one of the parts after removal from the furnace.

Programmers behind the processing of the database.

Making drawings with the help of electronic computers.

Drawing details on the monitor screen.

Production process in one of the shops.

Stamping of large-sized reactor parts.

Mechanical treatment of the reactor ring using an automated control system.

The melting of nuclear armor on the reactor body, the face of the worker.

View of the reactor vessel.

Workers at work.

Processing of the reactor shell on machine-tools.





Reel №2

Operator of the automated control system behind the panel in the shop during the manufacture of the reactor.

The process of machining and grinding one of the large-sized parts, the operator presses the buttons on the panel.

Type of reactor units.

The process of docking the reactor units.

The work of an automated welding machine, the creation of a welded seam.

The process of automated control to ensure the nuclear safety class, the bee on the flower.

Holes in the reactor vessel.

Controller behind the remote control.

Checking the quality of metal manufactured reactor body.

Type of finished reactor vessel.

Internal view of one of the shops of the enterprise.




Rostov region [798]