Self catering in school. (1983)

Documentary №51790, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:43
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:A. Morozova
Screenwriters:L. Gordin
Camera operators:M. Maslenkov
Sound mixer:N. Kuznecov
Other authors:B. Trishina, T. Uspenkskaya


Educational film for students of pedagogical higher education institutions, telling about the importance of school self-service in the education of the younger generation.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The view of the school, flowers in a box by the wall.

The feet of the disciples kicked the door of the classroom, on the door there are traces of the Shoe.

The inscriptions on the backs of the benches.

The duty of the disciple sweep debris with a broom under their desks.

The view of the school building.

First-graders go into the lobby in support of the teacher.

Stands of billboards on the walls of the corridor.

Director of school № 390 PICES V. G. talks about the need for honesty in school, about the purposes of school self-education of the students responsible and careful attitude to everything that surrounds them (synchronously).

First graders make up the class in the teacher's guide.

Students wipe tables, collect paper debris, wipe the Board.

Girl watering flowers on the windowsill.

The cleaning lady washes the floors in the classroom.

Children wipe their desks, the children's faces.

Duty clean the classroom after class, wash the floors, wipe the battery.

The girl wipes the Board.

Schoolgirl watering the flowers.

Wash tables and floor.

Seniors removed the chairs from their desks, finish cleaning up and go.

Girls wash the floors in the school gym.

View of the gym during cleaning.

Students lace up and sewn up a medicine balls.

Repair of sports equipment.

PE lesson in the gym.

Students correct fit.

Students perform laboratory work in physics.

Cleaning study of physics after finishing the laboratory work.

The Assembly of the electrical circuit.

Students cleaning the office.

Stands dedicated to current school life.

Pupils during a geography lesson, students.

The teacher says a complete self-service chemistry students (synchronous).

Students prepare chemical equipment and materials for tomorrow's lesson.

The teacher speaks about the activities of students to ensure the preservation of books (synchronously).

The students glued the textbooks.

Student Chairman of the economic-employment Commission says the overhaul at school, on school repair team repairing furniture, books, making benches for ads.

Students repair desks under the guidance of teacher labor.

The pupils in the classroom.

Interior view of one of the workshops of the Gorky automobile plant.

Students of the school during a tour of the plant.

Assembling cars on the Assembly line, working person.

Girls during home Economics class.

One of the students talks about the making in home EC gifts for kindergarten (synchronously).

Girls sew on the sewing machine.

The high school student sewed the costumes for the evenings, try them on Junior.

One of the students tells about the sponsored care to the youngest students (synchronously).

Girls during class in the culinary arts.

Pastries prepared by the students.

Students drink tea with their cakes.

Calendar: 1983

Locations: Moscow [820]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The faces of the students, the teacher announces them on excursions to a toy factory, said about the class as one of the best in school self-service (sync.

The faces of the students.

The emblem of the pioneer factory of games of the Moscow city Palace of pioneers.

Students made wooden toys and Board games.

The labor process in the factory of games.

The Assembly of the finished Board games.

Children sleep in beds.

Children get up and dressed.

Director of school № 372 Mostovshchikov L. V. tells about the state of children before coming to school, progress in their development through self-service (synchronously).

The teacher leads the children to lunch.

Duty covered tables.

Chef pours soup on plates.

The children are seated at tables.

On duty carry the main dishes.

Person Diners students.

Students stand behind the dirty dishes, the girl wipes her lips with a napkin.

Duty clean the chairs and tables.

Duty served tables for the higher grades.

Students during lunch in the school cafeteria.

Students take out dirty dishes.

Duty wipe the tables after lunch.

One of the students of the senior class talks about socialist competition held in the school (synchronously).

Students clean the snow on the Boulevard Rokossovskogo.

View of the building and the school yard (above).

The students clean the snow and ice goes in the school yard.

The students of the senior class clean Cabinet, is the Director of the school, says that cleaning is carried out perfectly.

Page disciplinary journal with evaluation of cleaning classes.

The school Director says about the positive results of school self-service (synchronously).

The students duty class wash the floor in the hallway.

Clean desks and boxes with flowers.

The student rubs the aquarium.

Stand with crafts students.

Girls put pot C bet a in hand-woven baskets, a stand with macrame.

Students shoot at targets with small-caliber rifle they built a school dash.

A meeting of the school's Komsomol Committee for summarizing the results of socialist competition, the birthday of Komsomol, the Komsomol school.

The representative of one class of reports on weekly duty for the dining room.

The faces of the participants of the meeting, members can provide their suggestions for saving bread.

The YCL said the construction of the school is Thira (synchronously).

Preparation of posters on saving and thrift.

The members of the Committee vote.

Portrait Krupskaya N. To.

Students pinning the collar, Ironing the clothes, performing various types of work on school self (the frame is divided into four parts).

Calendar: 1983

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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