Scientific - technical creativity of students.. (1991)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: V. Nadojlenko

Script writers: V. Nadojlenko

Operators: A. Rajh, A. Rostovcev

Recordist: A. Shamagin

Other authors: T. Uspenskaya


The film shows the various forms of scientific - technical creativity of students in secondary specialized educational institutions.

Education | Youth

Reel №1

Students of the Moscow mounting technical school in hardware Studio educational television, the TV Studio logo.

The faces of the students in the Studio.

One of the participants of the exhibition of technical creativity talks about created the robot for demonstration programs, lists the advantages of the robot (synchronously).

The head of the circle of technical creativity "Evrika" tells about of produced by the members of the circle of the current model of automatic switch of light of headlights (synchronously).

Demonstration of the switch.

Demonstration of automatic musical devices.

The student of the pedagogical College talks about a musical device and its purpose (synchronously).

Models of robot manipulators and automatic machine tools, the students created.

The invention of students represented in the exhibition.

Samples of art creativity of pupils, presented at the exhibition.

The culinary creativity of students in the stands, and showcases.

Samples of models of clothes created by students.

The participants of the solemn event, applauding, sitting in the hall.

Presentation of awards to winners of the competition for scientific and technical creativity.

Diploma and medal of the winner.

Cameramen studios educational television are filming musicians.

Speaker the Studio talking about the interpretation of the musicians of the musical works in its own way.

The pianist and cellist perform the piece, players are playing the party.

The cellist performs works.

Page "Theory of creativity" Engelmeyer.

Illustration of the origin of creative ideas, two young men at the Board.

The creation of the scheme of realization of the conceived idea - the drawing.

Teacher of the College speaks of three stages of technical creativity (synchronously).

The students of the Lviv College of rural construction, build a house, designed by them, lay bricks.

Reconciliation is the building of the brick walls.

View of a house under construction.

The Director of the College said the reasons for paying special attention to the scientific and technical creativity of students, the establishment of College training and experimental student workshops (synchronously).




Moscow [820] Lviv [924]



Museums and exhibitions; Construction

Reel №2

The students of the Lviv technical school together with the teachers to discuss the next project in the student design Bureau.

Teacher of technical school speaks about the integration of the educational process in direct production and design activities about the design capabilities of the College, on projects created by the students, the students receive good skills (synchronously).

Students and teachers working in the project office.

The Director of the College speaks of the importance of student workshops and design offices, classrooms, and work in the new economic environment, the role of technical creativity in the lives of students and teachers. (synchronously).

College students during the lessons.

Students and teachers develop new project.

One of the teachers says to exit on realnye regard to the implementation of projects to students (synchronously).

One of the students said about the study of beams bending (synchronously), shows the course of the study.

Director of College talking about creating a base of College arms students designing workshops and dormitories, the production of marketable products, the creation of individual projects (synchronously).

View of the building of the College.

College students on the construction of new facilities under construction in their projects.

The manufacture of wooden household products in a joiner's workshop.

Phone wooden polyamine made by students of the College and installed on the streets of the city, view of one of the streets of the city.

Panorama of wooden manor, designed by students of the Lviv school.

Work in the laboratory of the Moscow school of pharmacists no.10.

Professor T. L. Geneva advises the student.

Girls conduct experiments.

The process of preparation of drugs in the student laboratory.

Geneva conducts consultation on medicinal plants.

Samples of medicinal plants collected by the students.

Students work on based on the school of small business, "Lungwort", the process of making infusions and decoctions from medicinal herbs.

Tasting of infusions and decoctions rarely school.




Moscow [820] Lviv [924]


Spring [825]

Construction; Medicine

Reel №3

View of one of the streets of Vinnitsa.

Students of the Vinnytsia electronic College while working in a self-supporting centre "Integral".

College students in the classroom.

The lesson of Informatics and computer systems behind the scenes is the story of the teacher about the peculiarities of teaching the subject and the resulting problems, the creation of creative self-sustained team of students (synchronously).

Students are building electronic equipment.

The components of the apparatus and equipment.

The Presidium of the seminar on actual problems of scientific-technical creativity of students.

A seminar participant from the podium talks about the student's experimental design Bureau, talks about the financial problems of the College, the transition to new forms of learning (synchronous), participants of the seminar.

The sign of the Third Moscow industrial and pedagogical College.

Sample models of clothes created by students at the exhibition.

Demonstration models of women's clothing before the Commission, the designer talks about the new model.

The student expresses his opinion about the new model.

A member of the evaluation bit of the Commission during the discussion of the next work.

Students of the College during classes on cutting and sewing.

A lesson in creative laboratory of the College.

Demonstration models of clothes created by students of the College.

The establishment of women's hairstyles.

Demonstration of hairstyles.

Young engineers and specialists - graduates of technical schools at work.

Faces of young people.




Moscow [820] Ukraine [229]


Spring [825]