Mystery of the revolutionary march.. (1976)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Plotnikova T.

Script writers: Rappoport A.

Operators: Kolyushev V.

Composers: Gidravichus L.

Other authors: Romanov A.


The film tells about Ikonnikov NN. - the author of the funeral march "You fell a victim ...".

History | Music | Biography

Reel №1

Types of the Mars field in winter Leningrad, red flags above the graves of the victims of the revolution, the eternal flame burns.

The text "You fell a victim ..." on tombstones.

Houses and streets of Barnaul, the building of the State Archive of the Altai Territory.

Unrecognized documents on the shelves of one of the storages.

A bunch of documents Ikonnikova NN

Photo Ikonnikova among the inhabitants of Barnaul.

Pages of Ikonnikov's manuscript on the cosmos.

Photos of musicians and composers presented to Ikonnikov.

Ikonnikov's certificate of higher musical education.

Ikonnikov's manuscript pages about the creation of the funeral march "You fell a victim ...".

Portrait Ikonnikova in old age.

Photos Ikonnikova in childhood and adolescence, his grandmother.

Notch "Funeral March" Ikonnikov.

Photos of the composer F. Liszt.

Publications of the "Funeral March" Ikonnikov.

Working printing press.

The text of one of the leaflets of the RSDLP.

Photos of the Moscow barricades and revolutionary events in Russia in December 1905.

Photos of the funeral of the victims of the February Revolution in Petrograd in 1917 and the first detachments of the Red Guard.

Fragments from the x / movie "October".

Portrait of John Reed.

Collages of portraits of ordinary participants in revolutionary events.

Eternal fire on the Field of Mars in Leningrad, a monument to the heroes of the revolution.

The revolutionary events of 1917