May 1 in Moscow (socialist and labor movement celebrations conducted on May 1 - the Day of Internat. (1959)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Rybakova A.


On the May Day celebration in the Soviet capital, parades and demonstrations.

May 1

Social life | Holidays

Temporary description

May morning in Moscow: are girls with flowers, a woman on a balcony watering the flowers, are women with strollers, school children plant trees. Lenin Stadium. The streets of Moscow. House shoes. Customers in the store. The building of the newspaper "Izvestia". Illumination on the building of the telegraph. Factory workers "Red Proletarian" preparing banners. Shop Combine Tryokhgornaya manufactory. I-th State Bearing Plant. Shop plant. Works youth. The demonstrators on the streets of Moscow. The construction of the Moscow garrison troops on Red Square. Troops in Okhotny. Guest rostrum. Members of the government rise to the podium of the Mausoleum of Lenin. Soviet Defense Minister Malinovsky takes parade. The report commander of the parade marshal of the USSR Moskalenko. Detour troops. Speaker Marshal Malinovsky (synchronously). Troops and equipment on Gorky Street. Columns of military academies opening parade. Pass cadets of military academies, soldiers and officers of different arms. Solemn procession Muscovites on Red Square. Speech athletes.

Reel №1

The morning of the plans of the Kremlin embankment sunrise over the Kremlin.

Two windows of the house, lit by the sun - CU.

The girl opens the - MS.

Flowering tree, flowering branch - MS., CU.

Flower - CU.

Girl and boy with flowers, bouquets girl c - MS., CU.

Woman watering flowers in the balcony - LS., PNRM., MS.

Go down the street from Moscow, a man carries a shopping scooter - LS., MS.

Gorky Street car ride - LS.

Traffic lights at the building - CU.

Has machines - LS.

Pedestrians pass the street, women with prams - LS.

Boulevard - LS.

Children sleep in a stroller - CU.

Girl squats - CU.

Pupils plant flowers and trees - MS.

Hands - CU.

Students plant trees on the background of new buildings - LS.

A boy and a girl - CU.

The Moscow River floats racing boat - MS., LS.

The people at the Lenin Stadium - LS.; In the stands - LS.

The stadium columns are athletes with banners - LS., CU.

Banners sports associations - CU.

Girl-builder sets up a banner on the building site - MS., PNRM.

PNRM. on the construction site of the new district of Moscow - LS.

In the foreground is the large banner, you can see the cranes.

Yaroslavl highway (with motion).

House shoes - MS., CU.

Showcase women shoes - MS., CU.

Girls try on shoes - LS.

Pedestrian tunnel at Mozhaisk road - LS.

Decorated building wording "News» - LS.

Decorate Moscow - LS.

Decorated building telegraph - LS., MS.

Feeding pigeons in Red Square - LS.

Prepare banners - MS.

Banner plant "Red Proletarian» - CU.

Nfp shop - MS.

We operate machines working - MS., CU.

Banner Factory "Tryokhgornaya factory» - CU.

Nfp shop factory - MS.

Girls spread out material - MS.

Banner 1st State Bearing Plant - CU.

NPL - factory workshop - MS.

Banner Moscow plant of small cars.

Nfp shop - LS.

Assembling the "Muscovites" on the assembly line - MS., CU.

Banner on the background of sky - CU.

The demonstrators in the street - LS.

Streamers - CU.

Red Square - LS. (Top).

Troops of the Moscow garrison, the Navy, the standard-bearers of Nakhimov Naval College, built on the Red Square and the streets Okhotny Ryad - LS., MS., CU.

Guest stands, applauding the Soviet and foreign visitors - LS., MS.

On the mausoleum raised Comrade Voroshilov, Khrushchev, Mikoyan, Kirichenko and others - LS.

Kremlin Chimes - "10:00» - CU.

From the Spassky Gate leaves a parade Marshal Rodion Malinowski, goes toward the parade commander Marshal KS Moskalenko - MS.

KS Moskalenko gave a report RY Malinowski - LS., CU.

RY Malinowski and KS Moskalenko tour the army built for the parade - MS., LS.

RY Malinowski welcomes troops (synchronously).

Red Square, the troops are stationed - LS. (Top).

Machine Marshal Malinovsky pulls up to the Mausoleum.

RY Malinowski goes to the podium - MS.

Fanfaristy - MS.

RY Malinowski delivers a welcoming speech (synchronous) - CU.

Mausoleum, guest tribune - LS.

Reel №2

Red Square (above), PNRM. the mausoleum at GUM - LS.

Troops and equipment on Gorky Street - LS. (Top).

Military person listening to Malinowski - CU.

Malinowski says (synchronously) - CU., LS.

Gun salvo in the Kremlin, visible smoke flares - LS.

On the mausoleum party and government leaders: KE Voroshilov, NS Khrushchev, AI Mikoyan, MA Suslov, A. Kirichenko, FR Kozlov, EA Furtseva, Marshals of the Soviet Union IS Konev, V. Sokolowski, A. Grechko, SM Budyonny SS Byuryuzov, AM Vasilevsky, KK Rokossovsky, KA Vershinin and others.

Soviet and foreign visitors, the children in the stands - LS., MS., CU.

It should be a military band - LS. (Top).

Cars passing by Marshal of the Soviet Union, KS Moskalenko - MS., PNRM.

Pass drummers - MS., PNRM.

Pass Navy Caspian Higher Naval School Kirov school students RSFSR Supreme Soviet, Soviet border guards, inmates of the Moscow Suvorov schools and Tula, Leningrad Nakhimov School - LS., MS.

Banner of Nakhimov - CU.

On the march Guards Mechanized Taman Division Kalinin, airborne troops (by car), artillery units: self-propelled guns, artillery dalneboynaya - LS., MS., CU.

The parade of athletes - LS. (Top).

On Red Square are athletes of various sports societies, perform gymnastic exercises, do the rebuild - LS., MS., CU.

Balloons over Red Square - CU., LS.

KE Voroshilov, NS Khrushchev, AI Mikoyan welcome athletes - MS.

Children with flowers flee to the mausoleum, hand them KE Voroshilov, NS Khrushchev, AI Mikoyan and others - MS.

Demonstrators with banners, portraits, flowers, balloons pass over the area, welcomed the members of the party and government - LS., MS., CU.

Demonstrators carry mock rocket orbiting the Earth - MS.

Guests welcome the members of the government demonstrators - CU., MS.