Extending the life of film prints. (1984)

Documentary №51962, 3 parts, duration: 0:25:53
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:V. Tomberg
Screenwriters:Yu. Miheev, V. Tomberg
Camera operators:A. Kaznin
Sound mixer:A. Kulakov
Other authors:G. Desenko


The film shows how to properly store, transport, and carry out restoration and preventive treatment of film copies.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Entrance to the Warsaw cinema.

People look at the posters.

The girl's face.

Posters of x / films "Chapaev", "Lenin in October", "The Communist".

A fragment of the x / film "The Caucasian Captive", the audience in the hall.

Breakage of the film in the projector, the projectionist fixes the problem.

Map of the USSR marked with dots by film distribution organizations.

Boxes of film on the conveyor belt in the film storage.

The keeper places the film documents on the storage shelves.

The process of automatic transportation of film documents.

Sending film copies by car.

View of the part of Khreshchatyk (from above).

Van with film copies on the streets of Kiev.

Diagram of the internal structure of the film (animation).

Deformation and fracture of a film in case of violation of the conditions of storage (animation).

The keeper checks the level of temperature and humidity in the film storage room.

The scale of the thermometer.

The keeper notes the daily value of the air temperature and humidity.

Boxes of film on the shelves, open space under the shelves and between them.

A rack located at a distance of one meter from the heating device.

Employees of the film archive at the reception desks work with film copies.

Rolling the film into a roll and gluing the outer end before transportation, packing the film in a box.

Replacing a dirty and rusty box.

Bookmark in the box of the moisturizing element.

Installation of prints in filmotech to hydrate before sending it to the chain.

Packing of film copies in a special film container for transportation.

Boxes for 70 mm film copies on the conveyor belt.

A car for transporting film copies is driving on a winter road.

Accepting prints by sotrudnikom House of culture.

Closed film socks on the floor in a warm room.

Wetting the shelves of the filmostat with a special moisturizing liquid.

The projectionist prepares the projection equipment for the session.

Conducting a daily technical inspection of the TO-1 projection equipment.

Checking the tape drive mechanism.

Checking the movie channel.

Destruction of the emulsion layer due to contamination of the film channel (animation).

Cleaning of the film channel from dust and dirt, after the end of the film session.

Calendar: 1974

Locations: Moscow [820] Kiev [933]

Seasons: Spring [825]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Cleaning of gear drums and pressure rollers of the film projector from dirt.

A cleaned toothed drum under a magnifying glass.

Charging the film into the tape-drawing mechanism.

Reasons for wear of the film perforation (animation).

Shortened film loop in a charged movie projector, loop magnification.

Checking the serviceability of the tape drive with a film of 100% shelf life every hundred hours of operation of the movie projector.

Checking the perforation for damage after two hundred turns of the film ring.

Perforation in the eyepiece of the device for checking it, punctures and notches of perforation.

A working tape-drawing mechanism with excessive tightening of the film.

The "rain effect" in the image during the film demonstration.

Removing a 600-meter roll of film from the film stand, charging it into a movie projector at one of the rental locations.

Rewind the film on a specially adjusted electric rewinder.

Installation of a roll of film in a non-rewinding device BU-600 in one of the cinemas in Lipetsk.

Charging the film into the movie projector.

Removing the roll of film from the movie projector after the end of the session.

Operation of the 35-KSA cinema projector units and assemblies with a capacity of 1800 meters.

The projectionist at the time of the film.

The projectionist rewinds the film to the beginning on the first projector.

Movie projector MEO-5X during a session in the cinema "Cheryomushki".

Rewind the film on cassettes located in the same plane.

Entrance to the repair and production plant in the Tula region.

Masters carry out the prevention and repair of film projection equipment.

From the gates of the plant, a car of the control and adjustment laboratory leaves.

The laboratory car arrives at the Cultural Center in the countryside.

The process of checking and adjusting the radial runout of gear drums.

Clarification of the gaps between the working belts of the gear drums and the retaining rollers.

Checking the accuracy of the location of the parts of the tape drive mechanism.

Checking and adjusting the amount of film pulling from the film channel.

Checking the tension of the film with the brake device of the projector 23-PDA.

Checking the tension of the winder.

View of the cinema building in one of the regional centers of the Tula region.

Verification of film copies in one of the regional film verification points.

Repair of the movie projector in one of the service points.

Meeting of the Technical Council of the Tula Regional Department of Film Production.

Calendar: 1974

Locations: Moscow [820] Ukraine [229] Lipetsk [892] Tula region [808]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A van with film copies leaves the gate of the Shchekinsky branch of the film distribution.

Employees of one of the offices of the film distribution check the film copies on the lumen tables.

Replacement of the damaged racord with the help of a special press for gluing the film.

Rewind the film.

Fixing a damaged glue.

Damaged perforation of a film.

The process of repairing a damaged perforation.

Cleaning the film with a soft cloth moistened with alcohol.

Panorama of the workshop for preventive processing of film copies after every 90 sessions, employees at the clearing tables.

Characteristic damage and scuffs on the surface of the film to be restored.

Equipment for restoration and preventive processing of film copies on a special site, the process of restoration of film.

Cleaning of film copies on ultrasonic installations UFM-1 and UFC before restoration.

Charging the film copy into the unit with a perchloroethylene solution for washing.

The process of cleaning the film.

Cleaning liquid before and after cleaning the film.

Type of restoration machine 45-P8.

Wet cleaning of the film base.

Remove moisture from the surface of the film using dry application discs.

The process of cleaning the emulsion layer from dirt, polishing the emulsion layer.

The film drying process.

The process of glossing the film base on a glass disk moistened with a special solution.

View of the base and the emulsion layer of the restored film.

Rewind a restored film copy.

Applying a layer of silicone oil to the restored film copy using an ultrasonic device to protect the film surface from mechanical damage (siliconizing).

Antistatic film processing in a special installation.

The audience at the entrance to the cinema.

Poster of the x / movie "The Ballad of a Soldier".

The entrance to the cinema "Warsaw" in Moscow.

Calendar: 1974

Locations: Tula region [808] Moscow [820]

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