Nature spirits closures .... (1979)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: L. Shvarc

Script writers: S. Djyachenko

Operators: V. Kolyushev

Recordist: N. Rogiskaya

Other authors: M. Horol


The film tells about the search of the scientists of the immune protection of plants from diseases and pests.

Science | Biology

Reel №1

Flower, sprouting from iron gloves.

Forest rural landscape, tree in the woods.

Blooming sunflower, autumn forest landscape.

Trailed cultivators on the field.

The sun's rays shining through the branches of Apple trees.

Produced in the world agricultural production (animation), vegetables and fruits on the shelves.

The corn and wheat fields.

Dying cotton crops.

To dying ears of barley.

"Suffering" Bush tomatoes and gooseberries.

Mold on strawberries.

Academy of agricultural Sciences Yu.

Fadeyev talks about the causes of plant diseases, the work of the service of Green cross, the means of protection of plants, on the immunity of plants (synchronously).

The plant grows through a suit of armor.

Portrait Of N. And.

Vavilov in the frame on the table.

The scheme of territorial origin of various types of plants.

The flower knight's glove.

A bunch of keys on the table.

Padlocks on the branches of a Bush, symbolizing the mechanism of plant immunity.

Samples of the pathogens of plant diseases - fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Scheme of penetration of bacteria into plants (animation).

Scientists conducting laboratory research.

Bacteria under a microscope.

Lose bacteria the plant cell (animation).

The flower sprouting through the knight's helmet.

The keys lying in a row.

Drawings symbolizing the immune protection of plants.

Machining for the key clamped in the vise.

Opening a padlock.

Bacteria affected fibre plants.

Opening the safe, early write flashing warning light.

Scientist looking through the eyepiece of the microscope.

Scheme of combating the bacteria of phytoalexins in the plant cell (animation).

Phytoalexin under a microscope.

The scientist logs the observations.

Preparation of potato tubers to the study in phytoalexine.

Artificial infection of tubers by late blight.

Areas of necrosis on infected tubers.

The experiment in the laboratory.

Artificial deducing of phytoalexins in vitro.

Scheme of infectious wilt of cotton, the effect of phytoalexins (animation).

Sections of the two stems of the cotton plant.

The process of chemical research of speed of formation of phytoalexins in the laboratory.

face scientists.




Moscow [820]


Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Geography and Nature; Agriculture; Flora and fauna; Institutions of science

Reel №2

Search synthesized plant proteins in vitro.

Samples of leaves of plants infected with different fungi.

The research process of the immune strength of the seeds.

Investigation of the leaves of plants, the early diagnosis of the disease.

Comparison chart green leaf to characterize its innate immunity.

The experiment on the reproduction of the natural defense mechanism of plants under laboratory conditions.

Scheme of combating bacteria in potato tubers treated with a special solution (animation).

View of potato field.

The germination of plants from the earth.

Academician Fadeev tells about the failures and successes in the breeding of resistant varieties of plants on the evolution and the adaptability of the parasite (synchronously).

Reeds on the shore of the lake.

Green ear of barley.

Experienced scientists test plants for the presence of parasitic microorganisms.

Breeders visiting the cotton bolls.

The damaged area of the plant on the magnifying glass, the face of the scientist.

Grass growing in the stubble field.

The electronic research equipment, the data on the screen.

Academician Fadeev tells about the creation of immune varieties, as an effective method of combating plant diseases (synchronously).

Autumn countryside.


Fadeev Yurij Nikolaevich -- biologist, breeder




Moscow [820]



Geography and Nature; Flora and fauna; Agriculture; Institutions of science