Look before you leap.. (1980)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: V. Ervajs

Script writers: I. Klenskaya

Operators: O. Lebedinskij, Yu. Salov

Anouncers: I.V. Davidenko

Recordist: A. Kulakov

Other authors: M. Horol


Scientists say a comprehensive system for plant protection and soil diseases and pests.

Science | Agriculture

Reel №1

Rural landscapes.

Panorama of meadows.

Blooming sunflower.

Panorama of a wheat field.


Blooming Apple trees.

Panorama of the orchard.

Scientists soil scientist V. Kovda, A., academician S. I. Volfkovich, academician L. I. Medved, Deputy Director of the research Institute of plant protection K. E. Voronin during conversations with colleagues and at work.

Doctor geochemical Sciences I. V. Davidenko examines a soil sample.

Panorama of a plowed field, Davidenko is on the field.

A clod of earth in the hands of Davydenko.

Bacteria living in a thin layer of soil - humus, under a microscope.

Davydenko is talking about global soil issues, the limited soil resources (synchronously).

V. A. Kovda suggests the importance of soil cover of land, to increase the productivity of agricultural land in connection with the growth of the world population (synchronously).

The bust of academician Pryanishnikov.

Academician S. I. Volfkovich tells about the importance and benefits of chemicals in improvement of agricultural productivity, the rationing of fertilizer application (synchronously).

Spraying chemicals fruit trees.

V. A. Kovda tells about the permissible doses of chemical fertilizers, the characteristics of fertilizers, the requirement to complete soil maps of the country, the task of the soil service (synchronously).

Fertilizing in the soil with a mechanical spreader.

Experiments with chemical fertilizers in the laboratory.

Volfkovich talking about finding new forms and methods of application of chemical fertilizers to increase their efficiency, on the progress made in this area, the types of applied fertilizers (synchronously).

Fertilizing the soil to the plowed field.

Samples of chemical fertilizers in trays and glass containers on the table.

A test planting of corn fertilized with different types of fertilizers.

Wind part of the meadow.


Voljfkovich Semen Isaakovich -- chemist Kovda Viktor Abramovich -- soil scientist Davidenko Igorj Vladimirovich -- scientist-geologist, writer




Moscow [820]

Figures of science; Chemistry

Reel №2

The caterpillar eats the leaf.

Colorado potato beetles eat the leaves of potato tops.

Grasshoppers in a glass jar.

Academician S. I. Volfkovich said about the problem of pesticides in agriculture (synchronously).

Samples of DDT in a glass container.

White mouse in a cage.

Cells from mice in the lab, conduct the next experiment.

Academician L. I. Medved talks about the development of methods and techniques of health of population in connection with chemicals used in agriculture (synchronously).

The experiment with pesticides in the laboratory.

L. I. Medved in one of the experimental greenhouses of the Institute during the observation of the effect of pesticides on plants.

Deputy Director of the research Institute of plant protection K. E. Voronin talks about the development of integrated systems of biological protection of plants and their introduction in agricultural production, on the structure of these systems (synchronously).

Ladybug on the stem of the plant.

The laboratory staff of the Institute for work.

The experiment with the recognition of odours butterflies, biological traps odors on the branches of trees.

Butterfly, caught in a trap.

Apples on the branches.

Study the method of sterilization of male insects by atomic radiation.

The laboratory staff at work.

K. E. Voronin talks about the Trichogramma destroying insects (synchronously).

Trichogramma under a microscope, parasitic on the egg-bed sites of pests and vysazhivayut own egg there.

Certificates from the Institute received for the establishment of Trichogramma patents for its production.

S. I. Volfkovich says about the fast and fruitful development of chemicals in agriculture, further strengthening the Association of the interaction of chemistry with biology, physics and economy (synchronously).

Harvesting grain harvesters in the field.

Spring planting on the farm.


Voljfkovich Semen Isaakovich -- chemist Medvedj Lev Ivanovich -- scientist-hygienist, physician




Moscow [820]

Figures of science; Chemistry; Biology