Journey into the nano-world. Movie 2.. (1995)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Yurlovskij V.

Other authors: Yu.Trusov, A.Romanov, T.Uspenskaya, G.Sedisheva, V.Lunin, D.Krasnovskij, V rolyah: Aleksandr Kushelev, Dmitrij Kozhevnikov


The film is basically solved by means of computer animation, as close to the meaning of invisible and imperceptible process. (About inexhaustible holdings of other types of energy, hidden in the fine structure of the world more than a microcosm, written thousands of articles. We are talking about vacuum energy, or Maxwell's ether, or nanoworld. Different terms are talking about different approaches to the study of the fine structure of the world more than a microcosm. The film clearly shows the example of 3D models of the structure of molecules, atoms, protons, electrons, and explained the possibility of a free resonance energy.)


Reel №1

Burning candle, panorama interior space, candlesticks on the tables, shelves.

Face Kushelev, Kushelev sits at the table, including the lamp.

Computer graphics and animation.

Keyhole, a table in the room, on a table - an icon and books, pictures and symbols on the wall, marking invisible and insensible process.

Computer image of the icon, a quotation from Scripture.

The icon on the desktop, the inscription on a piece of paper.

Computer image of the way into the heart of the matter with the help of a magic-crystal diamond.

The image of the crystal lattice.

The electronic structure of diamond molecules.

Portrait of Mendeleev's periodic table.

View model nobelium atoms.

Face Kushelev.

Computer images nobelium structure of the atom, its electronic way through the shell (computer graphics).

Computer image of the nucleus of an atom nobelium, proton movement process and neutrons in the nucleus.

The process of movement of the medium invisible waves along different trajectories (computer graphics).

Kushelev the computer, the invisible image of the structure of the medium wave frequency of the waves in the nano-world kind of ordered structure that fills the visible part of the universe (computer graphics).

Image of electromagnetic oscillations separate element ether and occurrence of electromagnetic waves.

The image of radio waves and photons.

The process of formation of the electron after the photon-circuit ring.

The emergence of the atomic nucleus element running parallel to the waves.

The curvature of the wave front due to changes in the concentration of ether elements.

The curvature of the trajectory of photons and electrons drift occurrence of gravity.

Face Kushelev.

Computer ether structure diagram with the frequency of electromagnetic processes in it.

Driving the rotation of ether elements.

Model ether in the hands of the scientist.

Type resonator conductor elements ether circuit operation.

Computer Graphics: obtaining resonance using bells, the resonance waves of traffic pattern.

Inside view of the electronic laboratory verification of the characteristics of the resonant system, the connection to the resonator device required.

Removal of the reflected signal using an electromagnetic probe.

Showing the presence of resonance on the device screen.

Physics; Chemistry

Reel №2