America Is Applauding the Soviet Ballet. (1959)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.

Operators: Akkuratov E.

Anouncers: Enyutina V.

Text writers: Sturua M.


The Bolshoi Theatre USA and Canada triumphal tour in 1959.

Historical background

16 th April 1959 began touring Ballet State Academic Bolshoi Theater in the cities of America.

Temporary description

The film about the tour of the State Academic Bolshoi Ballet Theater of the USSR in the United States and Canada. Performances of the ballet troupe of artists in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto and Montreal. Fragments of ballets: Romeo and Juliet '(Cast Ulanova, Yuri Zhdanov), "Swan Lake" (synchronous) (M. Plisetskaya), "Flames of Paris" (E. Maksimova), "The Dying Swan" (G. Ulanova), "Stone Flower" (M. Plisetskaya), "Taras Bulba", "Giselle" (M. Samokhvalova, V. Levashov), "Les Sylphides" (R. Struchkov, N. Fadeyechev). City of New York. Streets and buildings. Posters. The queue for tickets. Theater Metropolitan Opera-House "and" Madison Square Garden. The audience in the halls. Soviet artists welcome: Soviet Ambassador to the United States M. Menshikov, V. Cliburn, S. Hurok, William R. Hurst financier Dowling. Reception hosted by Sol Hurok. A meeting of Soviet artists with artists the City Ballet (ballet company), the head of the troupe Balanchine. Press conference at the Hotel Waldorf-Astoria. Exhibition of works of Gauguin in the picture gallery. Soviet artists among the visitors. New York music school. Director of the Bolshoi GA Orvid and conductor G. Rozhdestvensky talk with the teacher Levin. Columbia University. Soviet artists with teachers of Russian language students. E. Maximova, S. Zvyagin, J. Seh meet and talk with L. Voynich. City of Los Angeles. Hollywood. Shooting Soviet artists in television studios. Speech trained sharks in the aquarium Marin Land. Soviet artists meet and talk with Bette Davis, visiting "Disneyland". City of San Francisco. The theater building. Posters. Panorama of the city. City of Oakland. Area behalf of Jack London. Tavern. Bridge. City of Toronto (Canada). Governor of Ontario Mak Kay welcomes artists. Townscape. Performers at Niagara Falls. City of Montreal (Canada). Soviet artists bows after the performance. The audience applauded. The choreographer and director LM Lavrovskii among ballet dancers at the meetings and receptions.

Reel №1

On tour in the U.S. and Canada, the artists of the Bolshoi Theater.

A panorama of the City of New York (removed from the aircraft).

The overall plan - busy traffic on city streets.

Medium shot - are city residents.

The overall plan - along the wall at the entrance, people sit on the sidewalk, his legs stretched out and sheltered blankets (so sleep).

Medium shot - newsboys selling papers.

Panorama - the poster: "The Bolshoi Ballet."

General plan - the public is in the foyer of the theater "Metropolitan oparehaus."

Panorama - the auditorium is full.

The overall plan - a scene from Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliet", dancing GS Ulanova and Yuri Zhdanov (synchronously).

Panorama - Cheering hall.

Medium shot - GS Ulanova and Zhdanov bows.

Panorama - Ulanova, Zhdanov, L. Lavrovsky (director of the ballet) bows.

Close-up - behind the scenes Lavrovsky Zhdanov kisses, kisses Ulanova.

Panorama - artists shoot photographers.

The overall plan - (behind the scenes) Ballet welcomes the Soviet Ambassador to the U.S. companion Menshikov MA, well-known financier, Mr.

Dowling, pianist Van Cliburn, the impresario Mr.


Panorama - dancers at the reception of Mr.


Artists sitting at the table.

Ulanova talking to M. Menshikov.

Close-up - Van Cliburn talks to ballet.

Close-up - violinist Stern talks with ballerina Timofeeva and conductor Rozhdestvensky.

Close-up - the correspondent of "Pravda" Litoshko talks with LM Lavrovsky.

The overall plan - participants receive dance.

Medium shot - Broadway Street lights illuminated advertising.

Panorama with a street at night at the poster, "The Bolshoi Ballet", the panorama from the posters on the entrance.

Close-up - the magazine in the hands of the girls - Photo chorus Bolshoi.

Reel №2

The overall plan - a scene from the ballet "Swan Lake" (synchronous).

Dance Maya Plisetskaya and Nikolai Fadeichev Vladimir Levashov.

Panorama, the audience applauded.

Close-up - behind the scenes Maya Plisetskaya, talks to her American newspaper King Mr.

William Randolph Hearst, Jr. and his wife, congratulates N. Fadeev and V. Levasheva.

Medium shot - people go to the theater, "Madison Square Garden."

Hall of the theater filled with spectators.

The overall plan - on stage Katya Maksimova performs together with Mr.

Ledyakh pas de deux from "Flames of Paris".

FADE - Gopak from the ballet "Taras Bulba", dancing Shamil Yagudin.

FADE - "The Dying Swan" by Saint-Saens, dancing Galina Ulanova (synchronously).

Panorama - the audience applauded.

The overall plan - a panorama on the street in New York, go dancers.

Medium shot - panorama from the artists at the UN building.

The overall plan - home of Washington.

Close-up - the Washington Monument.

Medium shot - panorama (top to bottom) on Wall Street.

Close-up - signs of banks and corporations.

This street is a lot of cars.

The overall plan - view - hustle on the Stock Exchange of New York.

Close-up - the inscription "City ballet."

Rehearsal of the ballet company (beautiful poses and na).

Medium shot - actors "City Ballet" on stage.

Panorama from the orchestra to the dancing artists (synchronously).

Medium shot - Soviet artists applauded.

Close-up - Comrade Lavrovsky interviews with the "City Ballet" Mr.

George Balanchine.

A scene from Stravinsky's ballet "Combinations."

The overall plan - a panorama with chandeliers at the press conference at the "Waldorf-Astoria."

The overall plan - a panorama - the press conference participants - members of the association of foreign journalists accredited in the U.S..

Medium shot - responsible journalists director of the Bolshoi Theatre GA Orvid.

Says Galina Ulanova.

Soviet ballet artists.

In the gallery the exhibition of paintings by Gauguin - PNRM.

The building of the gallery.

Panorama - a painting by visitors.

Abstract sculpture.

Reel №3

In the New York music school - close-up.

Director of the Bolshoi Theatre and conductor Orvid Christmas talk with the teacher, Mrs.


Panorama - Comrade Orvid and Christmas in your library.

Close-up - she listens to music on headphones record.

Close-up - a building at Columbia University.

Soviet artists in the Slavic Department.

The overall plan - panorama - Soviet artists are teachers of the Russian language.

Medium shot - artists welcomes Dean University Professor Pressman.

Panorama - middle distance - dancers talk with the students of the University.

Close-up - to answer questions Nina Fedorova.

The overall plan - Galina Ulanova talks to writer A. Kahn, who visited her.

Close-up - view - to Lilian Voynich includes ballerina with flowers Susanna Zvyagin Katya Maksimova and Jaroslav Kn.

Panorama - the artists talk to Voynich, say goodbye to the Voynich.

Close-up - Voynich leans to the bouquet of roses.

Middle distance - the city of New York.

Multkarta America - a dotted line from New York - Los Angeles.

Panorama - the audience applauded.

On stage Maya Plisetskaya dances the dance hostess in the ballet "The Stone Flower" (synchronous).

General plan - the audience applauded.

We train at the station average plan - dancers sign autographs of the windows of the car.

They escorted the crowd.

The girl was crying.

Building a television studio in Hollywood.

The overall plan - view - dancers and crew ready to shoot.

Adam ballet "Giselle."

Myrtle - Maya Samokhvalov, Giselle - Raisa Struchkova (synchronously).

Medium shot - Seventh Waltz Chopin Struchkova and Fedicheva.

Ballet dancers visiting Hollywood.

Walking on the street.

They sit down on the bus.

In the bus.

Medium shot - removed from the movement - Hollywood.

The overall plan - view - Villa actress Bette Davis.

The overall plan Soviet artists talking to Bette Davis.

In Mary Land aquarium, where are the trained sea animals - sharks.

Reel №4

The overall plan - panorama - Soviet ballet dancers visiting students at the University of Southern California.

Students guitar strums "Moscow Nights."

Medium shot - Ballet dancers and students talking.

Ballet dancers visit Disneyland amusement town.

Medium shot - a portrait of Disney.

Panorama of the town of Disneyland.

The overall plan - tram rides, medium shot - a car, a close-up - passing locomotive with carriages.

General plan - the palace - the castle of Sleeping Beauty.

The overall plan - House of the Future - X-shaped structure made of plastic.

Panorama - model rocket to fly to the moon.

General plan - the pond boat floats "Mark Twain."

General plan - the jungle.

The overall plan - a boat trip around the Disney town.

Medium shot - panorama - in water crocodiles (they made of rubber).

Close-up - the elephant in the jungle (he also made of rubber, like all animals in the town).


Close-up - a waterfall.

Close-up - Indian dances, a panorama of the drum.

Panorama dance Soviet artists and Indians.

Close-up - Panorama - Aunt Jamila talks with artists and fellow Orvidom.

Medium, large plans - actors in Mexican quarter in wide-brimmed hats.

Medium shot - Mexican plays "bill-by-side."

Panorama - a box of fortune telling.

Panorama - from the street to a monument to the American soldiers who died in the First World War.

Close-up - gun during the war between the North and the South.

Medium shot - man feeding pigeons.

General plan - the streets of Los Angeles.

Close-up - multkarta America dotted indicated next trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Close-up - the poster "Bolshoi Ballet", the panorama from the posters on all expect to get a ticket, even though Monday - closed.

General plan - the building of the theater "Ward Memorial."

The overall plan - a scene from the ballet Adam "Giselle", a dance with a forester.

In the role of the forester V. Levashov (synchronously).

The audience applauded.

Auckland City.

The overall plan - a bridge in Auckland.

General plan - the name of Jack London Square.

Close-up - tavern "The first and last chance," liked to be where D. London.

Close-up - Ballet dancers look in the windows locked tavern.

The overall plan - San Francisco (the plane).

Close-up - paper with lyrics about the performance of Soviet ballet.

Mulkarta from San Francisco to Canada, in the city of Toronto.

Panorama - Soviet Ambassador to Canada Harutyunyan presented Governor McKay Ulanova and Fadeicheva.

Medium shot - Governor McKay congratulates Lavrovsky choreographer and director of Fife.

The overall plan - Toronto from the plane.

The overall plan - Niagara Falls - view of the dancers.

Close-up - Card - Toronto - Montreal.

Panorama of - the audience stood applauding.

General plan - the artists leave.